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RG11 S31

Habitat for Humanity project. 1997-




Hall of Fame see Athletics




Halsted, George Bruce

RG3 S1 F1


1906-07 Bulletin VII #1 pp.56-57

RG3 S1 F1


1908 Bulletin VII #9 pp.32-33 "Museum of Mathematics"

RG10 S1 F2


Cartoon in Cache la Poudre. 1911 p.167

RG10 S1 F3


Cache la Poudre. 1908 n.p. "Calendar" article

RG6 S7 F1



RG6 S3 F2 





Obituary--died March 16, 1921 see Tribune for March 17-19, 1921



see also Larson. LD4011 N269 L37 1989 pages listed in index




Handbooks, Students

RG10 S4


1904 Students Hand Book

RG10 S4


1924 Associated Students Handbook

RG10 S4


1925-26 Student Handbook and Freshman Bible

RG10 S4


1927-28 Student Handbook

RG10 S4


1933-34 Student Handbook

RG10 S4



1942-43 Student Handbook

RG8 S3 F5



1953-54 Coed's Code

RG10 S4



1957 Social Activities

RG9 S3 F6


New student information/student handbooks




Hansen, Mildred

RG15 S10


Hansen-Willis Hall

RG7 S9AS F8 


Mildred Hansen Journalism Writing Center




Harding, Warren G. (U.S. President)

RG10 S1 F2


President Harding May Visit C.T.C. Campus., Mirror, June 20, 1923, p. 1.

RG10 S1 F2

"President of U.S. Pays Tribute to Teachers in Brief Address before Greeley Crowds Monday," Mirror, June 27, 1923, p. 1.



Harrison, M. Lucile

RG6 S7 F1



RG3 S20 F4


Picture with Holmes photographs

RG6 S3 F1


Wrote chapters in McKee, Ernest Horn Elementary School.  LB2154 G8



RG6 S8 F2

Harrison, M. Lucile Award (for distinguished teaching).


The university’s top faculty honor, awarded each year by the Office of the Provost, recognizes a faculty member with a long career of professional excellence in teaching as well as in professional activity and service, all accomplishments that marked the career of M. Lucile Harrison.




Hartman, William




Haunted houses



see Ghosts





RG18 S14 F2


Hawaiian alumni

RG10 S5 F26


Hawaiian Clubs

RG10 S1 F2


"Honolulu Sends Students to C.T.C.," Mirror, Aug. 9, 1928, p. 1.

RG3 S14


Spectrum, September 2001 p.14




Hays Picnic, 1916-1967

RG9 S3 F6

1930-1931 C.T.C. Handbook for Freshmen, p. 75

RG10 S5 F6

Hays Picnic, May, in Associated Students Minutes 1930-

RG10 S1 F3

Hays Picnic replaced with "A New Tradition" -- 1968 Cache La Poudre, p. 168




Hazelton School see Demonstration schools




RG5 S6


Associated Students -- "Statement of Position on Hazing and Pre-Initiation Activies" by The College Fraternity Secretaries Association (no date; framed)

RG8 S3 F3-7


Public Safety



Health and Safety Education, Dept. of

RG7 S12 F2


PRET Report, 1981



RG9 S12

Health Center







Health insurance

RG10 S1 F1


1897. Crucible. June 2. "Relief Association" p.32




Health, Physical Education, Recreation, College of/Division




RG2 S5 F4



1947-1964  Ross "Health"

RG2 S4



1942-1947  Frasier "Health"

RG7 S1 F7-1


CPA, transcript of hearing, 1982



RG8 S3 F18-7

Health Fairs




RG6 S7 F1






Parsons, H. Merle



Coal, Expenditures for:

RG2 S1 F1



1942-46 in Book 2

RG2 S1 F1



1941-44 in Book 6



RG15 S10

Heating Plant

RG15 S9 F2


Ross files. 1955



see also RG15 S10: Cogeneration Plant



see also Utilities




HEGIS--Key to statistics see LB1570 M34 1981



RG10 S5 F7




Herbarium, History



RG14 S11 F1

Herbartian School (educational philosophy early 1900s)




