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RG15 S21       

MacGregor Ranch, Estes Park lease. 1975






see Journals



see Newsletters


RG8 S3 F9

Mail services


RG3 S15 

Mandela, Nelson. Signed works in UNC Report 10/22/1993 p.1 



see also Marcus Garvey Cultural Center (RG9 S9 F1)




RG10 S1 F3


Cache la Poudre. 1920 p.133

RG10 S1 F1


Crucible. Issues 5/1898, pp.274-275; 11/1898, pp.82-83; 2/1899, pp.168-169; 4/1898 pp.218-219; 5/1899,  pp.242-243; 6/1899 (photo) p.300+; 4/1900, pp.200-201; 3/1901, pp.162-163; 3/1901, pp.160-161; 6/1901 (photo) p.251+


RG7 S5 F13 

Manual High School Project. 1970

RG10 S1 F6


Article in Nowthen. Winter, 1972 p.31




RG10 S1 F3


1935 in Cache la Poudre intro pages

RG2 S5 F4


1947-64? Ross--Campus map in "C-General correspondence" folder

LB1840 G747 1988 P54


Campus maps from 1915, 1950, 1961, 1962, 1966, 1968, 1988 in A Century of Campus Planning and Construction at the University of Northern Colorado by Morris Pierce. 

RG8 S3 F2


Campus, current

RG3 S1


UNC bulletins and catalogs

RG15 S2


Historical tour maps

RG15 S13 F2


Morris Pierce file of Campus maps

RG11 S7 F3 &     
    RG8 S3 F2


Parking/Campus maps


RG9 S9 F1 

Marcus Garvey Cultural Center



see also Diversity



Mariani Gallery (Guggenheim)

RG12 S14


Art show announcements

RG14 S1


Photograph of John Mariani Bulldog. 1943 p.42


RG19 S2 F3

Marketing, Office of



Marketing plan

RG2 S8 F24


1981-82 Dickeson

RG2 S9B F2 &
RG8 S4 F2


1996 Skinner



Martinez, Joe

RG10 S1 F2


Scholarship, Mirror. 10/27/1948 p.1



Statues in Ault and in Veteran's Memorial in Bittersweet Park, Greeley



see also files at the Greeley Museums


RG23 S1




MAST see Mathematics and Science Teaching Institute



Master Plans

RG15 S3


Facilities and Operations, 1981

RG11 S17


Master Planning Committee, 1976

RG2 S7 F8


University, 1976 (President Bond)

RG15 S4


Utilities for West campus

RG15 S3


Master Plan, 2003



see also Historic districts


RG8 S2 F3-5

Maternity leave



RG7 S5 F17 

Mathematics and Science Teaching Institute (MAST). 1987-



RG7 S9AS F13

Mathematics Dept.




May Festivals/May Music Festivals. see -- Festivals



McCowen, Annie

SC 63


Annie McCowen Special Collection

RG20 S1 F12


Catherine E. (Kay) Switzer Moore scrapbooks, 1933-1938


McCowen Hall -- McCowen Hall, dedicated in 1963, was named after Annie Margaret McCowen, Professor of Elementary Education, 1921-58. Archives has excerpts from Professor McCowen's diaries in Special Collection 63. McCowen Hall was demolished in 2008.

RG15 S10



RG8 S3 F3


McCowen hostages. Gunman slain. Mirror 9/24/1996

RG3 S20




RG9 S14 F1

McNair program



RG10 S5 F12 

MEChA (Student organization)


RG15 S10, Folder -- University Center

Meditation Room, dedicated October 21, 1967



Meeker Massacre. Digitized images from the Smithsonian




SC 92


Adrian R. Otoupalik Colorado State College Memorabilia Collection

RG18 S17


Alumni memorabilia

SC 82


Alumni Memorabilia



Artifacts, Plaques & Memorabilia

RG20 S1


Clipping Files, Scrapbooks, Photo Albums

RG2 S5 F16


CSC sweatshirt

RG4 S9



SC 84


Edith Castle Scrapbook Collection

SC 27


Esther Lotz Colorado State College Collection

RG3 S18-4


Grace Wilson's 1908 Colorado State Normal School pin

RG8 S3 F18-5


Housing & Residence Life Collection

SC 41


Jane E. Clark Kerr Collection

RG14 S3


Lab School scrapbooks

SC 80


Patricia Holt Collection

SC 85


Smith-Keller Special Collection



Trophies, Athletic

RG13 S20 F5


UNC Libraries -- Stationery, memorabilia, artifacts, ephemera

RG10 S14


TKE jacket and CSC beanie




Men, Problem of securing more for the college.

