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RG9 Student Affairs
S2 Registrar and Records


File 1

Registrar's Office                                                                      

Correspondence and registration information.

Student Transcripts 1890-1976

The student transcript collection is closed to researchers due to FERPA.

Copies of transcripts must be requested through the Registrar's Office.

This collection contains student transcripts from 1890 to 1976; Army Air Forces Western Technical Training Command (AAFTTC) student transcripts, 1942-1946; grade reports; continuing education transcripts; and other records from the Registrar's Office.

File 2

Statistical Summaries

In 1966, the College began to publish quarterly statistical summaries.  Some similar data for 1944-1966 is also available.  The fall quarter publication is more extensive than the other three.  Beginning with Fall 1988, the reports are on a semester basis.

The summaries contain statistical student data on undergraduate and graduate enrollment by classification, resident status, area, sex, marital status, residency.  Geographical listings are given for states and foreign countries.  Also included is information on majors and minors and FTE by departments.


File 3

Enrollment Data

1890-1988 UNC enrollment figures compiled by Morris Pierce for MA thesis, A Century of Campus Planning and Construction at the University of Northern Colorado, Spring 1988. LB 1840 G747 1988 P54.

1976-1980 summer enrollment data.


File 4

Residency/Tuition Classification

Information for determination of in-state and out-state tuition.


File 5

Registration for classes


File 6

Tuition history


File 7

Students called to military duty & Veterans Services


File 8

Academic year calendars