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  • Graduated in 1982 with a degree in Journalism and Mass Communications.
  • Founded and is an award-winning sportswriter, Fox Sports Southwest sportscaster and CBS radio sports personality.
  • Has authored two books with forewords written by Dallas Cowboys legends Troy Aikman and owner Jerry Jones.
  • Is considered a “lucky charm” for the teams he’s covered during his career.

Sportscaster, media mogul and team “lucky charm.”

Mike Fisher is one of those folks who followed his passion and turned it into an amazing career. From the time he was in high school at Greeley West, he was all about sports and writing. When he graduated at age 15 (okay, so he’s an over achiever, too), he enrolled at UNC so he could be close to his family while pursuing his dream of becoming a sportswriter. He also liked the fact that classes at UNC were small and provided a level of personal attention that could help him succeed.

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He majored in Journalism and Mass Communications and before long, was covering sports for UNC. He also landed an internship as a sportswriter at The Greeley Tribune, with the help of a UNC alum. “It would have been more difficult for me to break into this business without my University of Northern Colorado experience.”

He found he loved the operatic nature of sports, and the dynamics that occur when fans follow the ebb and flow of players, owners, teams and fellow fans. “That’s where the stories are, and that’s what I like best.”

His passion grew, and when given the opportunity to cover games during the regular season for the Denver Broncos, he enthusiastically volunteered. Then, as a newbie sports reporter at The Greeley Tribune, he was assigned to cover the Denver Broncos during the Broncos’ AFC Championships in 1986 and 1987 (win, win). That experience landed him a job in San Francisco, where he covered the 49ers as they went to the Super Bowl (win). He then covered the Dallas Cowboys for the Fort Worth Star Telegram, where they went to the Super Bowl three times in four years (win, win, win). And, he secured his reputation as a lucky charm when he covered the Dallas Mavericks during their run at the NBA Championship last year, (win).

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While hosting a radio show in Dallas, he met and formed a friendship with Mark Cuban, who had just become the owner of the Dallas Mavericks. They both agreed that the team was grossly under covered in the local media. This created an opportunity for Mike—with Cuban’s guidance—to strike out on his own and form It’s now the go-to site for all things basketball for thousands of Maverick’s fans. He also works for CBS Sports, Fox Sports Southwest and other media outlets.

The sport aficionado still finds time to visit family in Greeley. “I’m very proud of the people in Greeley and at UNC.”

“UNC’s slogan is ‘Bringing education to life’, what that means to me is that it’s about learning how to learn. It’s not just about attending class or getting an ‘A,’ it’s about the exploration and the experience of what the class means in a bigger sense.”

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