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RG6 S5

Sabbatical leaves

RG1 S2



BOT Minutes--Policy 1/14/1959 pp.6-8

RG5 S3 F6-3



Faculty Senate 6/1/1987

RG6 S5 F2



Leave requests and Board responses




SAFE (Sexual Assault Free Environment) see Sexual Assault




Safety see Public safety





RG1 S2


1890-1950 see Trustees Minutes



1936-1937 BOT 4/9/1936



1937-1938 BOT 6/7/1937



1941-1942 BOT 9/29/1941

RG2 S5 F4


1946-1947 Ross files "Budget 1946-1947, Salary recommendations"

RG2 S5 F4 


1948-1956 Ross correspondence "Presidents Assoc--Salary Classification & Comparison within Colorado"

RG8 S1 F14


Budget Office salary reports

RG8 S2 F3-14


Administrative salaries

RG8 S2 F3-10


Classified staff payroll. 1979-1984




RG13 S6 F1




RG7 S1 F15-5



2000-01 Faculty Compensation Distribution Report

RG20 S2



Clippings "Salaries, Faculty" 1950-1974




Crabbe period see LB1840 G744 1952 H3 pp.34-38

RG5 S4 F11



Faculty excellence awards

RG5 S3 F6-2



Faculty salaries 1982-1985

RG5 S6 F3



Faculty salaries (policies)

RG13 S6 F3



Library faculty salaries 1975-1988

RG8 S2 F3




Listed by name, rank & position

RG5 S6 F3





RG8 S2 F3


Personnel rosters 1950-

RG5 S3 F6-9


Salary Audit/Equity Committee (Faculty Senate)

RG5 S3 F6-14


Senate retreat documents

RG5 S3 F6-4


Senate Welfare Committee

RG9 S4 F2


Student employees




Sand Creek Massacre

SC 60


Government Publications--Serial Set 1277.

E83.863 D86 1973


Attack on Black Kettle's Village and the Prelude to Sand Creek. Ruth Dunn.

E83.863 .W475 1993


The Sand Creek Fight : November 29, 1864. Fred H. Werner.

F776 H84


Memories of a Lifetime in the Pike's Peak Region. Irving Howbert.




SATC see Student Army Training Corps




Satellite campus see Centerrra (Satellite Campus). 2008



SC 08

Sayyid Qutb / Sayed Kotb



RG3 S11 

Schedules of classes (including Continuing Education)

RG3 S1 F3


1926 Summer in 1925-26 Bulletin



RG12 S30

Scholar Speaker Series



RG13 S21 S27

Scholarly Communication Committee (Library)


RG11 S19 F1

Scholarly endeavors, faculty. see -- Faculty Scholarly Endeavors, 1973-1978.


RG7 S5 F28-1

Scholars (Center for Honors, Scholars and Leadership)



RG19 S1 F9

Scholarship receptions, annual(UNC Foundation)





RG3 S1 F3


1950-52 Bulletin--Yearbook p.217

RG9 S4 F3



RG9 S4 F3



RG10 S1 F2


Joe Martinez Scholarship 10/27/1948 p.1

RG9 S4 F3


Minority scholarships

RG2 S1 F1


Old scholarships listed under "College Service Fund"




1946-53 Book 6




1954-60 Book 4




1961-63 Book 5




1961-64 Book 5 supp.

RG19 S3 F1


President's Prize for Leadership award. 1991-



PVA scholarships



see also Loan funds 1930-38 (RG8 S1 F4)




School colors -- see Colors



RG7 S9ED F19 

School for the Study of Teaching and Learning. -1995






Independence School District 23, Weld County, Colorado



Educational History Collection



Schulze, Robert O. --Endowed Chair of Interdisciplinary Studies

RG6 S7 F1






1994-95. Faris, Wendy, 1st




2000-01 Ermarth, Betsy




2002-03 Simon, Thomas


RG7 S5 F9

Schulze Interdisciplinary Speaker Series (Life of the Mind)


RG7 S9AS F31

Science Education




Science for Meaning Series, The




Science Institute for High School Students see Frontiers of Science



RG5 S4 F14 

Science Math Council







RG SC48 F10 

Scotland, pre WWI photos





RG14 S3


Laboratory School scrapbooks

RG20 S1


Clipping Files, Scrapbooks, Photo Albums



see also Memorabilia




Sculpture purchase award

RG13 S13 F1


1982--Michener Library sculpture



RG1 S13 F2 

Seals, Official

RG3 S18


Graphic standards, 1970



"Sapienta in Asternum est" = Wisdom is everlasting/eternal



RG19 S4 F1 

Search and Research. 1990- (UNC Research Corp.)




