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Scholarly Communication

Scholarly communication is the system through which research and other scholarly writings are created, evaluated for quality, disseminated to the scholarly community, and preserved for future use. (ACRL Scholarly Communications Committee)

Scholarly Communication & Open Access at UNC
This online guide highlights scholarly communication and open access initiatives at the University of Northern Colorado as well as providing background information on the open access movement and links to open access resources.

Digital UNC: A service of the University of Northern Colorado Libraries
Digital UNC is a digital repository service offered by the University Libraries to showcase and preserve the research, scholarship, and creative works of UNC faculty, students, and staff.

UNC Faculty Senate Open Access Resolution - September 27, 2010

WHEREAS, we, the Faculty Senate of the University of Northern Colorado (UNC), recognize the value of disseminating faculty scholarship as broadly as possible, and

WHEREAS, we recognize that open access models exist within scholarly publishing and are consistent with standards for peer review and scholarly excellence, and

WHEREAS, we recognize that open access models foster principles of academic freedom and believe that universities should not limit the ability of faculty to submit their work to the publishers of their choice, and

WHEREAS, increased access and visibility of scholarship serve UNC faculty members' interests by promoting greater reach and impact, and

WHEREAS, the University's and faculty members' status and reputation are enhanced when the scholarship is easily discoverable and accessible, and

WHEREAS, broad dissemination of knowledge benefits the scholarly community and the general public,

THEREFORE, we resolve the following:

To encourage faculty to consider carefully the benefits of seeking out, whenever feasible, open access journals that maintain rigorous peer review standards of scholarly excellence and publish online at no cost to users worldwide; and

To encourage the deposit of faculty journal articles in our institutional repository, Digital UNC, at the earliest possible opportunity in the publication process, and in the format allowable by their publishers.

Approved unanimously September 27, 2010