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Photocopying & Media Duplication Policy


Patron copier use

Patrons are encouraged to request staff assistance in using the copiers as needed. However, staff may not make copies for patrons except in extreme circumstances (e.g. patron disability) and then only in accordance with applicable copyright laws (see also no. 4 below).

Patrons requesting information on the legality of photocopying are referred to the "Fair Use" statement posted above the photocopiers, and should address further questions to the Music Librarian.


Patrons may be reimbursed for the cost of up to three copies, at a total cost of no more than thirty cents, in the event of copier malfunction. Patron errors are not subject to reimbursement.

Staff copier use

Only work-related copying can be made at library expense, and all staff copying must comply with applicable copyright laws.

Media duplication

Music Library equipment use

While in the Music Library, patrons may not make copies of Music Library recordings.

Recital duplication

Music Library staff will circulate recital recordings on extended loan terms to performers on the recitals, or their legally authorized representatives, if they desire copies for their private use.