SECD see Educational Change and Development, School of



 RG19 S3  

Second Century Campaign (fund raiser)




Security see Public Safety




Semester Conversion

RG11 S10


Calendar Committee

RG2 S8 F14


Semester Conversion Newsletter. #1-9, April 1986-April 1988

RG3 S11


Student handbooks on semester conversion. Fall 1987




Semester plan tried 1900-1904. Larson. LD4011 N269 L37 1989 p.72



RG12 S4

Seminars in higher education. 1949-1951




Senate see Faculty Senate




Serial Set volumes in Special Collections 2321:G1512 G7 D8 1882 (Government Publications)



RG2 S8 F14 

Service Maintenance Building renamed Parson (RG15 S10)




Sexual Assault

RG8 S3 F3



SAFE (Sexual Assault Free Environment)

RG12 S20


Sexual Assault Free Environment Week



see Counseling Center



see Public Safety



RG8 S2 F3-7 

Sexual Harassment Policy

RG5 S3 F6-3



Senate endorsed version in Faculty Senate Forum #199. 1998





RG10 S5 F8-11


Human Sexuality Center


RG1 S14 F1 

Shaping Educational Change. Larson. LD4011 N269 L37 1989

RG20 S3 F3






Shawsheen, portrait by Richard Ellinger in F782 W4 B28 1970 p.84



see also RG13 S13 F1: Library owned art



RG3 S1 F1 

Shooting, Target pictured in State Normal School Catalog. 1901-02. p.165



RG8 S3 F3

Shootings on campus



RG15 S16 F8




RG7 S9AS F21   

SIROW (Southwest Institute for Research on Women )



Slogans, Mottoes, etc.

LC5751 .H37 1950


"A College with a Learning Atmosphere." 1950. Hartman, William. History of the Summer School Movement in the United States and at Colorado State College of Education. Greeley, CO: Colorado State College of Education, [1950?], p. 127.

RG10 S17


"Achievement is Pioneered by Ideals." Class Motto. 1891

RG19 S2 F3


"Bringing Education to Life". 2010.




"Colorado’s Best University Experience"

RG7 S4



NCA Self-Study (2004)

RG9 S3 F2



Pocket Profile. 2002/2003 & 2003-2004



"Colorado's University" (President Lujan's vision for UNC -- Mirror, Mar. 2, 1992, p.1.)

RG10 S4


"Let's Go Bru-Inn" (campus motto) in 1941-42 Key to the Campus Official Freshman Handbook and in Howdy Frosh, 1942/43 student handbook

RG10 S4


"See You at Bru" (campus motto) in Freshman Hand Book 1947-48; What's Brewin' with Mr. Bruin 1950-51; Official Freshman Hand Book 1951-52; Bear Facts for New Students 1953-1954;and A C.S.C.E. Campus Tour for New Students 1954-1955



"Students First @ UNC". 2002.

LC5751 .H37 1950


"Summer School Where Summer's Cool." Hartman, William. History of the Summer School Movement in the United States and at Colorado State College of Education. Greeley, CO: Colorado State College of Education, [1950?], p.127.

LC5751 .H37 1950


"the friendly campus." used several years. Hartman, William. History of the Summer School Movement in the United States and at Colorado State College of Education. Greeley, CO: Colorado State College of Education, [1950?], pp. 126-127.

RG3 S2 F2


Tomorrow's Frontier Today. circa 1997-98.



"We feed the Bears!" (credo used by Dining Services)

RG3 S2 F2


You Come First. circa1996-1997.



see also Mottoes inscribed on or in buildings



RG10 S5 F7




Smith, Lula

RG6 S1 F1-1


Oral history in Hunter folder



RG15 S9 

Smoking in state buildings



RG2 S2 

Snyder, Z. X.  President 1891-1915



Eulogy in Public Schools. 12/1915 pp.21-27

RG10 S1 F1

Poem about, Crucible, 1910 v.18 n.6 p.185-187



Snyder Memorial Auditorium plans in Public Schools. 5/1916 pp.16-17



see also Pierce, LB1840 G747 1988 P54 p.57



RG18 S2 

Snyder, Z. X. (Mrs.) memorial in Alumni Courier v.4 no.4 Oct. 1923

RG15 S9


Snyder Hall named for





RG7 S9HPER F14-2


Annual report



"Teachers Lose at Soccer Game in Denver," Greeley Tribune, Oct. 18, 1915, p. 3.



