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The new Music Library building opened in October 1997. Total cost, including furnishings and equipment, was $2,979,300. It was named for Dr. Howard M. Skinner on May 6, 2005.

The main floor has 15,000 square feet of floor space, almost all of it patron-accessible. Basement storage, mechanical, and archival facilities account for another 3,000 square feet.

Featured on the north wall of the computer commons is a mosaic mural designed and created by Darrell Anderson, who also designed part of a mosaic inlaid floor at Denver International Airport.

See a map of the library.

From the public computer workstations, patrons can access the University of Northern Colorado Libraries' online catalog via the Music Library homepage, as well as other databases useful to music and general research. All of the public workstations are also configured to connect to the World Wide Web for research use.

The library is also equipped with 3 facilities for instruction and study purposes. 

The Media Classroom is available for library instruction as well as sessions of classes in the College of Performing and Visual Arts with special equipment needs. Equipment includes a complete sound and video system, an instructor computer workstation, and a projection system capable of displaying images from these units as well as from a transparency/opaque image projector. The room also accommodates 50 students, 18 of them at student computer workstations.

The Media Classroom is also open evenings during the regular semesters and the main summer session as a computer lab for student use. Use the following links for more information about Media Classroom hours.

The McMillen Conference Room also has sound and video equipment, as well as Internet connectivity. It seats 14 and is intended for PVA and Music Library-related activities such as seminar sessions, meetings, and student group study.

Additionally, Room 139 is available for classes and group study, and is not restricted to PVA and Music Library-related activities. It seats 28 students. The instructor workstation is equipped with an outlet for laptop A/V hookup.

Anyone desiring to use any of the rooms is welcome to contact any member of the Music Library staff for information and reservations. Please note that all reservation requests must be made at least one day in advance.

In addition, there are several quiet study areas, study carrels, and small alcoves for students to use on a first-come first-serve basis.

If you would like to use a computer in a part of the library where no computer is installed, we have a small number of notebook PCs available for 3-hour student checkout.


  • 32 PCs, all accessing the Internet and equipped with Microsoft Office and CD/DVD players
  • 3 Macs, all accessing the Internet and equipped with Microsoft Office and specialized music software
  • 2 notebook computers
  • 3 laptop ports
  • wireless network access throughout the building
  • 7 CD players
  • 4 LP turntables
  • 2 cassette decks
  • 2 reel-to-reel tape players
  • 7 video players (5 VHS, 1 Beta, 1 Laserdisc) with monitors
  • 2 coin-operated photocopiers (see our photocopying and media duplication policy)
  • 1 scanner
  • 3 microform readers (microfilm, microfiche, microcard)
  • 158 seats


We have the second-largest music collection in Colorado, and the largest collection of music CDs that patrons can check out and take home with them. We're especially strong in jazz recordings (more than 7,000), complementing the School of Music's exceptional Jazz Studies program. As of June 30, 2015, we owned slightly more than 135,000 items including the following:

  • 67,000 scores
  • 27,500 books
  • 27,000 CDs
  • 11,500 LPs
  • 2,000 DVDs and videos
  • access to approximately 4 million tracks of music via streaming audio

We’re a busy facility with a devoted patron population. Almost one-third of UNC Libraries’ circulation occurs in the Skinner Music Library, although music and musical theatre majors constitute barely five percent of the student body.

We also have several unique collections:

  • Almost 1,000 recorded UNC concerts and recitals (all searchable in the library catalog)
  • 6,900 individual songs ("sheet music"), mostly from the early twentieth century (also searchable in the library catalog)
  • The Henry T. Ginsburg collection of salon orchestra music sets
  • Unpublished and/or manuscript works by J. DeForest Cline, Emmy Brady Rogers, Jean Miller, and Marta Teodonno