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Creating Community - Presentation Abstracts

Keynote  |  Breakout Sessions  |  Networking Opportunities  |  Special Optional Event

Keynote Presentation

Jamie LaRue
The conference keynote speaker, Jamie LaRue, is Director of the Douglas County Libraries, in Castle Rock, CO. He's the author of The New Inquisition: Understanding and Managing Intellectual Freedom Challenges. He's also an expert on organizational planning. Jamie will speak about our conference theme, "Creating Community" and explore what is possible when we librarians work together.

Breakout Sessions

Bridges not Islands: Library Technology and Community Engagement

Dan Lawrence
The library technologies we choose can help us bring diverse partners together. But they can also isolate us. In scarce economies, our inclination is to centralize and standardize to eliminate redundancy for cost effectiveness. Yet there is a danger inherent in self-limiting our options to one vendor or format. We end up isolated, and often stuck with our choices. What can we do? Think differently. Let's have a discussion about some of the factors to consider when planning technology services with the ultimate goals of connectivity, collaboration, and community engagement.

Mind the Gap: Preparing High School Students for College Level Research

Rebecca Harner, Shelley Harper, and Christine Schein
In this session we will present ideas about how to close the information literacy gap that exists for high school students entering college. The research and information skills high school graduates bring to college level work often falls short of expectations and requirements.

You will hear brief overviews of what high school students know and of what college students should know about doing research. Most of the session will focus on how to close this gap and will include specific recommendations. Audience members with smart phones please have them accessible during the presentation.

Cutting-Edge Technology: Apps and E-Books!

Peter Derk, Erin Neufeld, and Ellen Willis
High Plains Library District librarians Peter Derk and Erin Neufeld will share information on various apps used in library services; for public, school and academic libraries. With thousands of apps to choose from, how do we know which ones to use? We'll provide a quick overview of some of the most useful apps for librarians. Aims Community College Lead Librarian Ellen Willis will share what libraries in our state are doing with e-book technology for library customers. She will also share what has been working and what are some of the problems. Please bring your questions and answers.

Digitizing Our Shared History: The Northeastern Colorado Heritage League

Joyce Carr, Starr Jageler, Linda Peters, and Mike Peters
The Northeastern Colorado Heritage League is a network of local libraries, museums, historical and genealogical societies,  whose goal is to promote, preserve and celebrate the historical, genealogical and cultural roots of Northeastern Colorado and its people. The panel will discuss the League’s current projects and upcoming events.

Mentoring Young Chautauquans

Tannis Bator
Tannis Bator has been a mentor with the High Plains Young Chautauqua Program since it began in the early 2000s. This year's theme is "Exploring Boundaries." The program teaches students in grades 4 through 12 to research, read, write, synthesize, summarize, perform, and think on their feet. Tannis will describe the program, its impact upon the community, and the role that library research plays in it. As a special treat, several Young Chautauquans will accompany her.

Movement, Learning, and Literacy: Action Based Learning

Gym Street
As a certified "Action Based Learning" trainer, Gym will explain the neuroscience behind this concept and demonstrate how we can "wire up" children's brains to better prepare them for learning. Through movement we can increase student academic performance, increase self esteem, improve fitness and decrease unwanted behaviors. You will be astonished as to why more schools districts across the United States are not implementing movement during the school day."

Pulling Back the Curtain: What It's Like to Write and Illustrate for Children

Karla Oceanak and Kendra Spanjer
Kids across the country (and even the world) have begun gobbling up the middle-grade Aldo Zelnick Comic Novel Series. (In case you haven't yet heard of it, it's like Wimpy Kid but smarter and more elementary-friendly. And it's set in Colorado! See www.aldozelnick.com for details.) But did you know that the series' creators live and work right here in Northern Colorado? Come learn from author Karla Oceanak and illustrator Kendra Spanjer about how they got started, how and why they do what they do, and what their plans are for future projects. They'll save time plenty of time for questions and are happy to answer anything you've always wanted to know about writing, illustrating and publishing.

Networking Opportunities

Networking AM Session: "My Library and Our Community: The Existing Network"

In this guided networking session, participants will be strategically mixed to provide opportunities to get to know a diverse group of colleagues--school, public, and academic librarians. Beginning with icebreakers and advancing to other questions, librarians will get to know each other as professionals, as neighbors in the Northeastern Colorado region, and they will discover what is unique about libraries in the area. Librarians will also discuss what types of collaborative library systems already exist. This morning networking session will lay the foundation for the afternoon session.

Networking PM Session: "Creating Community: Expanding the Possibilities"

Building upon the morning session, librarians will return to their original group and engage in an expansive brainstorming session that tackles regional challenges and possible library responses to those challenges. Then the groups will join in a plenary to share what they have learned and start to build alliances throughout the region.

Special Optional Event

Regional History: Teatime with Isabella Bird and Rattlesnake Kate

Lynne Swanson and Tannis Bator
Isabella Bird's travelogue, A Lady's Life in the Rocky Mountains, is a perennial favorite among Colorado librarians and library patrons. This adventurous foremother recounts her 1873 journey to the Estes Park and Rocky Mountain Park area (before it was a park). Come relax and have tea at the end of the day, and hear historic re-enactor (and retired librarian) Lynne Swanson as she takes on the persona of this Rocky Mountain heroine. Swanson will be followed by Tannis Bator's portrayal of Rattlesnake Kate. Kate Slaughterback is a folk heroine of Weld County who fought off 140 rattlesnakes in 1925. This is special event at the end of the day; suggested donation is $5 at the door.