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University Records

Record Group 20, Clipping Files, Scrapbooks, Photo Albums


Series 1


File 1


1916-1922--brown binding 





Scrapbook made for our Soldiers & Sailors [of WWI] by Students of STC



1 v.  Photos, clippings

File 2

University Publications scrapbooks. v.1-v.38 (1947-1991), 1991-92. Rust and grey bindings.


v. 1-15 all subjects


v.16-21 sports

File 3

1968-1975--purple binding. UNC.


v.1-6 all subjects

File 4



v. 1-19 sports

File 5

1967-1968. Pearl Pomeroy scrapbook


1 v. Colorado State College, Pakistan Program, Higher Education, Special Education

File 6

1960. Gladys Daugherty (Mrs. Frank) scrapbook


1 v. Hawaii trip

File 7

1924-1928. Betty Boiset scrapbook


1 v. Photos, performance programs, yells, Gunter Hall dedication, clippings

File 8

1924-1928. Lucille Mae Setzler (Pooley) scrapbook


1 v. Photo, performance programs, sports programs, clippings, mementoes

File 9

1954-1978. Nora Roop Collins scrapbook

File 10


1925, 1930-31. Leckington Photograph Collection -- Filed in Oversize box in cold storage.


Primarily football photographs from a scrapbook




See also RG4 S9 F2 (Nellie Marie Ray Leckington diploma & certificates)

File 11




Colorado State Normal School -- List of photographs in Books 1-2

File 12

1933-1938. Catherine E. (Kay) Switzer Moore scrapbooks




2 v. Photo, performance programs, clippings, mementoes




1937 Cache La Poudre with signatures




Correspondence between Annie McCowen and Kay Switzer, her student secretary, 1933-1938




Residence Hall Regulations Colorado State Teachers College, Greeley, Colorado, ca. 1935




Folios  from Catherine Moore, Class of 1938.

File 13

1945-1946. Marie Christner scrapbook




2 scrapbook pages. Performance programs, clippings, invitations,




Sorority handbooks/publications

File 14

1939-1940. Anna Louise Kerr scrapbook




1 v. Photos, performance programs, invitations, clippings


see also Memorabilia

File 15

Helen Bernice Udick Scrapbook, 1924-1928

File 16


Nell Hilton Johnson / Osborne “Mac” Johnson Scrapbook Pages


Series 2

Clipping Files

File 1

Library general clipping File. 1950-1974

File 2

Clippings. 1975-

File 3

University Publications clippings. January 1966-December 2004

File 4


Clippings. 1890-1974.

Series 3

Picture collections

File 1

William Hartman Photo and Negative Collection


see RG21

File 2

Markham Slide Collection

File 3

Bob Larson, Shaping Educational Change photographs


see also RG1 S14 F1

File 4

Hazel E. Johnson Collection -- transferred to RG SC48

File 5

File 6


Gordon W. Price "Cranford Hall Demolition Photographs"