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RG8 S3 F12 

Race, Enrollment by



see also Diversity











see Diversity





RG9 S9 F3 

Racism clippings








LB1840 G744 1926 V26



1926. Use of Radio in Educational Institutions. (a survey) 


RG12 S15 F2-1



Earlier Radio Stations -- Clippings





KCBL-FM. 1967-1970. Became KUNC at midnight on April 30, 1970 at the same time that CSC became UNC.


RG10 S5 F6




Associated Students


RG10 S1 F3




1969 Cache La Poudre, pp. 142-143.


RG10 S1 F2 & RG12 S15 F2-1




"KCBL to become KUNC on Friday," Mirror, Apr. 29, 1970, p. 1.





KFKA. 1925-


LB1840 G72 C3




Carter, Albert Frank. Forty Years of Colorado State Teachers College, formerly the State Normal School of Colorado, 1890-1930.


F784 G7 D843 1984 p.155





Green, H.E. purchased KFKA in 1932. See:Dugan, John. Greeley and Weld County A Pictorial History.


LB1840.G744 1952 .H3




Hartman, William Frederick. The History of Colorado State College of Education - The Teachers College Period - 1911-1935.






In Greeley Tribune. 12/14/1995 p.4


RG10 S1 F2



Mirror. 11/19/1925, 11/4/1926, 9/22/1927, 1/12/1928, 
2/16/1928, 11/7/1929, 12/5/1929, 12/19/1929, 1/30/1930


RG6 S7 F1




Moss, Gordon folder


RG10 S5 F8-11



KJMC. 1988/1989?





KLAB. 1974-? Located in Candelaria Hall


RG10 S1 F6




Quarterly Overview v.1 #1. Fall, 1974 p.34







RG14 S1




photo of lab school broadcast 1942 Bulldog p.18


RG10 S5 F8-1



KSRR. -1995?





KSRX. Feb. 1995- . Located in basement of the Marcus Gravey Cultural Center.


RG10 S1 F2




Mirror. 2/5/1996 p.1; Mirror. 9/30/1996 p.1


RG10 S5 F32




UNC Student Radio


RG3 S4 F2




Student/Staff Directory.


KTCL. 1974?-


RG12 S15 F1



KUNC (formerly KCBL-FM)


RG10 S1 F6




History in Quarterly Overview. Fall, 1975. p.2-3






Ombudsman's files


RG10 S1 F2




Public radio. Mirror 9/29/1980





Radio Room. Gunter Hall


LB1840 G72 C3. p.91




Carter, p. 91


SC 27




Photograph -- Lotz Collection


RG15 S10



Radio studio.. "Carter Hall Radio Study Now Ready," Mirror, Sept. 26, 1947, p. 2.





Radio towers east of Gunter Hall (1925-36?) -- removed by 1939 when Gray Hall was remodeled.


RG3 S20 F1




Photo in "Faculty Apts. W"         


RG10 S1 F3




1936 Cache la Poudre, p.61.


LB1840 G72 C3




Carter, p. 160


RG7 S9HPER F14-3



UNC Bear network


RG3 S2 F2



UNC/KFKA Radio Rally





UNC Student Radio, Aug. 1, 1998- . Located in the basement of the Davis House.


RG10 S5 F32




Student Organizations





Wireless on Campus


RG10 S1 F1




Crucible. v.23 no.3 10/16/1914 p.57


RG10 S1 F1





Crucible. v.23 no.5 11/13/1914 p.115






Rammed earth buildings





See -- Pisé 






Rape see Public Safety





RG13 S1 F8

Rare books






Rattlesnake Hill





Larson, Robert. Shaping Educational Change. LD4011 N269  L37 1989, p.32


RG3 S14



Spectrum. 3/1989, p.8






Razed buildings


RG15 S10





RG15 S10




Cranford Hall. 1890-1972


RG15 S10




Cross Hall. 1948-1982. Demolished in 2011.


RG15 S10




Green House. 1908-1936


RG15 S10




Gym, Temporary (SATC). 1918-1927


RG15 S10




Hadden Hall. 1931-1982. Demolished in 2011.


RG15 S10




Hays Hall. 1931-1982. Demolished in 2011.


SC 27




Heating plant. 1901-4/1955 photos


RG15 S10




Jackson Barracks Housing. 1946-1974


RG15 S10




McCowen Hall. 1963-2008


SC 27





Music Conservatory (first home for President).  1904-1954 photos


LB1840 G747 1988 pp.165-169




Pierce, Morris Albert. A Century of Campus Planning and Construction at the University of Northern Colorado. 1988.


