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RG8 S3 F1   

Facilities Services (F&O)



Buildings & Grounds

RG6 S7 F1






--  Parsons, Merle




--  Reichert, Dave




Facts & Figures

RG2 S7 F17


Fact Book. 1971

RG8 S3 F12 


Fact Book. 1991-2009 (Institutional Research & Planning)



Fact Book (online)



Facts and Figures(online)



Northern Colorado Business Information Factbook, 1977-1980







A & S Annual Report. 1990-

RG5 S2 F8



RG6 S3 F3


Articles written by

RG13 S21 F23


Authors & Artists Reception, 2006-2008

RG6 S3 F1


Books authored by

RG7 S4 F5


Business, Faculty data sheets (vitae), 1991



Biographical information

RG3 S17



Administrative/press release files

RG6 S7 F1



Clippings file

RG10 S1 F1





Early faculty biographies in Crucible. 1900 pp.232-236

RG5 S2 F6 & F7 & RG7 S14



RG6 S11 F4



9-12 month contracts (Broderius)

RG6 S11 F1



9-12 month contracts (Larson)

RG7 S1 F8-1



Heiny files on retrenchment

RG8 S3 F12-7


Course/Instructor Survey. 1999-2001. Suspended 2004.

RG5 S3 F6-1 & RG5 S6 F11


Degrees from UNC -- Senate minutes 2/25/1980

RG3 S1


Degrees held & institution (college catalogs list faculty)

RG3 S4



RG21 #30


English Department faculty photos by Sam Freeman

RG5 S6 F4


Evaluation of performance

RG7 S1 F8-2



Albrecht documents




General ed. faculty

RG8 S3 F12-4



Graduate/undergraduate faculty (Institutional Research)

RG3 S19


Experts List

RG5 S2 F2



RG5 S2 F1


Handbook. 1943-1979.




see also RG2 S4 F15 for 1928 version




see also RG5 S2 F5 for 1988-



Handbook, COBA

RG8 S2 F3-5





Honors and awards




Awards Committee (nothing in Archives)

RG6 S8 F3



Burlington Northern Faculty Achievement Award

RG6 S7 F1







see also -- Advisor of the Year


see also -- Distinguished Career Service Award (Faculty)




see also -- Distinguished Scholar (A. M. and Jo Winchester Award)




see also -- Fulbright scholars




see also -- Harrison, M. Lucile Award (distinguished teaching)




see also -- Outstanding Professor




see also -- Professor of the Year (SRC--sponsor)

RG5 S3 F6-12


List 1971-1972 in 1968-1977 folder

LB1840 G72 T738


Lists of faculty 1890-1935 in Travers.




see also RG2 S1 F1

RG6 S3 F2


Manuscripts (BSMT)



Members of the faculty

RG6 S7 F1




RG3 S17



Former Faculty & Administrators

RG6 S7 F4



Summer School Guest Faculty

RG8 S2 F1


Minority faculty

RG6 S6


Oral history tapes and transcripts

RG6 S11


Papers of faculty dealing with history of UNC

RG2 S5 F3


Personnel actions 1948-64 in President Ross' Board Meeting Notes

RG6 S9



RG21 #30



English Department faculty photos by Sam Freeman




First faculty. In Carter. LB1840 G72 C3 p.94

RG3 S17



News & Publications--enormous collection

RG7 S12 F2


PRET reports

RG6 S3



RG5 S4 F4





List 1973-1978 compiled by Faculty Research & Publications Board




see also Carter LB1840 G72 C3 pp.302-328 for publications prior to 1930

RG5 S1 F3


Receptions honoring faculty (retirements, promotions, other honors)

RG2 S7


Reduction In Force (RIF) hearings. 1980

RG7 S7 F23


Research funds available "Sources of Support for Research and Scholarship at UNC"

RG15 S10, Folder --7th Avenue Survey, 2008. City of Greeley


Residences. Mentioned in "City of Greeley 7th Avenue Survey, 2008.

RG5 S6 F2


Retirement and early retirement

RG16 & RG5 S2


Rights of faculty



Salaries, faculty see Salaries

RG11 S19 F1


Scholarly endeavors, 1973-1978

RG7 S1 F3


Staffing Formula, 1964/65-1967/68

RG6 S7 F4


Summer School Guest Faculty. 1909-

RG10 S5 F6-1


Teacher description/evaluation. Associated Students 1970 & 1971 and by SRC, 1998 

RG5 S2 F7


Term contracts. 1995

RG1 S2


Trustees Minutes--new programs, faculty vitas included.