RG1 S14 F6


Historical clippings (75th anniversary)



RG15 S10



RG12 S20 

Men's Issues Week. March 1-5, 1993



RG5 S3 F6-4 

Merit pay for faculty (Senate Welfare Committee)

RG20 S2


"Salaries, Faculty" folder 1950-1974

RG11 S21 &  
    RG13 S5 F5-8


University Committee on Performance Pay. 1981



RG14 S2 F1

Merrill, Floyd. College High Courier April 14, 1941 p.4



see also dedication in James Michener's Centennial




Mesa Verde

F782 M52 N9


Deric in Mesa Verde by Deric Nusbaum




Mexican-American Studies see Hispanic Studies



C9 S4 

Mexicans in Greeley in "Race/ethnicity" folder




Michener, James A. (James Albert), 1907-1997

SC 1-01







see also   James A. Michener's Centennial: Evolution of a Novel

RG1 S2


Honorary doctorate decision. Board of Trustees Minutes. 10/6-7/1972 p.5



James A. Michener Society

SC 1-34




James A. Michener Society Collection

Official Website




James A. Michener Society

SC 1


James A. Michener Special Collection

RG14 S1


Laboratory School yearbooks:





1937 p.16





1938 Advisory Group photo





1939 Faculty photo




SC 1




James A. Michener Special Collection (finding aids)

RG10 S1 F3


Photo in 1939 Cache la Poudre

RG3 S17







see also James A. Michener Special Collection



Photos at dedication of Michener Library



Portrait by E. L. Novotny





see -- Elmer Ladislaw Novotny Collection (SC 1-81)

RG18 S3 F4


UNC's Centennial--Interview with James A. Michener

RG6 S3


WWII correspondence from/about in Around the World with Dobby PS3504 O7472 A7 (Faculty publication by Jules: Doubenmier)




Michener, Mari Yoriko Sabusawa, 1920-1994



Mari Michener Gallery in Michener Library dedicated October 13, 1995

RG13 S4 F1


Photo in Bibliotech. v.5 #2 1992

RG3 S14


Photo in Spectrum. 9/1992 p.4

SC 1-31, Series 20


Photo album when young

SC 1-31, Series 20


School notebooks






see also James A. Michener Special Collection




Michener Library (building)

RG3 S20 F20


Architect's model in "Charter Day, May 1, 1970" folder



Ashtray (MEDIA)

RG15 S7


Blueprints and architectural drawings

RG15 S15


Dedication and Dedication Committee

RG15 S5 F1-11


Fire report, 1970

RG15 S5 F1-7


Furnishings & equipment. 1971

RG13 S20 F4


Historic highlights 1971-1997

RG1 S2


Michener Library named, BOT 1/6/1973 p.14

RG3 S20


Photographs from News and Publications

RG15 S10 F1


Photographs of Michener Library under construction

RG13 S13 F3-1


Rededication & 25th Anniversary. 10/3/1997



see "Library" for materials dealing with Library services



RG12 S3 

Mid-year conferences--previously named Rural Education Conference. 1925. LB1840 G744 1952 H3 p.148





RG2 S5 F4


1947-1964 Ross correspondence "ROTC"

RG7 S5 F11


Academic programs/Historical data WWII

RG9 S2 F7


Active duty call-ups



Air Force Clerical School, WWII. Ross, Story of the College. 1890-1954. LB1840 G73 C6  p.18



Air Force Clerical School, 1951-52 (Korean War)

RG7 S5 F11-2




Air Force Contract Clerical School

RG8 S4 F1




Turner-Barnhart files

RG20 S2


Air Force clippings

LB1840 G73 C6 


Air Force ROTC. Ross, Story of the College. 1890-1954, p.22

SC 63 S1-1


Annie McCowen Diaries, 3/26/1951

LD4011.N269 L37 1989


Army Air Force Technical Training Command clerical training school, World War II. Larson p.143



Around the World with Dobby 1941-1947. PS3507 O7472 A7

RG3 S1 F3


"Around the World with Dobby" scholarships. 1950-52 yearbook p.217

RG10 S1 F3


"C.S.C.E. Students Active in Active Service Since September 1942,"1943 Cache La Poudre, p.63.