Hewitt Institute see William E. Hewit Institute for History and Social Science Education




"Hi" Bridge NW of Gray Hall (Class gift 1940)

RG3 S20 F1


In "Gray NW" folder

RG3 S20 F2


In "Bridges" folder

RG15 S10


College & University Buildings & Grounds, Reference File, buildings (clippings, pictures, postcards, general information)

RG10 S1 F2


"Seniors Donate College Bridge as Class Gift," Mirror, May 10, 1940, p. 1

RG10 S1 F2


"Seniors Give Bridge at Special Ceremony," Mirror, June 6, 1940, p. 1



"1940 Seniors High College 'hi' Bridge," Greeley Tribune, May 11, 1940, p. 2.



"Campus Goodfellowship at CSCE," Greeley Tribune, June 5, 1940, p. 3.



"'Hi Bridge' is Presented by CSCE Seniors," Greeley Tribune, June 5, 1940, p.3




Higher Education in Colorado, Assocaition of State Institutions




High school - college relations



RG14 S18

High School for Adults




Higher Education, Dept. of

RG7 S12 F2


PRET Report, 1982



RG9 S11 F4

Hiring Times. (Career Services)



RG1 S3

Hispanic Concerns Task Force.  BOT 2/14/1983-J. BOT 11/7/1983 Appendix G, BOT 3/12/1984 E, BOT 9/1984



RG9 S9 F2

Hispanic Cultural Center. 1984-1995. Renamed Cesar Chavez Cultural Center. 1995-

RG1 S2


Center established. Commitment to Diversity Final Report. 1/26/1984 & 9/1984 BOT minutes

RG9 S9 F2


Hispanic Horizons. 1987-1995 (Student Affairs).  Title changed to The Horizons. 1996- (Cesar Chavez Cultural Center)



see also Diversity



RG1 S3

Hispanic Discontinuance Workshop. BOT 7/15/1985 E



RG7 S9AS F17

Hispanic Studies



Background of the program at UNC see Leal, Carlos LB1840 G744 1971 L41s

RG7 S8 F2


Hispanic Studies brochure



RG10 S1 F3

Hispanic students



UMAS photo in Cache la Poudre. 1971



C9 S4

Hispanics in Greeley in "Race/ethnicity" folder




Historic districts

RG15 S20


University of Northern Colorado Campus Residential District (Listed on the Directory of Colorado State Register Properties | Weld County)



see also Master Plans




Histories, College

RG10 S1 F1



"History of Our School" Crucible. 1900 Commencement number. pp.213-214




August 12. Greeley Daily Tribune. Special Normal School edition

RG10 S1 F1



"Brief History of the CSN" Crucible v.18 1/1910 #5 128-136

C9 S4



August "CSTC" in Catholic Home Journal, "Churches" folder

RG2 S2 F4



History by George Baker in Snyder "In Memorium"



Catalogued books:




Administration of the Academic Program Colorado State College, 1969. LB1840 G744 F44 1969




Administration Trend Book 1890-1942. Whitney.  LB1839 G76 W38




College Experience and Intent to Support One's Alma Mater. Calvario. LB1840 G744 1996 C2




Century of Campus Planning & Construction at UNC. Pierce. LB1840 G747 1988 P54




Educational Survey of CSCE. 1920-21 LA246 C6




Extra-curricular Activities by Students at CSCE.  Spring Quarter, 1952 . MA Thesis. Hammonds. LB1840 G744 1952 H28i




Forty Years of Colorado State Teachers College; 1890-1930. Carter. LB1840 G72 C3




Historical Study of the Center for Special and Advanced Programs at the University of Northern Colorado. Pope. LB1840 G744 1984 p.66




