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Michener Library Electronic Reserve Service

Electronic Reserve is a service whereby readings selected by faculty are scanned and stored online, usually as PDF files, and can be viewed and printed by registered UNC students. The Electronic Reserve service can also be used to direct students to an article available in an online journal database or other web resource. In addition, you can link to Electronic Reserves from Blackboard.

Using Electronic Reserve

Bring materials for Electronic Reserve to the Michener Library circulation desk. Please provide clean copies, with complete citation information for any copyrighted material.  The reserve staff will be happy to scan book chapters for you.  If you have an electronic version of the material – for instance, a set of lecture notes in a Word format – you can email the file along with the Reserve Form to Ashley Certis (ashley.certis@unco.edu) or Sarah Vaughn (sarah.vaughn@unco.edu).

Student Use of Electronic Reserve

From the library’s online catalog, a student can search for reserve materials by the name of the instructor or the course abbreviation. Once the student finds the appropriate course, s/he sees a list of all reserve materials, both paper and electronic. The student clicks on the appropriate Electronic Reserve item, provides his/her UNC Identification and can then view and print the material.


Copyright restrictions are a greater concern when course material is stored and accessed online than when the material is delivered in a paper format. The fair use provisions of the Copyright Act of 1976 allow for limited use of copyrighted materials in certain circumstances, and the use of Electronic Reserve may fall under those provisions. In general, more than one article from a single journal issue or more than one chapter from a book may require permission from the copyright holder. Likewise, if you wish to use the same material for the same course for more than one semester, copyright permission will probably be required. Library staff will work with you to obtain copyright permission.

Photocopies may be placed on Traditional or Electronic Reserve, with certain limitations. The Michener Library Reserve Policy is designed to comply with U.S. copyright law, based on the fair use provisions of the Copyright Act of 1976, and subsequent case law.

No copyright permission is required for:

  • Exams/quizzes
  • Lecture Notes
  • Items in the Public Domain (e.g., selections from Tom Sawyer)
  • Government Publications
  • One semester use of one article from a journal issue
  • One semester use of one chapter from a book, including an anthology
  • One poem

Copyright permission may be required for:

  • The same journal article or book chapter on Reserve for more than one semester
  • More than one article from a single journal issue
  • More than one chapter from a single book

To determine if placing copyrighted materials on Reserve is a fair use of those materials, please see the Library Reserve Fair Use Information sheet or speak with a Reserve staff member.

For further information about Electronic Reserve, please contact Michele Dezelick (michele.dezelick@unco.edu) or Sarah Vaughn (sarah.vaughn@unco.edu).