RG15 S10




Stables. 1909-1922


RG15 S10




Troxel Hall. 1960-1982. Demolished in 2011.


RG15 S10




Union Colony Apartments. 1946-1969


RG15 S10




Villa, The. Cross, Hadden, Hays, and Troxel Halls were leased and/or sold to The Villa and other corporations.






Reading and Writing Program see RG6 S7 F1 (Pavlik, Robert)





RG7 S9ED F12

Reading Center  


RG12 S34



Reading Conferences






Reading Circles


RG7 S5 F10-3



Reading Circle certificates






Reading for Meaning Series, The






Real estate see Campus





RG5 S1 F3 

Receptions honoring faculty











Recital programs


RG4 S6 F3



Colorado State Teachers College Conservatory Spring Recitals, June 4-6, 1929





RG12 S12 F4

Recordings of music presentations






Records of enrollment and grades are not in Archives -- contact Registrar's office.








RG8 S3 F18-7



Campus Recreation, Department of





Health Physical Education & Recreation (HPER)


RG15 S10



Recreation Center. 1995. (College & University Buildings & Grounds -- Clippings, etc.)






Recruitment of students          


RG2 S9B F1



1996 Marketing Plan--Skinner





College Pursuit see RG8 S4 F2


RG2 S8 F24



Dickeson's recruitment and retention files


RG2 S8 F21



UNC Marketing Plan 1988-1991





RG10 S5 F5

Recycling (COPIRG)






Reduction in force. 1982-83


RG7 S1 F6



Academic Vice President's records -- Barnhart


RG1 S3



BOT minutes 5/15/1992 Item H


RG1 S10



Codification 7/1991





General Counsel (University Counsel). Court cases.


RG2 S2 F5



Faculty Handbook 1/1993


RG6 S10 F1



Grievance Committee materials


RG8 S2 F3-5



Personnel. Benefits for terminated faculty. 1983


RG2 S8 F3



Plan for the Future. 1982


RG5 S3 F6-7



Senate committee documents


RG7 S1 F7-1



Transcripts/recordings of RIF hearings. 1980





see also Retrenchment





RG9 S1 F4-1

Re-entry Student Services in Annual Report






Reflecting pool, 1911. LB1840 G72 C3, A. E. Carter's history, p.387





RG9 S2

Registrar and Records





Records of enrollment and grades are not in Archives.  Contact the Registrar's Office.





see also Degrees granted






Registration for classes


RG9 S2 F5 



Registrar and Records


RG9 S2 F5

IBM Statistical Information Card (sample) used for registration fall quarter 1959 -- "Student Info Needed for IBM Master Card," Mirror, Aug. 14, 1959, p. 6. --





RG1 S17 F1

Regulations, University/BOT 2000-





RG10 S5 F33

Relay for Life








RG15 S10



Agape House -- Clippings in "United Campus Christian Fellowship Center"  folder


RG10 S1 F1



Baccalaureate sermons in annual commencement issue of Crucible . 1892-1921


RG8 S4 F1



Baptist conference, 1948


RG9 S15



Campus Ministry





Catholic Home Journal. 1908-1912 (Greeley)


RG3 S1 F1



Chapel first pictured in 1899-1900 State Normal School Catalog . p.1


RG3 S1 F1



Christian Union (Student Organization) CSN Bulletin Series 2 No. 1 1901. p.164


RG3 S15



Christmas. The history of college practices article by Radtke 12/15/1995





"Faiths of the World." Book made by class at College High School.


RG14 S2 F1




"Religion Class Gets National Attention." College High Courier, Jan. 23, 1942, pp. 1, 3.


RG14 S2 F1




"Religious Book is Best Seller." College High Courier, Feb. 26, 1942, p. 2.





Meditation see International Meditation Room (University Center), 1956-?