RG10 S1 F3


Cache la Poudre. 1919, pp. 71-80, 185



Colorado National Guard, Headquarters Company & Company "M" 157th Infantry

RG10 S1 F3




see -- 1938 Cache La Poudre

RG6 S3 F1


CSCE during WWII. Around the World with Dobby 1941-1947. PS3507 O7472 A7

RG15 S10


Draft -- Clippings in "United Campus Christian Fellowship Center"  folder

RG6 S7 F1


Faculty clippings





--  Markham, Charles





--  Moomaw, Hollis





--  Pedjoe, John P.





--  Perry, Charles E.

RG7 S5 F11





Posters from WWI

RG7 S5 F11-3



RG3 S1 F1


Students' Army Training Corps in LB1840 G7 1918-19





see also RG3 S1 F1 Bulletin July 1918; Aug. 1918

RG6 S7


Time capsule, 1944



Weld County soldiers in WWI--D640 A2 W34



see also Korean War



see also World War I



see also World War II



RG10 S1 F1 

Mills, Enos in Crucible. 12/1905 p.99



BX5980 G678 S53

Milne family. BX5980 G678 S53 1989 pp.424-425



Milne Auditorium in Kepner Hall







see Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity



see Diversity



see Ethnicity--Statistics (RG8 S3 F12)



see Faculty



see Hispanic Cultural Center/Cesar Chavez



see Marcus Garvey Cultural Center



see Multicultural Affairs, Office of



see "Race/ethnicity" in Colorado (RG C9 S1 F4 and RG C11 S14)



RG7 S20 

Minority Affairs, Office of



RG7 S20

Minority Affairs Task Force



RG9 S1 F1 

Minority Student Progress Report. 1970



RG9 S3 F11

Minority student recruitment




Minute Man statue see Pioneer statue



Minority Students Progress Report -- 1970_09 see Scans, Photographs, Other media\Administrators, faculty, staff and alum who became faculty\Holmes,Darrell, 1964-1971



Minority Demands & Needs -- 1969_04_16 see Scans, Photographs, Other media\Administrators, faculty, staff and alum who became faculty\Holmes,Darrell, 1964-1971



RG10 S1 F2 

Mirror. 1919- (Student publication)

RG10 S1 F2-1


Clippings about the Mirror

RG2 S8 F19


Mirror Task Force


see also Digital UNC




Mission statements

RG2 S2 F3


1910. Snyder. State mandates elimination of dup. programs within state






see also BOT Minutes 2/23/1910

RG11 S17 F1


1976. Master Planning Committee                   

RG2 S8 F12


198?. Dickeson, Mission and Goals

RG2 S9 F9


1995. Lujan

RG9 S3 F1


Admissions Office

RG7 S4 F5


Business, 1991

RG11 S20


Commission on Program Review and Priorities. 1972



see also Strategic Planning. 1992-




Model School see -- Laboratory School (Lab/Training School)



RG12 S16

Model United Nations



RG10 S1 F13 

Moon in Her Mouth. 1991- (Student annual publication)




Monfort Executive Professor Program, 1991-

RG6 S7 F1


Faculty clippings





--  Korins, Leopold





--  Peake, Junius




Monfort Institute. Spring 2006-




Monfort, Richard (Dick)

RG1 S11 F2






Monfort, Warren

RG10 S1 F2


Death. Mirror September 27, 1978 p.6

RG10 S1 F1


Fellow in Sociology and Economics 1914-15 faculty lists

RG18 S16


Photocopies of photos and writings from yearbooks (Cache la Poudre)



RG12 S20 

Months -- celebratory, memorial, special



RG2 S8 F15 

Morale Task Force. 1985

RG5 S3 F6-10


Senate documents on Morale Task Force



Student morale see RG9 S22: Campus Climate Study. 1964



see also "Faculty Climate Survey." 1974



RG10 S6 F2

Mortar Board (Gold Key Chapter) -- UNC files



Mortar Board (Gold Key Chapter) -- Chapter website



RG6 S7 F1

Moss, Gordon -- early radio in Greeley



RG11 S7 

Motor vehicle regulations




Mottoes see Slogans, Mottoes, etc.




Mottoes inscribed on or in buildings

RG10 S1 F2

"Rowing Not Drifting" -- Inscription on the Horace Mann Gates at 18th Street & 10th Avenue. Class Gift of 1910. 1910 Cache la Poudre, p.219.

RG15 S10

"To be or not to Seem." Inscription on the Lily Pond located in front of the old library (now Carter Hall). Class Gift of 1911. "Campus Landmarks," Mirror, 10/6/27, p. 6.