RG3 S15


UNC Report --lists publications and presentations

RG7 S1 F5


Workload analysis 1976-1980



see also Tenure



RG3 S5

Faculty Bulletin. 1965-1974



RG5 S5

"Faculty Climate Survey." 1974, 1985



RG5 S5 F1

Faculty Club

RG2 S5 F4


Faculty Club rents pd. 1947-1951

RG3 S20





RG5 S2 F2

Faculty constitutions

RG1 S17


BOT approved faculty procedures. 1995-



RG5 S5 F5

Faculty Dames



RG5 S3 F6-16 

Faculty Defense Fund 1995- (Senate)



RG5 S2 F1

Faculty Handbook. 1943-1979

RG1 S17


BOT approved faculty procedures. 1995-

RG5 S2 F5


Codification. 1988- Faculty Handbook




Faculty morale. 1985 see Morale Task Force. 1985



RG12 S11 F12

Faculty Players



RG7 S1 F5-4,  F5-5, F5-12

Faculty productivity 1970-79



RG5 S4 F3

Faculty Research and Publications Board

RG6 S4


FRPB grants to faculty



RG8 S2 F3

Faculty roster



see also RG13 S1 F4: Archives Studies v.3




Faculty salaries see Salaries



RG5 S3 F6

Faculty Senate

RG5 S3 F6-7


Annual reports of Senate committees

RG5 S3 F6-18


Bylaws of the Senate

RG5 S5



RG5 S3 F6-22


Council of Past Senate Chairs

RG5 S3 F6-3


Faculty Senate Forum. 1985- (Faculty Senate)

RG5 S3 F6-1






RG5 S3 F6-12


Recall of Senate Chair. 1994



RG5 S5 F5

Faculty Wives








RG9 S11


Job and Internship



Fall Convocation -- see Convocations


RG9 S2 F1

Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act



RG7 S1 F14-1

Family weekend. 1996-



RG6 S7 F1 Folder -- Lester, W. H. Drane

F.B.I. -- J. Edgar Hoover -- Correspondence


RG7 S1

Fees, course



Materials with files of each head of Academic Affairs




Fees, student

RG2 S1 F1


1925-1944 in Book 6

RG1 S3


2000, June 9. "Institutional December 16, 2009

RG10 S5 F8-1


Student Fee Allocation Committee



see the Student Fees website for current information



RG10 S5 F7

Fencing Club

RG3 S1 F3


1905 Bulletin V #1

RG10 S1 F3


Cache la Poudre.  See Archives Studies 23: Organizations index to the Cache la Poudre, for years




RG10 S1 F3


May Music Festival, 1916. 1917 Cache La Poudre yearbook, p. 160.

RG12 S39


May Festival




"Fight/Fite Song" see Songs, School



RG7 S20 F5

Fightin' Whites (NASS Basketball 2001-) (aka Fightin' Whities)



RG12 S10

Film festivals: in "International" folder





SC 27


Esther Lotz Colorado State College Collection




"Colorado's Newest University", ca. 1970




"Bear’s News – Colorado State College, Fall Qtr. 1959"




Cranford Fire. 3/6/1949



RG8 S5

Finance & Administration, Division of




Financial Aid



Financial Aid Guide (online)



Office of Financial Aid (online)

RG9 S4 F1


Student finances and financial aid



RG8 S1 F2

Financial Reports, University

Also known as Annual Financial Report and Consolidated Report.




Financial statements see Audits




Financial statistics see Statistics



RG12 S13

Fine Arts Festivals 1950- 1954-



RG15 S13 F2

Fire insurance in "Property values" folder



RG15 S11 

Fires, campus

RG15 S11 F2





Cranford Hall. 3/6/1949

RG15 S5 Box 1



Classroom buildings

RG15 S10 




RG3 S20 F1




RG15 S11 F2






Frasier Hall. 12/6/1995

RG15 S10 




RG15 S11 F2




RG15 S17


Gray Hall.

RG10 S1 F2



Mirror. 2/11/1981, p. 1.

RG10 S1 F3



Cache la Poudre, 1952, p.244

RG2 S5 F4


Guggenheim Hall. 12/1951-1/52 correspondence "Arts"

RG1 S2


BOT report v.4 1948-53 p.310 & pp.321-323

RG10 S1 F3



Cache la Poudre, 1952, p.244

RG3 S20 F1



Photographs (fire 5/3/1951)



Harrison Hall. May 1978.

RG15 S11 F2




RG10 S1 F2



Mirror January 19, 1979 p.1

RG3 S20 F1




RG18 S12 F1


Homecoming floats & decorations. "Fire Bugs Loose," Mirror, Oct. 12, 1962, p. 2.



