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E-Book Search FAQ

How does this search work?

The search executed by this tool is pre-configured to provide access to most of the e-books purchased by UNC's University Libraries. The search uses limiters available in the search tool Summon (accessible from the green Search All tab above) to exclude print resources, government documents, and articles. Replication of this search can be easily accomplished by selecting "Book/eBook" under Content Type and "Internet" under Library Location from the limiters located on the left of the screen in a Summon search. When the current experiment is concluded, the Libraries will provide tips and a tutorial to guide patrons through these steps.

What's available?

Because the University Libraries collections are designed to support academic activities, including research, most items acquired might not be considered "popular reading;" this holds true in the e-book collections. In addition, the Libraries collections generally do not include audio books, such as books-on-tape or downloadable audio books. Visit a public library website for more information on that sort of material.

What's NOT available?

There are some e-book resources that may not come up in this search, including e-books in EBSCOhost aggregator databases.

What about different platforms?

The University Libraries purchase ebooks from a variety of vendors and publishers. To learn more about the various platforms and interfaces, visit this guide to e-books created by one of our librarians. For more assistance, use one of the services on this page.

I've got an e-reader, will it work?

As of December 2012 the Libraries do not have a platform that supports downloads to Kindles. Many devices will require special software to function as e-readers.

Will this tool always be available?

This search tool is part of an experiment which is set to conclude in June of 2013. After that time, patrons can follow the steps outlined above to search for e-books. The Libraries will also provide tips and a tutorial to guide patrons through these steps.