Inscription attributed to Aeschylus in Book II of Plato's Republic.

RG3 S12 F9

"Whoso Teaches a Child Labors with God in His Workshop" -- Kepner Hall, east door facing 8th Avenue. Dickeson, Robert C., “Case of the Mystery Mottoes,” Spectrum, June, 1991, pp. 19-21.

RG3 S12 F9

"Whoso Would Kindle Another Must Himself Glow" -- Brown Hall Faculty Apartments (formerly the Faculty Clubhouse), fireplace mantel. Dickeson, Robert C., “Case of the Mystery Mottoes,” Spectrum, June, 1991, pp. 19-21.

RG10 S1 F1 

"And this, our life, exempt from public haunt, finds tongues in trees, books in the running brooks, sermons in stones, and good in everything."
Stained glass in Guggenheim Hall "made in 1911 by Elmer Turner, a student." Crucible, Dec. 1912, frontispiece. (Inscription from William Shakespeare's As You Like It.)

RG1 S3

"The State Teachers College of Colorado." "A.D. 1911" inscribed on the "panel above Main Entrance to Administration Building." Board of Trustees Minutes, June 6, 1914.



RG9 S27

Multicultural Affairs, Office of (Student Affairs)



RG10 S5 F2

Multicultural Greek Council (MGC).





RG15 S21 F1-1


Murals. Kepner & Guggenheim, 1930s

SC 64


Martin Candelaria Project Papers



see also Art on Campus



RG10 S1 F6 

Muse. 1953 (Student publication)

RG10 S1 F3


Cache la Poudre. 1955 p.68





RG3 S1 F1



Museum Bulletin. May 1908 (Colorado State Normal School -- Bul. VII, No. 9)





Museum of Psychology





Museum of History & Anthropology





Museum of English & Literature





Museum of Classical Antiquity





Museum of Music





Museum of Modern Foreign Languages





Museum of Art





Indian Corner





Museum of Textiles





Museum of Manual Training





Museum of Pedagogy





Museum of Biology





Museum of Birds and Mammals





Museum of Elementary Agriculture & School Garden





Museum of Ceramics





Museum of Geography

RG10 S1 F3


History. 1889-1908 in 1908 Cache la Poudre. Pages unnumbered, 2/3 back.

RG13 S7 F1-1


Museum registers, Normal School period

RG13 S1 F1


Photographs--Archives Studies v.8 "Buildings--Museums"





RG17 S1 F2



RG20 S1 F8




Programs in Setzler scrapbook

RG3 S1 F1


1927, Oct. CSTC Bulletin. "Music Conservatory"



"Ah, Well I Remember" see Songs, School

RG3 S14


Centennial of School of Music. Spectrum. 9/1995 pp.6-11

RG12 S12


Concert programs

RG12 S12 F1


Concert Under the Stars see also RG3 S20 F8 Photographs, 1978

RG2 S5 F4



Correspondence re: Music division, Ross 1947-1964



Faculty lists



"Fight/Fite Song" see Songs, School

RG3 S1 F1


First appears in State Normal Catalog 1895-96 pp.155-159

RG3 S1 F1


First mention of Music Dept. in State Normal Catalog. 1901-02 pp.146-156

LB1840 G744 1967 J3--Chapter VI on Normal, pp.118-143


History of Music in Greeley, Colorado 1870-1920. James, Robert Steven.

RG6 S3 F8


Music faculty, compositions and publications

RG3 S20 F8








Carter p.168+





see also Mandolin



Recital programs



School (University) songs, marches, tunes see Songs, School



see also Organizations/Sports/Clubs: An Index to the Cache la Poudre. 1907-71; 1979-84 (Archives Studies -- v.23)




Music Conservatory 1924-1954 (was President's residence 1904-1924)

RG2 S5 F4


Room patterns cut to scale in "Music Division" folder



RG12 S27

Music festivals for high school students




Music Library. 1997-

RG15 S8 F1


Construction photos and floor plans

RG13 S9 F3-3


History of the Music Library. 1997. Linscome.

RG3 S14


Spectrum, September 1997 p.18



RG15 S10 

Music Library in Frasier, Music Library

RG13 S10 F1


Collection Development Policy. 1990

RG10 S1 F3


Floor plan of Frasier 1951 Cache la Poudre p.8

RG15 S5


Frasier Hall, "Building specifications" folder



RG13 S7 F1-1 

Music museum register. Normal School



RG12 S11 F10

Music/theater Touring Company