Michener Library. 1970.

RG15 S8




RG15 S10




RG15 S11 F2




RG3 S20 F1




RG15 S5 F1-11



Preliminary Fire Report



Snyder Hall. Mirror 5/17/1963

RG15 S10 






Troxel Hall

RG10 S1 F2



Troxel/trash. Mirror 9/25/1978 p.1

RG15 S10


Homecoming decoration. Mirror, 10/28/1960

RG15 S10


Turner Hall. 1973, 1980, 1987, 1990

RG3 S20 F1



Turner fire photograph

RG10 S1 F2



Turner Hall/trash. Mirror 9/25/1978 p.1



Wiebking Hall. 1975

RG15 S10




RG10 S1 F2



Wiebking Hall/trash. Mirror 9/25/1978 p.1



Wilson Hall. 1975, 1980.

RG15 S10




RG3 S20 F1



3/31/1980 Wilson Hall fire photographs




First Year Book see Freshman Common Read



RG15 S10




Florio, Leo

RG1 S2

BOT minutes 3/2/1940 & 6/20/1940

RG15 S15



Flagpole re-dedication

RG15 S10




SC 27



Motion picture of original erection and dedication plus people

RG10 S15


University Center -- Mirror, Oct. 6, 1976, p.1.



Van Tine, Arthur Roscoe

RG15 S10




RG19 S3 F2



Flagpole, Arthur Roscoe Van Thine (at Jackson Field), 1990




Flags and pennants

RG1 S13 F2


Colorado State College of Education & Colorado State College pennants

RG1 S13 F2


Colorado State Air Force Reserve Officer's Training Corps detachment flag



Flags of the 50 states

SC 92


Adrian R. Otoupalik Colorado State College Memorabilia Collection



see also Memorabilia



RG7 S5 F1

Florence, Italy (International program)





RG15 S10


Clippings -- Michener Library

RG13 S20 F3


Michener Library -- 2005




Floor plans of campus buildings

RG15 S7


"A-1 Report"

RG15 S13 F2


Morris Pierce collection

RG15 S10


"Residence Halls" folder


RG7 S5 F1

Florence Program, 1974-1981 (study art in Italy)




Flu see Influenza




Flying -- see Civilian Pilot Training Program



RG8 S3 F6

Food services

RG3 S14


"Food Glorious Food" in Spectrum, October 2002, pp.22-23

RG3 S20 S7







RG3 S1 F1


1925 in Bulletin #12 p.10



1930--40th anniversary program Oct 9-11



1996 and 1997 Division II championships

RG7 S9HPER F14-2


Annual report and history

RG3 S1 F1


First team pictures in 1897-1898 State Normal School Catalog. p.166



Northern Lights: History of UNC Football. 1998. GV958 U5 N6 1998

RG3 S20 F9








Year by year--teams played, scores, coach 1892-1986



see also RG20 S1 F10 (Leckington Photograph Collection)



RG3 S3

For Your Information. (FYI) 1984- (University Publications)



RG12 S10

Foreign film festivals -- "International" folder



RG12 S20 F2

Foreign Language Day. 1968-


RG15 S10 Folder -- Language House

Foreign Language House



RG6 S3 F3

Foreign language teaching, History of. In Candelaria folder.



Foreign Languages Department

RG7 S9AS F19



RG6 F3 S3 Folder --Candelaria, Martin


One Hundred Years of Foreign Language Teaching at the University of Northern Colorado. by Dr. Martin and Fay Candelaria. 1990.



see also Languages taught at UNC



see also Modern Languages



see also Hispanic Studies




Foreign student housing

RG1 S2


BOT v.4, 1948-1953 p.312




Foreign students see International students






Debate Conference. Mirror, Feb. 24, 1927, p. 5.



Forensic Freeze

RG12 S26



Presentations -- Forensics

RG10 S6 F17



Pi Kappa Delta scrapbooks

RG10 S1 F1




RG10 S1 F2





RG10 S5


Sappho Club


RG19 S1

Foundation (UNC)

RG19 S1 F2


Annual reports



RG15 S9 F1

Foundation Hall (Colorado Theatre)

RG15 S5 F1-12


New roof. 1997 in Michener Library files



RG3 S20 F2

Fountain. Class of 1942 gift.  Outside of Gunter.



