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RG9 S16

Take Back the Night


RG8 S3 F6

Taste of UNC


see also Food services


RG8 S2 F3-1

Tax sheltered annuity



RG10 S5 F6-1 

Teacher Description. A study by Assoc. Students. 1970-71




Teacher education

RG7 S4 F6


1939 & 1942 self study. American Council on Education

C1 S14


1985 Exercising Statewide Leadership

RG7 S4 F7


1985 self study. Colorado Commission on Higher Education

RG7 S4 F7


1986 Teacher Education & Certification. Report to Colorado State Board of Education (3 vols.)

RG7 S4 F7


1988 Teacher Education. Report to the Colorado State Board of Education on the conversion of approved programs from quarters to semesters (2 vols.)

RG7 S17


1989-90 Professional Teacher Education--Student Outcome Assessment

RG7 S9ED F15


Project 30 (teacher education) 1989

C1 S14


Teacher education programs in Colorado. 1978

RG7 S9ED F25


Teacher certification -- clippings


see also: RG7 S9ED F6: Professional Education Council




Teacher Employment Days

RG9 S11 F5 


Career Services/Placement

RG3 S2 F3


Brochures, flyers



Teacher Examination Questions, County & State

SC 39


Educational History Collection



1897 examination questions


1901 examination questions


1902 examination questions


1903 & 1905 examination questions -- incomplete


1910 examination questions


1913 examinations questions


RG5 S4 F13 

Teachers for the Future: a University-Wide Curriculum Redesign Project. 1990



RG7 S5 F29

Teaching and Learning Fair, 2010-


RG7 S5 F32

Teaching Excellence and Achievement Program


RG5 S6 F10 

Teaching responsibility, Code of



RG7 S9ED F25

Teacher training standards -- clippings



RG7 S5 F28

Teaching and Learning Fair, 2010-



RG12 S37

Teaching with Primary Sources



RG19 S1 F4 

Team UNC (Foundation)




Technical Assistance and Continuing Education (TACE)



RG11 S32

Technology competencies for teachers. 1999 CDE



RG10 S5 F8-1 

Technology fee, Student



RG11 S32 

Technology Plan, UNC. 1998





C1 S3


CCHE Statewide Telecommunications System. 1989

RG7 S5 F28-1


Educational Television Scrapbook, 1961-1966

RG11 S13 


Telecommunications Committees

RG5 S6 F12


Televised courses





RG10 S1 F2


"College Installs New Phone System," Mirror, Oct. 6, 1927, p. 6.

RG10 S1 F2


"College Switchboard is 'Brain' of the Campus," Mirror, Nov. 16, 1951, p. 7.



Telephone Directories -- see Directories



Television  see Telecommunications





RG7 S9HPER F14-1


Annual report and history

RG10 S1 F3


Cache La Poudre yearbooks

RG3 S1 F1


First pictured in State Normal School Catalog. 1901-1902. p.164





RG13 S6 F4


Alternatives to tenure for Library faculty  

RG5 S2 F7 





Introduced. Frasier, History of the College, LB1840 G73 C6 p.18

RG5 S6 F1


Promotion, tenure, sabbatic leaves



Resolution on permanent tenure BOT minutes 11/20/1921  p.97



RG5 S2 F7 

Term contracts (Term Faculty Task Force)




Tests see Examinations



RG7 S1 F15-11

Textbooks (Student Textbook Information Guide 2002)



RG13 S7 F1-1 

Textile museum register. Normal School





RG12 S11 F1





1926 Children's Theatre started--Hartman, 1911-35 p.31

RG2 S4 F16


1929 "Alisha," to be produced January 28, 1929.  Teachers Journal & Abstract. December 1928 p.646



1933 "Aleesha" in Larson. LD4011. N269 L37 1989

RG10 S1 F2


1933 "Aleesha" in Cache la Poudre. 1933 p.178



Children's Theater



Early theatricals see also issues of Crucible and early years of Cache la Poudre

RG12 S11 F1


Programs. 1932-



Theatre/Opera/Dance Productions by CSNS, CTC, CSCE, CSC, UNC; 1889-


see also:  Little Theatre of the Rockies; 1934-1960. LB1840 G744 1960 B611




Theatre Arts, Dept. of

RG7 S12 F2


PRET Report, 1982




Thomasites -- UNC alumni who taught in the :Philippines during 1901-1902

RG3 S12 F9


Myers, Theresa.  “All Aboard for Adventure,” Spectrum, Dec. 2001, pp. 20-21.

Reference Files




RG10 S5 F7

Thurgood Marshall Club




Time capsules

RG15 S12

Cranford Hall Time Capsule Collection

RG10 S7



RG10 S7


Summer Enrichment Program Time Capsule 1983 to be opened in July 2008

RG15 S19


Belford Hall. 1996 to be opened in 2021


see also: Cornerstones




Tobey, Frances

RG10 S1 F2


Photograph. 1913 Cache la Poudre dedicated to her



RG7 S21 

Tointon Institute for Educational Change. 1993-




Totem Teddy:
First article about totem pole (later named Totem Teddy) appeared in the Christmas issue of The Crucible, December 18, 1914. It was a gift from U.S. Commissioner of Education for Alaska Andrew Thompson, an 1897 UNC alumnus. The totem pole was displayed in various places around campus and finally ended up in the University Center. Under the federal Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act of 1990, the pole was reclaimed by the Tlingit Indians in 2003.

