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About the University Archives

The University Archives serves as the central repository for the historical records of the University of Northern Colorado community. It preserves and makes accessible primary source material relating to the administrative, academic, legal, fiscal, social and cultural interaction of individuals, departments, and programs of the University since 1890.

University Records - Includes records of the University identified as having permanent historical, research, administrative, legal, and/or fiscal value. The records provide evidence of the organization, functions, policies, decisions, procedures, operations, or other activities of the University.

University Publications - Includes materials written, compiled, or produced for distribution by offices, departments, or organizations that are part of the University. Formats include newsletters, newspapers, announcements, invitations, catalogs, bulletins, yearbooks, flyers, journals, directories, handbooks, brochures, calendars, circulars, guides, manuals, instructions, maps, pamphlets, posters, programs, reports, and rosters.

Faculty Papers - Includes papers of teaching and research faculty and professional staff that document the academic and administrative life of the University as reflected in the career of individuals. These collections offer insight into the history and operation of the University that otherwise may be lost by relying only on official administrative records.

Records of Student Life - Includes documentation that illuminates the daily activities and special events of students at the University. These files may encompass personal correspondence, student scrapbooks, biographical materials, records of student organizations, photographs of activities and social events, film and video recordings of student performances, group projects, records and minutes of student government; diaries, notebooks, and memorabilia that reflect student life.

Pictorial and Graphic Collections - Encompasses a variety of research materials, including photographs, slides, architectural plans, maps, and moving images, related to the history of the University.