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University Records

Record Group 15, College & University Buildings & Grounds


Series 1        

Long range plans


Series 2

Space utilization


Series 3

Master plans


Series 4

West Campus (also known as College Park Campus, Darrell Holmes Campus)


Series 5

Classroom buildings



Box 1: Butler-Hancock Hall; Crabbe Hall; Cranford Hall; Frasier Hall; Guggenheim Hall; Gunter Hall



Box 2: Kepner Hall; McKee Hall; Roudebush Cottage

  File 1


Michener Library (University Library). 1971-



Campus Development Committee minutes




Separate library services--space needs


General correspondence/minutes by year


EPS self studies


Architect (Brelsford, Childress, Paulin)


Contractor (Hensel Phelps)




Moving in


Floor plans


1971 publicity and brochures




Michener remodeling/repairs



see also RG15 S14: Controlled Maintenance budgets


Program Plan. 1999


Elsworth, Ralph E. Academic Library Buildings. 1973




Michener Library Lower Level Renovation 2006

  File 2

Carter Hall


Correspondence re: 1940 remodeling

  File 3

Gunter Hall


Photographs of athletes as grouped on walls, 1995, for inventory purposes


Gunter Memorabilia Advisory Committee

  File 4

Kepner Hall (Training School). 1910-

  File 5

Music Library

  File 6

Cranford Hall -- 1949 fire


Series 6

Student facility buildings

  File 1


  File 2

Health Center

  File 3

Jackson Field

  File 4

University Center

  File 5

Nottingham Field

  File 6


Recreation Center



Series 7

Blueprints and architectural drawings

  File 1


Vertical File


Bishop-Lehr floor plans in RG15 S13 F2 (Morris Pierce Collection)


see also Building Files


Series 8

Photographs and slides including construction and renovation photos ( see also RG3 S20 )


Series 9

General (individual Files):

  File 1

Foundation Hall. 1951-

  File 2

Heating plant. 1955

  File 3


  File 4


Campus, Walking tours

  File 5


Chronological summary of buildings (principal structures).

  File 6


Floor plans from the mid-1970s

  File 7


Names, History of


see also -- RG15 S10, Reference File, buildings (clippings, pictures, postcards, general information)

  File 8


Real estate costs, contracts

  File 9


Renovation projects for summer and fall, 1981

  File 10


Smoking in (Colorado) State buildings

  File 11


Cogeneration System Proposal (UNCPF-1)


Series 10

Reference File, buildings (clippings, pictures, postcards, general information)



Series 11

Fire, safety and campus fires

  File 1

Insurance Hazard Corrections. 1992

  File 2




Series 12

Cranford cornerstone box


Series 13

Morris Pierce Collection

  File 1

Materials compiled by Morris Pierce including M.A. thesis and legal documents

  File 2

Miscellaneous correspondence, bids, floor plans, photographs

  File 3

Various data kept by chief fiscal officers or secretaries to the Trustees. 1891-1964

  File 4

Reports on plans and on buildings

  File 5

Trustee materials

  File 6

Colorado State materials


Series 14

Capital construction/controlled maintenance requests 1995-97 see RG1 S6 F2 (10/1994 documentation)


Series 15

Building dedications A-Z

  File 1

Dedication souvenirs


Series 16


  File 1

Letter from John P. Cranford donating land. 1889

  File 2

Historical tour maps

  File 3


  File 4

Grounds and Landscape report by Robert Brown, Grounds Manager, 1987. Maintenance report plus inventory of trees, bushes, hedges, grass and lawn areas, flower beds, sidewalks, parking lots, driveways, patios, tennis and volleyball courts, bike racks, track (Jackson Field), playground, bleachers

File 5



File 6



File 7




see also RG3 S20 F2 Photographs

File 8



File 9


"Adopt-A-Spot" Program



Series 17

Building Survey. 1954-


Series 18

Sale/purchase of properties


see also RG1 S13 F3 Deeds


Series 19

Time capsules/cornerstones


see also RG15 S12 Cranford cornerstone

  File 1

Belford Hall. 1996 to be opened 2021

  File 2

Laboratory School. 4th grade. 1976. To be opened in 2000

  File 3

Literature about how to do a time capsule


Series 20

Central Campus Historic District proposal. 1997


Series 21

Art on Campus

  File 1

General inventories and clippings

  File 2

Minute Man/Pioneer Statue

  File 3

Totem Teddy




Series 22

Furniture on Campus



Series 23

Inventories & appraisals -- campus wide

  File 1

Inventory of The State Teachers College in December 1915

  File 2

House Bill No. 193 -- Making an appropriation for the support and maintenance of the State Normal School and otherwise known as the State Teachers' College of Colorado. May 11, 1915.

  File 3


Appraisal Colorado State Teachers College, Greeley, Colorado. Western Appraisal Company, Denver. November 23, 1923.

  File 4


Property Inventory. 1962