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Instructional Services - Credit Courses

The UNC Libraries offer an extensive array of credit courses each year. Search URSA for the Libraries' current course offerings.

LIB 150: Introduction to Undergraduate Research
1 Credit
Students will gain active learning experience in seeking information in a dynamic research environment. Includes skills in identifying, retrieving, organizing, and evaluating information.

LIB 151: Research Skills for Beginning Researchers
1 Credit
This course is similar to LIB 150, but is designed for students in the Honors Program.

LIB 160: Criminal Justice Library Research
1 Credit
This course is similar to LIB 150, but is designed for students majoring in Criminal Justice. 

LIB 201: Power & Control in an Information Society
3 Credits
Examines the importance of personal and institutional power in the creation, organization, and accessibility of information in contemporary western societies. (LAC, gtP)

LIB 251: Research as Inquiry: Exploration for Beginning Researchers
1 Credit
This course examines research methods from multiple disciplines.  Emphasis is on evaluating and conducting original research. (Students in the Honors Program)

LIB 550: Library Research in Criminal Justice
1 Credit
Working in conjunction with CRJ 580, this course is for graduate students in the MACJ program.  The course focuses on advanced searching techniques using specialized databases, evaluating sources, and evaluating research studies.  Students will demonstrate their use of research tools through written discussion, peer review, and video creation.  Students will examine the literature review process and produce a literature review on a chosen topic. (Students in the MACJ program)