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S5 Student Organizations


Series 5

Student organizations

   File 1

Normal School Student Organizations

   File 1-1



Chrestomathean Society 1891-

   File 1-2



Platonian (Literary) Society 1891-

   File 1-3



Athenian Society 1894/1895-

   File 1-4



Sappho Club 1894/1895-

   File 1-5



Christian Union. 1892-

   File 1-6



Social Thirty 1894-

   File 1-7



Athletic Association 1891-


see also Normal Athletic Association.1895-

   File 1-8



Alumni Association 1891-





see also Alumni

   File 1-9



Clionian Society, 1895-

   File 2

Greek organizations (Social)




Academic Rankings




Acacia Fraternity. 1952-




Alpha Delta Pi. 1963-




Alpha Gamma Delta (Epsilon Iota Chapter), 1959- (Previously known as Theta Sigma Upsilon)


Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority (Upsilon Chapter).




Alpha Kappa Lamda




Alpha Omicron Pi Sorority (Epsilon Gamma Chapter). 2000-




Alpha Phi (Delta Gamma Chapter). 1960-




Alpha Phi Theta.




Alpha Sigma Alpha Sorority (Theta Zeta Beta Chapter). 1916-




Alpha Xi Delta. 1967-




Delta Chi Fraternity. 1981- . (Loss of recognition, 2009)




Delta Omicron (Delta Gamma Chapter). Inactive.


Delta Phi Delta. Honorary art fraternity.




Delta Psi Fraternity. 1903-




Delta Sigma Epsilon Sorority. 1916-




Delta Sigma Phi. 1982-




Delta Sigma Pi, Nu Phi Chapter. 1996-




Delta Sigma Theta Sorority.




Delta Tau Delta Fraternity (Theta Omicron Chapter). 1996-




Delta Upsilon. 1988-




Delta Zeta Sorority. 1956-




Interfraternity Council.




Kappa Sigma Fraternity (Kappa Sigma Xi-Chi Chapter). 2004-




Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity. Closed in late 1980s -- reapplied in 2000.




Lambda Gamma Kappa, 1903-1952. Absorbed into Sigma Phi Epsilon.




Lambda Theta Nu Sorority.




Multicultural Greek Council (MGC).




Nu Alpha Kappa Fraternity (Sigma Chapter). 2007-.




Pan Hellenic Council.




Phi Delta Phi




Phi Delta Pi Fraternity, 1925-1954 -- absorbed by Theta Xi Fraternity in 1954




Pi Kappa Sigma Sorority (Mu Chapter). 1920-1959. Merged with Sigma Kappa Sorority.




Pi Lambda Chi Sorority.




Pi Lambda Theta (Alpha Omicron Chapter), 1941-




Pi Teta Chi (local fraternity), 1925 -- absorbed by Phi Delta Pi




Sigma Alpha Epsilon. 1968-




Sigma Chi Fraternity (Epsilon Pi Chapter). 1958-




Sigma Delta Pi - National Hispanic Honors Society (Pi Zeta Chapter).




Sigma Kappa Sorority (Gamma Alpha Chapter). Nov. 4, 1950- . Sigma Upsilon (1950?) and Pi Kappa (1959) merged with Sigma Kappa Sorority.




Sigma Lambda Beta Fraternity (Upsilon Beta Chapter). 1997-




Sigma Lambda Gamma Sorority (Upsilon Beta Chapter).




Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternity. 1952- . Absorbed Lamda Gamma Kappa in 1952.




Sigma Pi Fraternity (Zeta Tau Chapter). 1987- . (Loss of recognition 2008)




Sigma Sigma Sigma Sorority (Iota Chapter). 1915-




Sigma Upsilon Sorority, Oct. 30, 1905-. Merged with Sigma Kappa Sorority.




Theta Sigma Upsilon Sorority (Iota Chapter -- Local), 1921-1959. Merged with Alpha Gamma Delta.




Tau Kappa Epsilon Fraternity (Delta Delta Chapter). 1953- . (Inactive)




Theta Xi Fraternity, Beta Eta Chapter, 1954- . Absorbed Phi Delta Pi Fraternity in 1954




Theta Xi. 1989-




Theta Xi Fraternity (Phi Delta Pi Chapter). 1925-

   File 3

Associated Women Students

   File 4

Lists of organizations

   File 5

COPIRG--Colorado Public Interest Research Group

   File 6

Associated Students




Records of the Associated Students 1910-1973


Teacher Description Study 1970-71



Student directories




Senior Class Activities, Minutes, Fall 1957-1960








Outstanding Professor Award




see also Student Representative Council, 1979-




see also Student Senate




see also RG10 S9, Class Gifts

   File 7

Miscellaneous student organizations




Colorado Rural Club


Fencing Club








Home Economics Club


Mano A Mano


Marketing Club




Octet, Girl's, circa 1926-1931




Phriars Club, 1976?-




Student National Education Assoc.




Students in Free Enterprise




Table Tennis Club.


Thai Club


Veteran's Club




Viscounts (CSC dance band)

   File 8

Student Representative Council, 1979-


Student Fee Allocation Committee (some in BSMT)


SRC constitution. 1993


Bylaws. [1994]


Pay for officers




SRC Morning Memo


SRC Newsletter. [1979-1980]


Open University


Annual reports






Off-Campus Housing Guide






Bus services




Center for Peer Education




Professor of the Year Award




see also Associated Students




see also Student Senate

   File 9

Dance Club

   File 10

Lutheran Student Organization

   File 11

Black Men of Today. 1995-

   File 12


   File 13

Black Student Union

   File 14

Committee on Black Student Concerns

   File 15

Cosmopolitan Club

   File 16

Black and Hispanic Coalition

   File 17

Gay and Lesbian organizations -1996-

   File 18

Amnesty International. 1997-

   File 19 

Student Cabinet [1913]


see also Cache la Poudre. 1913 p.37

   File 20

Dramatic Club

   File 21

Adventure Mountain Club (AMC). 1995-

   File 22

German Club

   File 23

Art Club

   File 24

Gerontology Club

   File 25

Graduate Student Association

   File 26

Hawaiian Clubs

   File 27

Camp Fire Girls

   File 28

Students in Free Enterprise

   File 29

College Women's Club. 1914-17

   File 30


Asian Clubs


Chinese Language & Culture Club




Japanese Culture & Anime Club

  File 31


Student Senate

  File 32


UNC Student Radio (formerly KSRX Student Organization), 1995-

  File 33


Native American Clubs

  File 34


Arab Student Clubs

  File 35


Student Dietetic Association

  File 36


Human Rights Association

  File 37



  File 38


Women's Athletic Association (WAA)

  File 39


Residence Hall Association

  File 40


Religious Council