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Instructional Services - Library Sessions

Core Library Instruction Program (CLIP)

Through the Core Library Instruction Program (CLIP), librarians introduce the skills needed to begin to utilize the Library’s collections and services. This program is coordinated with the curricula of English 122 and English 123.

CLIP 2: In CLIP 2 students are introduced to the library website and the basics of searching for scholarly information. In this hands-on session, students work in groups to identify keywords, develop search strings and locate material on a particular topic. At the end of the session, students will be able to search for information in library databases and locate sources in the library stacks and online.

CLIP 3: In CLIP 3 students build on skills gained during CLIP 2. Students participate in a hands-on class that takes them through the entire research process from developing keywords to evaluating sources. At the end of the session, students will be able to search for information in library databases and determine if a source is relevant to a research topic.

Subject Specific Sessions

Library sessions are tailored to the needs of a particular class. A librarian will determine, in consultation with the course instructor, the appropriate research skills that students must obtain for success in a specific course. The librarian will then create an instruction session, which can include demonstrations of any electronic tool (i.e., Summon, the library catalog, and individual databases) provided by the Libraries or the Internet, to develop the students’ research skills. The Michener Library hands-on classroom enables students to conduct their own searches during the session.  

Examples of what course-related instruction sessions may include are:

  • How to use the local library catalog and consortial catalog
  • How to choose and use general and subject-specific materials, including materials found through electronic databases
  • How to choose and use electronic and print periodical indexes
  • How to select and use advanced Internet resources
  • How to evaluate resources

See a list of subject librarians.

Library User Guides

Library Research Guides are short online guides to University Libraries’ services and resources. Assignment Guides may be customized for the needs of particular courses. If a guide would be helpful for your course or assignment, please contact us.