Women's soccer



RG11 S43

Social Media Guidance Group



Social Studies

RG3 S1 F1


"Introduction to Sociology & the Social Sciences," in LB1840 G7 1923-24

RG2 S5 F4


Social Studies Division. 1947-1964 Ross correspondence



RG2 S9B F2 

Software Use Policy. 1997




Songs, School

RG6 S7 F1


Alma Mater Song in Kendel, Josephine file

RG10 S5 F6


Assoc. Students adopt official Alma Mater song 10/10/1939 minutes

RG6 S3 F3 (Oversize)


Cline, J. DeForest, (1937). "Ah, Well I Remember"

RG6 S3 F3 (Oversize)


Cline, J. DeForest, (1923).   "Hip! Hip! Hip!"

RG4 S6 F1


Cline, J. DeForest, (1923). "Sing! Colorado, Sing!" program June 6. 1923

RG6 S3 F3 (Oversize)


Cline, J. DeForest, (1923).  "When We Sing of C.T.C."

RG10 S5 F2


"Delta Psi Rose". Audiotape made in 2006 of the fraternity song from the 1950s era

RG6 S7 F1


"Fight" ("Fite Song"). Singleton folder, Goes folder




see also RG12 S12 F4 "UNC Bands" recording by Joe Glenn

RG10 S1 F2


Graduate College Reunion Song. Mirror. 5/11/1921 p.5

RG10 S1 F1


"Greeley" Crucible. Summer 1913 p.424

RG9 S3 F6, Folder: New Student Information, Brochures, Handbooks, etc.


Kendel, Josephine (1922). "The Alma Mater Song" (lyrics only in 1927-28 and 1930-31 "C.T.C. Handbook for Freshmen")

RG6 S3 F3 (Oversize)


Kendel, Josephine (1922). "CTC March Song"

RG6 S3 F3 (Oversize)


Kendel, Josephine (1925). "CTC March Song"

RG10 S5 F6


"March of the Bears Song". Associated Students minutes 11/29/1932

RG10 S1 F2


Mirror 11/30/1921 p.4

RG10 S4


Student handbooks include school songs and cheers




Sororities see Fraternities and Sororities


RG7 S9AS F21   

Southwest Institute for Research on Women (SIROW)




SPARC see Sponsored Programs & Academic Research Center




Speakers, Faculty

RG3 S19


Experts List




Speakers, Guest




Business Plus Speaker Series (Monfort College of Business)

SC 1-01, Box 15, Folder 389


James A. Michener. Library dedication 10/27/1972. Speech and ceremony (audio tape).

SC 35


Kenneth E. Boulding Speech Collection

RG10 S1 F2-3


Mirror. 1919- . Indexes of guest speakers/performers (Incomplete)



Monfort Executive Professor Speaker Series

RG12 S38


Provost Colloquium Speaker Series

RG12 S33


Rosenberry Writers’ Conference



Schulze Interdisciplinary Speaker Series

RG3 S1 F4


Summer catalogs (some list visiting faculty)



U.S. President Warren G. Harding




Special and Advanced Programs, Center -- see CSAP




Special Education

RG7 S9ED F13


Aspen Camp School for the Deaf (ACSD)

RG3 S1 F1


Dept. of Exceptional Children, 1913. Series 12 #16

LB1840 G73 C6 pp.12-16


Dept. of Special Education established September 1954

RG7 S9ED F13


Special Education and Rehabilitation



RG3 S12 F9

Spectrum. 1988-2004 (Alumni)




SPEEC see State Personnel Employees Executive Council (SPEEC)




Spelling, Simplified. 



Larson. LD4011 N269 L37 1989 p.72

RG3 S1 F3


Example: Bulletin XV #2 April 1915

RG6 S7 F1


Gideon, Abram folder

RG3 S14


"Under a Spell" by Frank Roberts in Spectrum, December 2002, pp.10-11



RG7 S7 F25

Sponsored Programs, Office of (OSP), 2009-



Formerly -- Sponsored Programs & Academic Research Center 1999-2009 and UNC Research Corp, 1989-1999

RG7 S7 F25



Search & Research. Oct. 1999 (vol. 9, no. 1) - . Newsletter.




