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RG 14 Laboratory School

Model School. 1891-1899
Training School. 1899-[1924?]
High School. 1902-1916
State High School of Industrial Arts. 1916-1922
College High School. 1922-
Laboratory School [1924-]
Ernest Horn Elementary School. 1940-
University High School. 1970-2000

S3 Scrapbooks and awards/clippings


Series 3



Scrapbooks and awards/clippings


Box 1 




G.A. Scrapbook 1951-52. Orange scrapbook with two horizontal stripes. 11⅝“x14½“.






GA Scrapbook 1957-1961. Beige scrapbook with checker board design. 17⅞“x14¼“.




[Scrapbook ca1950-1952].  Blue scrapbook without a front cover.  9⅜“x11¾”.




[Scrapbook ca1953-1958].  Brown scrapbook with two horizontal gold stripes.  12⅜“x12⅞“.




C.H.S. ca1951-1952.  Red scrapbook with 2 horizontal design stripes on the top and bottom.  12¼“x12½ “.




Mask and Sabre Scrapbook ca1956-1957.  Dark red scrapbook with two vertical stripes.  12⅛“x14⅛“.
            Mask & Sabre was the name of the high school drama club.




College High Spanish Club Chicas y Chicos.  Red scrapbook with 2 checkerboard design stripes.  12¼“x14½”.



Box 2





Award to the College High Courier from the Quill and Scroll International Honorary Society for High School Journalists, September 15, 1948.




American Junior Red Cross Album.  Prepared by 8th & 9th grade boys and girls of Maguayo Second Rural Junior High School, Dorado, Puerto Rico.  Red & beige scrapbook.  15¼“x10¾“.




Junior Red Cross Scrapbook. Prepared by students of Coff’s Harbour High School, N.S.W., Australia. E. Binder, Teacher.  December 15, 1954.  Blue/white/purple design on front cover of scrapbook.  12”x15¼“.



Box 3





Sports Clippings 1964-65. Red scrapbook with vertical gold stripes. 12⅝“x14⅝“.




Sports Clippings 1965-67.  Brown scrapbook with vertical gold stripes.  11¾ x14⅜“.




College High Activities 1969-1970 Compiled by Kathy Thomas.  Beige scrapbook with horizontal gold stripes.  14⅝“x16½“.