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Chapter School Region
Alpha Chapter California State University Chico Northern Pacific
Beta Chapter Colorado State University, Fort Collins Southern Mountain
Gamma Chapter California State University, Fresno Northern Pacific
Delta Chapter University of California, Berkeley Northern Pacific
Epsilon Chapter University of California, Davis Northern Pacific
Zeta Chapter California State University Sacramento Northern Pacific
Eta Chapter Metropolitan State College of Denver Southern Mountain
Theta Chapter California State University, Northridge Southern Pacific
Iota Chapter University of California, Los Angeles Southern Pacific
Kappa Chapter University of Northern Colorado Southern Mountain
Mu Chapter University of California, Riverside Southern Pacific
Nu Chapter University of California, Santa Barbara Southern Pacific
Xi Chapter University of California, San Diego Southern Pacific
Omicron Chapter University of Nebraska at Omaha Northern Central
Pi Chapter California State University, Los Angeles Southern Pacific
Rho Chapter Our Lady of the Lake University, Texas Southern Central
Sigma Chapter University of California, Irvine Northern Pacific
Tau Chapter University of Southern California Southern Pacific
Upsilon Chapter California State University, Sonoma Northern Pacific
Phi Chapter University of Texas, El Paso Southern Mountain
Chi Chapter Stanford University, California Northern Pacific
Psi Chapter Creighton University, Nebraska Northern Central
Omega Chapter California State University, Monterey Bay Northern Pacific
Alpha Beta Chapter University of Nebraska at Kearney Northern Central
Alpha Gamma Chapter University of Nebraska, Lincoln Northern Central
Alpha Delta Chapter Loyola Marymount University, Los Angeles Southern Pacific
Alpha Epsilon Chapter Iowa State University Northern Central
Alpha Zeta Chapter University of San Francisco Northern Pacific
Alpha Eta Chapter San Francisco State University Northern Pacific
Alpha Theta Chapter San Jose State University, California Northern Pacific
Alpha Iota Chapter University of Nevada, Las Vegas Northern Pacific
Alpha Kappa Chapter California State University, San Bernadino Southern Pacific
Alpha Lambda Chapter Arizona State University Southern Pacific
Alpha Mu Colony Western Illinois University Northern Central
Alpha Nu Chapter City of New York Northern Eastern