Sport Marketing Research Institute (SMRI)




Sports see Athletics




Sports History



Sports History Media Collection -- Videos of the UNC Athletic Hall of Fame, 1994-2002; Harlan Hill Award Banquet, 1999; NCAA Wrestling, 1996; Men’s Basketball, 2000 & 2004; Women’s Basketball, 2000; Year in Review, 2000-2001; Football, 1996-2004



Mary Behling Athletic Memorabilia Collection -- Mary Behling, Ph.D., Emeritus Faculty, School of Sport and Exercise Science



Charles F. Putnik Football Film Collection -- Seven UNC football films from 1969-1971 -- Charles F. Putnik, a UNC graduate and UNC football team member



Photograph Collection

RG20 S1 F8


Sport-o-Gram. The October 9, 1925 Sport-O-Gram was found in Lucille (Lucy) Mae Setzler's 1924-1928 Scrapbook.

Sport-o-Grams were provided by M. Earle Blick, local manager of Boyd's Cigar Store, which was located at 813 9th Street.

RG20 F8



Lucille Mae Setzler (Pooley) Scrapbook, 1924-1928.




"Local Merchant Boosts CSTC with Sport-o-Grams at all Football Games," Mirror, 10/30/25, p. 4.



Sports History Oral Interview Collection -- Oral interview by Nate Haas with Dr. George Harvey Sage (Ed.D.), a UNC graduate and Emeritus Faculty, School of Sport and Exercise Science, and Dr. Bob Heiny, Professor of Mathematics.



Gunter Hall Sports Memorabilia Collection -- Information on the sports photographs and memorabilia on display at Gunter Hall



Sports Media Records -- Items received from the Sports Information Director.



Sports Archive Photographs



Mirror Photos -- Scans from The Mirror, student newspaper

RG15 S5 F3-2, Box 3


Women's Athletic Association (WAA) scrapbook, ca 1950-1951



Women's Sports Photograph History Collection



Yearbook Photos -- Scans from the Cache La Poudre yearbooks

SC 48


Hazel E. Johnson Collection -- Scans from sports photographs received from Hazel E. Johnson, a local historian

RG10 S15


Totem Sports Issue

RG20 S1 F10


Leckington Photograph Collection, 1925, 1930-31

SC 85


Smith-Keller Special Collection




"Spotted Calf" cafeteria -- see Restaurants on campus




Sprick, Daniel

RG18 S16 F1


Alumni clippings ("Sprick, Daniel")




RG18 S16 F1



Campus (alumni clippings, "Sprick, Daniel")

RG13 S14 F1



Library. April/May 1976, 11/09-12/04/1981, & 9/10-10/17/1993

RG18 S4 F2 2003


Honored alumni



La Primavera

RG18 S16 F1




RG13 S13 F1



Photograph in "Library owned art"

RG22 S1



"La Primavera." Belinda Hardy. Research project. 2004.



RG10 S6 F19

SPURS (Service, Patriotism, Understanding, Responsibility, Sacrifice) -- Sophomore Honorary



RG10 S5 F8

SRC (Student Representative Council) 1979-2009



Strategic Plan, 1999. BOT 3/12/1999



see also Associated Students [1910-1973]



see also Student Senate, 2009-



RG7 S9ED F19  

SSTTE (School for the Study of Teaching and Learning. -1995)




St. John's College see Religion



RG3 S1 F1 

Stable pictured in State Normal School Catalog. 1901-02 p.164







see Jackson Field



see Nottingham Field



RG7 S8 F3 

Staffing authorization--academic



RG8 S2 F3-3

Staffing Pattern 1999-




Stained glass windows in Library (Carter Hall)

RG10 S1 F1


Crucible, 1910, v.18 n.5 p.134-135



Hazel Johnson photographs



RG3 S17

Stamper, Maynard N.--Room in Ross Hall. 1991




Stamps see Postage Stamps



RG12 S17 

State Affairs Conference




State Farm Insurance Companies

RG15 S10


Buildings -- Reference file, buildings (clippings, pictures, postcards, general information)

RG9 S27 F1


OMA--State Farm Multicultural Partnership






State Normal School in Greeley. 1889-1911



Names of subscribers to Normal School fund see F784 G7 B7 p.441. Boyd



RG2 S12 F3-2

State of the University Address



RG8 S2 F3-4 

State Personnel Employees Executive Council (SPEEC)




State Teachers College of Colorado. 1911-1935



Photo of parade celebrating new name. 1911 in Carter p.164




Stateline: Newspaper for Colorado Personnel System Employees.