Nativity (Annual play by faculty members)


RG10 S1 F2




Nativity play presented annually by faculty 1915- ( Mirror 12/10/1943 p.1)


RG2 S4 F16




1921- annual nativity. Teachers Journal & Abstract. January 1929 p.63






CSCE Newsletter, Series LI, No. 3, Mar. 1, 1951


RG2 S3 F3



Readings for the College Chapel


RG10 S5 F40



Religious Council


RG3 S1 F1



Religious education in 1914-15, Series 14 #7


RG3 S1 F1



Religious education in 1917-18, Series 17 #6


RG2 S9B F2



Religious preferences of freshmen 1995-96: Attachment C: ACT Class Profile





St. John the Evangelist, College of. Founded 1909


RG20 S1 F8




1924-28 events in Setzler scrapbook






Catalog of courses/History (1922-23)


RG10 S1 F2




Photograph in Cache la Poudre. 1921. p.169






see also Bonell, Benjamin Walter


RG15 S10



United Campus Christian Fellowship Center                   





see also Educational Survey . 1920 p.115-120 LA246 C6





see also "Greeley Plan"





see also Prayer (RG2 S3 F3) and Religion






Relocation camps for Japanese (WWII) see Japanese relocation





RG15 S5 

Renovation of classroom buildings





RG10 S5 F5

Renters rights & responsibilities -- COPIRG






Report for a Focused Visit. see North Central Association





RG5 S4 F15 

Research Committee, Undergraduate






Research Corporation 1989 -1999. Succeeded by Sponsored Programs & Academic Research Center (SPARC) 1999-





RG12 S20

Research Day/Conference






Research, Evaluation and Development, Division of





RG5 S4 F16 

Research on human subjects (Internal Review Board)





RG7 S9ED F8 

Research on Teaching and Learning, Center for


RG7 S10 F7








RG22 S1

Research projects, student





RG8 S3 F11

Research Services, Bureau of, 1961-






Residence halls see Buildings; see Housing





RG9 S20 

Residence Life





RG8 S3 F1

Resource conservation (Facilities)






Restaurants on campus


LB1840.G747 1988 .P54 --p. 126



Lunch counter in the Administration Building (Cranford Hall) in 1913


RG15 S10



Bru Inn


RG15 S10





"Spotted Calf" cafeteria -- Located in Crabbe Hall -- Closed at end of Summer 1928







"Cafeteria Closes at End of Summer." Mirror, vol. 10, no. 44, Aug. 23, 1928, p. 1.






"Cafeteria Only a Memory." The Alumni Courier, vol. 1, no. 2, Dec., 1928, p. 2.






The Restitution Center, also known as The Villa -- see Housing





RG2 S8 F13 

Resurgence (Dickeson)






Retention of students see Recruitment of students





RG7 S9HHS F3-4

Retired and Senior Volunteer Program (RSVP)





RG5 S6 F2 

Retirement & early retirement, Faculty


RG11 S35



Optional Retirement Plan Development Committee











1912 (Larson. LD4011 N269 L37 1989 p.79)


RG2 S2 F3





BOT communications







see also LB1840 G744 1952 H3 pp.22-27







RG5 S2 F6






RG5 S4 F10




Joint Retrenchment Committee. 1982-







RG5 S3 F6-21




Joint Retrenchment Committee. 2003





see also Reduction in force








Reunions, Class -- see Class reunions






RIF see Reduction in force






Rights and responsibilities


RG8 S2 F3-5



Professional staff


RG9 S3 F6











RG8 S3 F3

Riots, Student





RG15 S16 F3

Roads on campus


RG14 S1



Road north of Gunter.  1935 Bulldog p.8






Rocky Mountain Cancer Rehabilitation Institute (RMCRI), 1996-





Rocky Mountain Cancer Rehabilitation Institute (RMCRI)


RG7 S22



Clinical services (Hearing, Voice, Psychological, Cancer)


RG15 S8 F1



Construction photographs





see also Ben Nighthorse Campbell Center for Health and Human Sciences (BNCC)





RG7 S5 F23

Rocky Mountain Educational Laboratory, 1967





RG13 S1 F15

Rocky Mountain Online Archive






Rocky Mountain School of the Dance





RG7 S9ED F13-1 

Rocky Mountain Special Education Instructional Materials Center








RG10 S1 F2



"Rodeo team takes honors" Mirror. 5/12/1967 p.4






Role and mission statements see Mission statements






Ropes course





RG12 S33

Rosenberry Writers' Conference 2002-





RG8 S2 F3 

Roster, faculty & personnel






see also Archives Study v.4 Faculty Roster 1891-1983





RG7 S5 F11-3 

ROTC see Air Force





see also Military






RSVP see Retired and Senior Volunteer Program





RG8 S2 F2-1 

Rules and Regulations of the Colorado State Personnel System






Rural education





Rural Education Conference 1925- see LB1840 G744 1952 H3 p.148


RG7 S5 S32



Rural Education Department


LA246 S37



Sargent, Christopher Gilbert. Rural School Consolidation in Colorado.


RG18 S16 F1



Sargent, Christopher