SC48 S10

France, pre WWI photos



RG2 S4

Frasier, George Willard, President 1924-1947




Frasier Hall

RG15 S10


Clippings, pictures, postcards, general information

RG15 S13 F2


Floor plans -- Morris Pierce Collection

RG3 S20 F1



RG10 S1 F3


Plans and elevation. 1951 Cache la Poudre

RG3 S1


Frasier Hall Information, January 1, 1954 (Bulletin Series LIV, May, 1954, No. 2)




Frasier Theater renamed Langworthy Theater. 1986




Fraternities and Sororities

RG2 S5 F4


1947-1964 Ross files "Fraternities"

RG10 S5 F2


Alpha Kappa Alpha, sorority for Black women

RG10 S5 F6


Alpha Phi Gamma, journalism honorary. AS minutes 12/17/1929



Delta Pi Epsilon, graduate business ed. 1954-

RG10 S5 F2


"Delta Psi Rose". Audiotape made in 2006 of the fraternity song from the 1950s era

RG10 S6


Honorary fraternities

RG10 S6 F16


Kappa Delta Pi, Theta Chapter, honorary educational fraternity. Chapter established at Colorado State Teachers College March 13,1920.

RG10 S1 F2


Omega Psi Phi, honorary fraternity for Black men. Mirror 1929, Nov. 9, p.3

RG10 S5 F6


Phi Alpha Theta, honorary historical fraternity accepted on campus. AS minutes 12/17/1929

RG10 S5 F6


Phi Alpha Theta, donation by.  See PN 4701 N48 1805-1834

RG10 S6 F1


Phi Delta Kappa (BSMT)



Pi Omega Pi, Business teacher ed. Undergraduate, 1928-



Tau Kappa Epsilon (TKE), prior to February 28, 1953 known as Delta Delta Tau.

RG10 S14 Box 1



1954 TKE jacket



see the social fraternities and sororities website for current information




Free University

RG1 S2


BOT minutes 2/7-8/1969

RG20 S2



RG10 S1 F2


Mirror. 9/26/1969 p.11

RG10 S1 F3


Photos in Cache la Poudre. 1971 pp.240-241



SECD files v.1

RG10 S5 F8-8


SRC materials on the "Open University" included




Freeman Lecture Series



1975. John Dietz "A Geographer's Look" at James Michener's Centennial



RG10 S1 F3

Freshman beanies Cache la Poudre 1968 p.432




Freshman Common Read (First Year Book)



2008-2009. The Freedom Writers Diary by Erin Gruwell.



2009-2010. Three Cups of Tea by Greg Mortenson.



2010-2010. Persepolis by Marjane Satrapi.



RG10 S1 F9

Freshman Record/New Student Record (1973, 1975-1978, 1985-1990/91)




Frontiers of Science Institute. 1959- (summer science institute for high school students)

RG1 S2


Board of Trustees Minutes. 1/31/1959 p.11

RG3 S17


Director, Paul W. Richard--1973 history

RG3 S1 F2


First brochure announcement. Bulletin 1958-59



Masters thesis. FSI and the Achievement of Females in Math & Science . LB1840 G747 1996 O8

RG12 S24


Reports of the Institute



RG7 S8 F3

FTE authorizations--Academic




Fuel used for heating

RG2 S1 F1


1942-1946 in Book 2



see also RG15 S10: Cogeneration plant



see also RG15 S10: Heating Plant



RG2 S5 F4

Fulbright committee 1948-56 Ross




Fulbright scholars

RG6 S7 F1

Faculty clipping file

Caldwell, David, 2001 (German)

Clinton, James, 1995 Business)


Cooke, Bryan, 1980 & 1999 (Health Education)


D'Amato, Rik, 1997 (School Psychology)


Dhada, Mustafah, 1995 (Political Science)


Frease, Forrest, 1961 & 1969 (English)

Gorodischer, Angelica, 1991 (visitor from Rosario, Argentina)


Hernandez, Luisa Josefina, 1983 (visitor)


Higgins, Michael, 1983 (Anthropology)

Hodapp, Paul, 2001 (Philosophy)


Kachi, Teruko, 1967 (visitor from Tsuda College, Japan)


Keppeler, Frank (Foreign Language)


Lynch, Bob (Business)

Minton, Sandra, 2001 (Dance)


Nardin, James, 1960 (first to receive Fulbright lectureship)


Reid, Kim, 1998 (Special Education)




RG18 S16 F1


Fulbright recipients--student



RG10 S1 F5

Fulcrum. 1948-1952 (Student publication)



RG19 S1 F4






RG15 S22


Furniture on Campus

SC 1-72


Furniture and Furnishings from the James A. Michener Room (Room 113)