Not in Archives. see Government Publications CO PR 1.18/2/




Statewide Programs, Division of (changed to Continuing Education, College of (Division of) in 1989

RG3 S2 F2


Course bulletins, Winter 1988-Spring 1989



see Continuing Education





RG9 S3 F9


Admissions reports

RG8 S1 F2-1


Cost by unit. 1999

RG9 S11


Employment of alumni

RG8 S3 F12


Fact Book. 1991- (Institutional Research & Planning)

RG2 S1 F1


Financial 1891-1964 (HERCULES)

RG9 S3 F10


Profiles of entering class (# of apps., H.S. ranks, home towns, ACT scores, etc.)

RG9 S2 F2


Statistical Summary (enrollment--all classes--student characteristics)



RG7 S8 F7-2 

Strategic Blueprint for Academic Affairs. 4/23/1982



RG2 S9 F3 

Strategic Planning. 1992-

RG13 S3 F5


Library's Strategic Plan, 1994/95

RG1 S3


SRC Strategic Plan, 1999  BOT 3/12/1999

RG7 S1 F13-2


Strategic Planning Committee (Academic Planning Subcommittee)



RG15 S16 F3

Streets on campus



RG7 S25

Stryker Institute for Leadership Development. 2001-



see also -- RG3 S17, Folder: Stryker, Rhonda E.



RG9 S24

Student Activities Center



 RG8 S1 F8  

Student activities/organizations--audits




Student Affairs, Division of -2000

RG9 S1 F4-1


Annual Report

RG2 S10 F4


Brown reorganizes/eliminates Student Affairs. Letter October 12, 1999

RG1 S10 F6 


Policy Manual Draft. 1996




Student Army Training Corps (SATC)

RG3 S1 F3


S.A.T.C.: A Military Suggestion with a Man's Program. Colorado State Teachers Bulletin, Series XVIII, No. 4, July 1918.

RG3 S1 F3


Revised Special Program for the Students' Army Training Corps. Colorado State Teachers Bulletin Supplement, Series XVIII, No. 5, Aug., 1918.

RG10 S1 F3


Cache La Poudre (annual year books). 1918 & 1919

LB1840.G744 1952 .H3


1918 "temporary gym" 1918-1927. (Hartman, William Frederick. The History of Colorado State College of Education - The Teachers College Period - 1911-1935, p.135)



The SATC Gymnasium (A Photographic History of UNC: Buildings & Grounds, Central Campus)

RG3 S20 F1


Photographs of "temporary gym"

RG10 S1 F1 


The Crucible (Student newspaper)

RG3 S20 F1


Photographs -- Gym, Old (SATC) 1918-1928

RG20 S1 F1


Scrapbooks with clippings (undated)



see also World War I



RG8 S1 F9 

Student assistance programs--audits




Student Cabinet

RG10 S1 F3 


Organized 1910. Cache la Poudre. 1914 p.130



see also Associated Students, 1910-1973



RG10 S5 F6

Student Clubhouse--relationship to Associated Students--Frasier Letter 1929-30



RG16 S1

Student Concerns Task Force




Student Council see Associated Students




Student directories see Directories



RG5 S4 F9  

Student Effort, Task Force on. 1992



RG9 S4 F2

Student employees



RG9 S1   F9

Student Engagement, Office of



RG15 S10

Student Family Apartments (SFA)



RG10 S5 F8-1

Student Fee Allocation Committee

RG16 S1


Ombudsman's files

RG1 S3


2001-02 proposal with minutes to 5/11/2001 meeting




Student handbooks see Handbooks, Student




Student housing see Housing



RG9 S25 

Student ID cards




Student Nurses' Association




Student organized activities and publications




Student organizations see Organizations, Student



RG7 S17

Student Outcomes Assessment. Academic Affairs. Annual, 1989-

RG9 S11 F1


CCHE Statewide Student Outcomes Comm., 1975

RG7 S17 F1-1


Individual unit self studies



RG9 S22 

Student perceptions of college. 1964



RG9 S1 F5 

Student Personnel Council



RG10 S10 

Student protests



Brigham Young University wrestling, 1970

RG5 S3 F6-1



Faculty Senate minutes 2/9/1970-

RG10 S8




RG5 S6



Radio/press releases in Associated Students Minutes 1969-70 end of second to last section

