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Gender Studies

Recommended Resources

  • America: History and Life

    America: History and Life is the definitive index of literature covering the history of the United States and Canada.

    Content: No Full Text
    Coverage: 1954-present
    Vendor: EBSCOhost

  • Europa World Plus

    Europa World Plus is the online version of Europa Publications' Europa World Year Book and nine-volume Europa Regional Surveys of the World series. This resource covers political and economic information in more than 250 countries and territories.

    Content: Reference Resource

  • North American Women's Letters and Diaries

    Includes 150,000 pages of diaries and letters representing the experiences of 1,325 women.

    Coverage: colonial times-1950
    Vendor: Alexander Street Press

  • Women and Social Movements, International

    Through the writings of women activists, their personal letters and diaries, and conference proceedings at which pivotal decisions were made and social movements were born, this landmark online collection traces the global history of women's international agendas and illuminates their enormous influence on the course of events and shifts in attitudes that have defined modern life.

    Vendor: Alexander Street Press

  • Women's Studies International

    Covers the core disciplines in Women's Studies, including the latest scholarship in feminist research.

    Content: Some Full Text
    Vendor: EBSCOhost

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Wendy Highby

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