All Hours, Contact Information


University Records

Record Group 18, Alumni


Series 1 

Registers, directories and geographical data


Series 2

Alumni serial publications



see RG3 S12: News and Publications--Alumni


Series 3

Brochures, fund-raising pamphlets etc.


Series 4

Alumni awards

   File 1

   File 2

Honored Alumni ( see also RG18 S12)




List of Honored Alumni 1947 are in the front of the 2000 Alumni Directory. RG18 S1


Series 5

Alumni case for University status materials


Series 6

Alumni Association. 1965- and earlier


Series 7

Alumni Association legislative efforts


Series 8

Alumni Association news releases


Series 9

Alumni Association chapters


see also RG18 S14 Photographs by state


Series 10

Alumni Association Athletic Committee


Series 11

Alumni Association tours


Series 12

Alumni Homecoming/Reunions

   File 1


   File 2


Class histories

   File 3


Class reunions




1959 Homecoming -- film




1994 Reunion Yearbook



see also RG18 S7 -- Alumni memorabilia


see also RG18 S4 -- Awards


Series 13

Alumni weekends


Series 14

Alumni photographs

  File 1

Individual alpha by name

   File 2

Group photos by year/by state

   File 3


   File 4


   File 5


   File 6


   File 7


   File 8


   File 9


   File 10

Classes by year


Series 15

Alumni sound tapes


Series 16

Alumni biographies/clippings

   File 1

Clippings about individuals--alpha by name

   File 2 

Clippings about more than one person--chronological by date of publication


Series 17

Alumni memorabilia

   File 1


Class histories

   File 2


Class reunions



see also RG20 -- Clipping Files, Scrapbooks, Photo Albums


see also SC 27 -- Esther Lotz Special Collection


see also SC 41 -- Jane E. Clark Kerr Special Collection


see also SC 56 -- Patricia M. Lucas Special Collection


see also SC 59 -- Connie Willis Special Collection



see also SC 82 -- Alumni Memorabilia Collection



see also RG4 S9 -- Miscellaneous diplomas



see also RG20 S1 -- Scrapbooks



see also SC 82 -- Alumni Memorabilia



Series 18

Physical Education Association alumni bulletin


Series 19 

75th Anniversary--Diamond Jubilee materials. 1965


Series 20

Alumni employed in education


Series 21

Alumni Relations. Administrative materials


Series 22

Alumni Association histories


Series 23