RG10 S1 F3


Cache la Poudre. 1971 pp.170-181; 1970 pp.222-225

RG2 S8 F21


Commencement 1990 controversy--Linda Chavez, proponent of English Only education

RG10 S1 F6


Historical article in Quarterly Overview. Fall, 1975. pp.4-7

RG15 S10



RG13 S8 F1


Library hours protests

RG10 S8


Protest at State Capitol, 1967



RG10 S1

Student publications



RG9 F2 F1

Student records, Privacy of




Student Representative Council see SRC




Student retention see Attrition Report



RG9 S3 F6

Student rights and responsibilities



RG10 S5 F31

Student Senate, 2009-



see also SRC



see also Associated Students



RG9 S1 F10

Student Success Advisory Council



RG7 S9ED F10 

Student teaching




see also RG3 S1 F1: Demonstration schools



RG9 S2 F1

Student transcripts



Student trustees see Trustees, student




Student Union renamed Gray Hall



RG9 S12

Student Wellness Advocacy Team (SWAT)



RG9 S4 F2 




RG10 S6 

Students--Honors and awards

RG3 S10


1993-94 Dean's lists--Sept. 30, 1994 press release



A&S Annual report lists student honors, 1990-

RG3 S10


Business students--National Dean's List--10/24/1994 press release

RG7 S9AS F18


de Hoffman Book Award for Science Students. 1967-

RG10 S6 F10


Golden Key National Honor Society

RG7 S7 F28


Graduate Dean's Citation for Excellence

RG3 S10



Information Services press releases, 8/13/1994-10/31/94

RG7 S7 F7



Graduate School Newsletter, Winter 1985-Winter 1986

RG7 S7 F1-3



Perspectives & Profiles, Spring 1997.

RG7 S9AS F2 


Hazel Johnson History Award

RG7 S10 F8


History Newsletter. 1989- lists history awards

RG12 S19


Honors convocations

RG3 S10


Journalism awards, 1988 press release 3/3/1988

RG10 S8 


Photo of Intrafraternity Council Award, 1966-67

RG10 S6 F6


Pinnacle Honor Society (outstanding students 25 and over)

RG10 S6 F8


Renaissance Award

RG19 S1 F7


Robert & Ludie Dickeson Presidential Prize for Leadership

RG10 S1 F3


Senior Ceremonial. Cache la Poudre, 1962, pp.66-67

RG5 S4 F15



Undergraduate Research Committee -1996-



RG22 S1

Students -- Research projects



RG10 S5 F28

Students in Free Enterprise (computers to Russia)



RG10 S2 

Students Rights and Responsibilities

RG9 S5


Academic Freedom

RG16 Box 2





RG10 S5 F7

Stunts (Cheerleaders, Pom Poms, Yell Leaders, Stunts, etc.)



Substance abuse policy

RG8 S2 F3-15


College/University Personnel



UNC Board of Trustees Policy Manual, Section 1-1-407



RG7 9PVA F12

"Sugar Bears" Dance Team





RG8 S3 F3 -12


Public Safety

RG10 S5 F7


Somebody Loves You Baby Helpline (SLYB Club)



RG7 S5 F3

Summer camps



RG12 S11 F7

Summer Concert Series see also RG12 S12 F1: Concert under the Stars



RG7 9ED F23-1

Summer Enrichment Program




Summer session

RG7 S5 F10


Research and administrative reports re: summer session

RG12 S1


Summer assemblies

RG7 S5 F3


Summer camps

RG3 S1 F4


Summer catalogs (some list visiting faculty)

RG6 S7 F4


Summer School Guest Faculty. 1909-

RG8 S3 F11


Summer school questionnaires, 1976-1978

RG7 S5 F10


Summer Session Research Report. 1995-



SC 77

Summit on Social Justice & Diversity





RG8 S3 F12-7


Course/Instructor Survey. 1999-2001. Suspended 2004.

RG7 S26 F1


Undergraduate Academic Advising Survey. 2003



RG9 S12 






RG7 S9HPER F14-2


Annual report and history

RG3 S20 F1


Pools in Gunter and Butler-Hancock




Syllabi, Course

RG7 S8 F1


Syllabi arranged by year




1929. Detailed Lesson Syllabi and Outline of Course Materials: Civilization I "Introduction to Contemporary Civilization." Harold G. Blue, Head of the Department of Contemporary Civilization, Colorado State Teachers College.


1960. HPE 90 Techniques in Folk Dance Form C. Edith Montera, Nancy Van Anne Instructors. Colorado State College, Greeley.


1964. Syllabi for Courses in College Student Personnel Work. Colorado State College, Greeley, Colorado.

RG2 S8 F14


Semester conversion 1986-1988