History of CSCE: Normal School Period; 1890-1911.  Hartman. LB1840 G744 1951 H38




History of CSCE; 1890-1935. Travers. 219pp. LB1840 G72 T738




History of CSCE; 1911-1935. Hartman. 151pp.  LB1840 G744 1951 H3




History of Education in Colorado. Sumner. LB1840 G744 1924 S9h pp.82-91




History of the Graduate School; 1913-1955. Zimmerman. LB1840 G88 Z555




History of the Summer School Movement in the U.S. and at CSCE. Hartman. LC5751 H37 1950




Introducing the Ernest Horn Elementary School. [McKee]. 1941. LB2154 G8




Little Theatre of the Rockies; 1934-1960. Bogusch. LB1840 G744 1960 B611




Northern Light: Complete History of UNC Football. Hinkle, et. al. GV958 U5 N6 1998




Rhetorical Study of the Public Speaking of George Willard Frasier. Holley. LB1840 G744 1961 H61




Shaping Educational Change; the First Century. Larson. LD4011 N269 L37 1989 (photos used see RG20 S3 F3)




Status of Student Veterans in the CSCE. Goering.  LB1840 G744 1947 G64




Story of the College; 1890-1954. Ross. LB1840 G73 C6




Strategic Change in Colleges and Universities. Rowley/Lujan. LB2341 .R69 1997




Study of Institutional Vitality at UNC. Worden. LB1840 G744 1972 W73




Study of Space Utilization at CSC. LB1840 G744 1958 C61S




Under Six Flags: a History of Weld County. Geffs. 1938. 978.8 G272u




University of Northern Colorado: a Legacy of Promise. Dickeson. 1989. E169.1 N483 no. 1332

RG1 S14 F6



RG13 S1 F4


First 30 Years of Organizational Structure (State Normal School, the State Teachers College of Colorado, Colorado State Teachers College Bulletins) 1890-1920.  Archives Studies v.18

RG6 S3 F3


Foreign language teaching. In Candelaria folder

RG3 S14


Foundation in Spectrum. 3/1989, pp 8-12, ill.

RG6 S3 F3


Geography Dept. In John Dietz folder



Greeley Journal. 1961-1971 Index of historical articles about UNC in finding aid

RG7 S5 F11


Military programs/Historical data WWII

RG10 S1 F2-1


Mirror. 45th anniversary issue

RG6 S6


Oral histories



Public Schools. 1914-1918

RG2 S5 F6


Ross retirement speech 1964. "Geologic history of CSC"

RG3 S1 F2


Sixty Years of Teacher Education. (1890-1950) 1950




History Department




RG7 S10 F8


History Newsletter. 1989- (History Dept.)




Holmes Campus see Campus, West




Holocaust Memorial Observances



SC 11

Home Rule Charter, Weld County





RG18 S12


Alumni Homecoming/Reunions

RG10 S1 F3


1923. First Homecoming. See -- Cache la Poudre 1924 pp. 178-179

LB1840 G744 1952 H3


1924. Inauguration of President Frasier in Hartman




RG10 S1 F2



First student float parade -- Mirror, Nov. 11, 1926, p. 1

RG10 S1 F3



Cache La Poudre



RG10 S1 F3



Cache La Poudre


Motion Pictures

SC 27 S1



Esther Lotz Collection.




RG10 S1 F3



Cache La Poudre

SC 27 S1



Esther Lotz Collection.

RG10 S1 F2



Night parade. Mirror, Nov. 3, 1927, p. 1.




RG18 S14 F7




RG10 S1 F3



Cache La Poudre

SC 27



Esther Lotz Collection -- 1936 Homecoming. See also --Cache la Poudre 1937 introduction pages

RG3 S20 F18



News & Publications




Homecoming -- College High School

RG14 S2 F1



First Homecoming for College High. In The Owl's Eye, Jan. 31, 1936, p. 1




1936 first Homecoming for College High. James A. Michener at Colorado State College of Education, 1936-1941. In College High Courier, volume 1-3, November 1934-June 1937.