RG15 S21 F3


Totem Teddy

RG15 S21 F3-5



Derivative works

RG15 S21 F3-5.1


Ghost Totem

RG10 S1 F3


"Calendar.”  1915 Cache La Poudre, p. 104.







in Hartman: History of CSCE; 1911-1935.  LB1840 G744 1951 H3 p.141

SC48 S2



in Hazel Johnson--Photographs

RG3 S20 F1



in "University Center" folder

RG3 S12 F9



"Tlingit Totem" in Spectrum, October 2002, pp.6-7

RG15 S21 F3-3


Repatriation ceremony photos

RG3 S12 F9


"Tlingit Totem" in Spectrum, October 2002, pp.6-7

RG3 S14


"Totem Teddy Returns Home" in Northern Vision, September 2004

RG10 S15


Totem (student humor)  v.1 #1&2 1959




Tours, Campus




Traditions at UNC

RG10 S1 F3 


Cache La Poudre. 1907-1971, 1979-1984, 2000-2001 (Student publications)
1932-37, 1940 also in RG2 S4 F14



Clipping Files, Scrapbooks, Photo Albums

RG20 S2 F2


College Color Days. Mirror, Sept. 3, 2010, p. 3.

RG10 S1 F1


Crucible. 1892-1921

RG10 S1 F3


Initiation to college life in Cache la Poudre. 1953 pp.126-7

RG10 S1 F2


Mirror. 1919-

RG10 S4


Student handbooks (Published by students)

RG9 S3 F6


Student handbooks (Published by the Admissions Office (University policies)



RG15 S16 F3

Traffic on campus




Training School see Lab/Training School



RG9 S2 F1

Transcripts, Student


RG9 S3 F7 

Transfer students




Transgender see Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual & Transgender



RG6 S5 F3 

Travel, Out of state



RG7 S5 F2       

Travel study programs





RG2 S8 F16


1990 Gift: Tree planted on University Center west lawn

RG10 S1 F2


Arbor Day program in 1907 & 1908 Cache la Poudre

RG15 S16  F5


Champion trees



Charcoal by Walter Green entitled, "Beautifying the Campus", one of a set of 10 charcoals. Archives.

RG10 S1 F1


Crucible, v.12 n.6 pp.160, 161

RG10 S1 F1


Crucible, v.18 n.5 p.1

RG15 S3


Elm disease folder



First tree. Carter. LB1840 G72 C3 p.292

RG15 S16



RG15 S16 F4


Grounds and Landscape report by Robert Brown, Grounds Manager, 1987.



Hazel Johnson: Cranford photo ca. 1898 entitled "Snyder's First Plantings"

RG10 S5 F6


Plantings on Insignia Days each year. Minutes Assoc. Students 4/15/1929

RG1 S2


Trustees Minutes. 9/19/1958, 12/15/1958 p.4





RG24 S5


Artifacts, Plaques & Memorabilia



Trophies, Athletic-- Men's & Women's trophies transferred to Gunter Hall



Trophies -- Laboratory School -- University Schools; trophies from 1970s-present. (Trophies were located in Kepner Hall prior to moving the school into Bishop-Lehr Hall).



RG1 S7 

Trustee Notes





RG1 S11 F2


Biographical information

RG1 S2 F1


Index 1965-1970

RG1 S1 F1


List, chronological

RG8 S1 F1


List by year in budget

RG1 S3


Minutes. 1973-

RG8 S1 F1-1


Operating Budgets (BOT approved)

RG1 S1 F2






see also RG3 S17: Girault folder for photos of Houtchens and Seraphine

RG10 S1 F1


Portrait of 1st president of BOT, Judge Wallace, in Crucible 3/1905 p.193

RG1 S17


Policy Manual. 1995-

RG5 S3 F6-3



Codification Committee's comments on 1st draft of BOT Policy Manual in Faculty Senate minutes 11/6/1996 (#164 & 165 Faculty Senate Forum)

RG1 S17 F1


Regulations, Board (in blue notebooks)

RG1 S7


Summaries of meetings in Trustee Notes



Tape recordings of minutes are in President's Office





RG8 S1 F10


Budget clippings

RG9 S2 F4


Registrar's information

RG9 S2 F6


Tuition history

RG11 S14


Tuition Waiver Committee





RG15 S16 F7



RG15 S10


Pedestrian tunnel under 11th Avenue

RG15 S1


Steam lines -- Long Range Development Program. 1950, pp.22-23

RG18 S14 F3


Carter/Cranford (photograph). Tunnel between Cranford & Carter (around 1922). Torn down when Carter was remodeled

RG10 S10


"Tunnels under campus", Mirror, October 31, 2008, p7.

RG15 S1


Utilities tunnel -- Long Range Development Program. 1950, p.30

RG15 S1


Utilities tunnel -- Physical Plant Development. 1962, p.6



RG10 S3

Turner Hall

RG15 S10



RG10 S1 F2


Dead baby found. Mirror 5/19/1978 p.1



see also Buildings



see also Housing (dormitories)





RG9 S14


CHE (Center for Human Enrichment)