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-- A --

Adrian R. Otoupalik Colorado State College Memorabilia Collection (SC 92)

Alumni Memorabilia (SC 82).

Angell's Tea Room (SC 98)

Annie McCowen Collection (SC 63)

Association of State Institutions of Higher Education in Colorado (C 8)

-- B --

Bob Blasi Collection (SC 42)

Bruce Broderius Radical Literature Collection (SC 6)

Bruce Broderius Teachers Register (SC 31)

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-- C --

Cache La Poudre Oral History Collection (SC 87)

Camp Greeley POW Collection (SC 86)

Carl E. Showalter Legislative Papers (SC 66)

Carl Maag Collection -- Dearfield, Colorado (SC 100)

Carl Rogers Collection (SC 38)

Cheek Michigan Volunteer 23rd Reg Infantry Collection (SC 10)

Church Family Special Collection (SC 83)

Clyde M. Brundy "High Empire" Collection (SC 20)

Clyde Stanley Papers -- Keota, Colorado (SC 58)

Colleen E. Cassell UNC Theater Productions Photograph Collection (SC 91)

Colorado Bandmasters' Association Records (SC 110)

Colorado Civil Rights Commission (C 6)

Colorado Commission on Higher Education (C 1)

Colorado DAR Member & Ancestor Index Collection (SC 52)

Colorado Public Employees Retirement Association (PERA) (C 4)

Colorado Serials Collection (C 5)

Colorado Wyoming Academy of Sciences Collection (SC 71)

Connie Willis Collection (SC 59)

Cranford Walls Newspaper Collection (SC 49)

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-- D --

David and Lydia Miller Earth Buildings Collection (SC 23)

David Miller Nurnberg Collection (SC 3)

David J. Miller Water & Irrigation Papers (SC 2)

David Luebbers Bicycle Collection (SC 5)

Davis-Randolph Collection (SC 44)

Don Wilkinson Sports Slides and Photographs (SC 105)

Donald Decker Photo File Collection (SC 32)

Dorothy Frances Crowfoot Collection(SC 89)

-- E --

East Entrance Gates to Colorado State Teacher's College Collection (SC 90)

Edith Castle Scrapbook Collection (SC 84)

Educational History Collection (SC 39)

Effie Alice McNitt Montgomery Class of 1893 Graduation Photographs (SC 102)

Ernest V. Ludlum Collection (SC 19)

Esther Lotz Colorado State College Collection (SC 27)

Eunice Fine Legislative Papers (SC 96)

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-- F --

F. X. Roberts Collection:  Bookmarks & Writings (SC 73)

Fred Farley Harcleroad Papers (SC 68)

-- G --

Gary B. Morgan Colorado Railroad Manuscripts (SC 22)

Gary Harper Digital Baseball Scrapbooks (SC 97)

George Junne Collection (SC 74)

George M. and Phylabe Houston Collection (SC 53)

Gladiolus Hall of Fame (SC 7)

Gladys Margaret Johnson Hopkins Collection (SC 81).

Gottlieb Collection of William Henry Jackson photochroms (SC 114)

Greeley Chamber Orchestra (SC 67)

Greeley-Weld County Miscellaneous Collection (C 9)

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-- H --

Halstead Collection (SC 50)

Harold M. Dunning "Over Hill & Vale" Collection (SC 18)

Hazel E. Johnson Collection (SC 48)

Helen Langworthy Collection (SC 62)

Historical K-12 Textbooks (SC 69)

Holocaust (SC 104)

Horace Greeley Collection (SC 26)

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-- I --

Ira L. Laidig Collection (SC 12)

-- J --

James A. Michener Collection (SC 1)

James DeForest Cline Collection (SC 72)

James Morrision "Treehouse" Collection (SC 9)

Jane E. Clark Kerr Collection (SC 41)

Japanese-Americans of Northeastern Colorado Collection (SC 40)

John Todd "Stamp" Collection (SC 25)

Julianne Haefeli Papers (SC 111)

Junius (Jay) Peake (SC 112)

-- K --

Katherine Anne Ommanny Papers, circa 1910-1939 (SC 37)

Kenneth E. Boulding Speech Collection (SC 35)

Kenneth Monfort Papers (SC 94)

Khunying Vinita Diteeyont Collection (SC 78)

KUNC Tapes Collection (SC 45)

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-- L --

Libraries in Colorado (C 3)

Lottie Borum Peak Colorado Teacher Collection (SC 29)

-- M --

Margaret Johnston Early Periodical Collection (SC 14)

Marie Moinat Colorado Clippings (SC 4)

Martin Candelaria Project Papers (SC 64)

Maul-Cullings "Cactus Ridge School" Collection (SC 24)

Migrant Worker Education Collection (SC 55)

Mildred Sundquist Collection (SC 54)

Miscellaneous Non-Bound Newspaper Collection (SC 16)

Miscellaneous Non-Colorado Bound Serials Collection (SC 17)

Multiculturalism in Northeastern Colorado (SC 107)

Music in Denver 1858-1908. Newspapers Indexed by Sanford A. Linscome (SC 70)

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-- N --

Neal Cross Special Collection (SC 47) -- Transferred to RG6 S11 F5 in 1995.

Neil Argo Collection (SC 61)

Newell Kephart Collection (SC 30)

North Central Association Colorado State Committee (C 2)

-- O --

O. T. Jackson Collection -- Dearfield, Colorado (SC 57)

-- P --

Patricia Holt Collection (SC 80)

Patricia Lucas Collection (SC 56)

Paul Stewart Oral History Tapes (SC 106)

Phi Delta Kappa-Alpha Mu Chapter Collection (SC 33)

Phil Dwyer Collection of Prison Images (SC 101)

Publications of the Colorado Council on High School-College Relations (C 10)

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-- R --

Rare and/or Fragile Government Publications (SC 60)

"Reading for Meaning" Series Collection (SC 75) -- Please select TITLE from the pull down menu in The Source, type "Reading for Meaning" (without the quotes), and then click the SEARCH button for title and holdings information. Authors of this series included: Paul McKee, Elizabeth Lehr, Annie McCowen, and M. Lucile (Martha Lucile) Harrison.

-- S --

Sayyid Qutb / Sayed Kotb Collection (SC 08)

Senator James Kadlecek Legislative Papers 1977-1983, 1985 (SC 65)

Sigma Upsilon Sorority, ca.1905-2005 (SC 93)

Smith-Keller Special Collection (SC 85)

Summit on Social Justice & Diversity (SC 77)

Suzanne Schulze "Horace Greeley" Collection (SC 103)

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-- T --

Thomas Family Collection (SC 15)

Totem Teddy (SC 8)--repatriated

Tyrus Hillway "Herman Melville" Collection (SC 28)

-- U --

United States Flag Collection (SC 43)

U.S. Farm Security Admin. Photo Collection (SC 13)

U.S. Presidents Collection (SC 34)

U.S. Senate Documents on 1915-1918 Coal Strikes (C 7)

UNC Connection (SC 88)

-- V --

Verle Mickish Papers (SC 113)

Visual Arts of Japan Collection (SC 36)

-- W --

Walter Green Collection (SC 51)

Walter Stewart Collection of Clyde L. Stanley Materials (SC 79)

Weld County Home Rule Collection (SC 11)

William R. Kelly Water Collection (SC 21)

William S. Garnsey Legislative Papers (SC 99)

William Van Loo Papers (SC 95)

World War I Poster Collection (SC 46).

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