RG14 S1



Bulldog yearbooks


RG10 S5 F8

Honor Code




Honorary degrees

RG2 S1 F1


1890-1947 in Book 3

RG4 S8


1933-  List of recipients



1933-1988 in Larson. LD4011 N269 L37 1989 pp.470-471

RG7 S7 F15


Graduate School files

RG7 S7 F15


Honorary Degree Committee--Graduate School




Honors and Awards



see Awards and Honors



RG7 S5 F6

Honors, Scholars and Leadership, Center for



RG7 S5 F6

Honors Program

RG7 S5 F6-5


Theses, lists



see also Film festivals



see also Center for Honors, Scholars and Leadership



RG6 S7 F1 Folder -- Lester, W. H. Drane

Hoover, J. Edgar -- Correspondence



Hopi Indians see Native Americans




Horace Greeley Junior College see Junior college



RG9 S9 F2

Horizons. 1996- (Cesar Chavez Cultural Center)



see also Hispanic Horizons




Horn, Ernest

RG19 S1 F2


Biography and photograph. Cache la Poudre. 1910. p.40

RG15 S10


Elementary School in Bishop-Lehr folder





RG18 S14 F4


"Old Doc" and grounds crew

RG18 S14 F4


Bert & building & grounds crew

RG3 S20 F2


Old Doc & groundskeepers circa 1911

RG10 S1 F1


"Old Doc" the horse mowing the lawn. "The Macot of the C.T.C.," Crucible, Sept. 31, 1913, p. 31..

RG10 S1 F1


"Old Doc", the horse, replaced by a Colwell Roller and Motor Lawn Mower. "Old Doc" Displaced by Modern Machinery," Crucible, July 16, 1915, p. 1.


RG8 S3 F3-6

Hostages see Public safety




House of Neighborly Service

RG1 S1 F2


BOT 10/11/1959 p.4

C9 S4


Race/ethnicity folder




Houses, University owned

RG1 S2


Angell House purchase BOT v.4, 1948-53 pp.311-312



BOT v.1 1919-1933 p. 179 Frasier re-rents cafeteria to Mrs. Angell

RG15 S17


Building Survey

RG15 S10



RG3 S20 F11


News and Publications photographs





RG8 S3 F5

Housing Department

RG9 S20 F1


Apartment guide



Arlington Park Apartments




RG10 S5 F5


COPIRG Tenant Guide

RG9 S20



RG10 S1 F3


1945 Cache la Poudre p.4 lists Bryson, Baker as dormitories




Dormitory 2 renamed Harrison




Dormitory 3 renamed Turner




Dormitory A renamed Gordon Hall




Dormitory B renamed Belford Hall




Dormitory C renamed Decker Hall




Dormitory for Negro women. Greeley Tribune, Feb. 13, 1936, p.1

RG15 S1


Facilities study circa 1967

RG10 S5 F8-12


Off Campus Housing Guide. SRC




RG15 S10


The Villa, also know as the Restitution Center. Originally men's dormitories. see separate files on Cross Hall, Hadden Hall, Hays Hall and Troxel Hall.



see also RG9 S20: Residence Life



RG8 S3 F18-5

Housing & Residence LIfe, Department of -- changed to Department of Housing and Residential Education in July 2010





RG10 S1 F2


Housemothers discuss problems. Mirror, 6/22/1962, p. 2.

RG10 S1 F2


see also -- Mirror

RG10 S1 F3


see also -- Cache La Poudre yearbooks


RG9 S14

Human Enrichment, Center for (CHE)



RG8 S2 F2

Human Resources, Office of. 1998- 


RG10 S5 F8-11

Human Sexuality Center; (sponsored by SRC) (formerly Birth Control Information Center)



Human subjects, Research on see Research on human subjects



RG3 S17

Humanics see Richard Rodriguez folder



RG12 S7

Humanities Day