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Dissertations and Theses

The general call number for University of Northern Colorado publications is LB1840. That general number includes doctoral dissertations, master's theses, honors papers, specialist in education papers, University publications, and the school yearbooks (Cache la Poudre).

The call numbers currently in use for student research papers are:

  • LB 1840 G744 [date] + author designation: dissertations & specialist papers
  • LB 1840 G747 [date] + author designation: master's theses
  • LB 1840 G746 [date] + author designation: undergraduate honors theses
  • LB 1840 G748 [date] + author designation: specialist in education papers

Searching for dissertations and the other catalogued student research can be done using The Source in a variety of ways. Our institution has had five names in the course of its history, and when the search string "University of Northern Colorado" is recommended, it applies only to work done since 1970. Previous institutional names apply when searching for works from prior dates:

  • Colorado State College, 1957-1970
  • Colorado State College of Education at Greeley, 1935-1957
  • State Teachers College of Colorado, 1911-1935
  • State Normal School, 1889-1911
  • Searching for all dissertations from all departments for a known year:
    • From The Source, click on "Call No."
    • Select "Library of Congress Call Number".
    • Type "LB1840 G744 [year]".
  • Searching for a dissertation by a known degree recipient:
    • From The Source, click on "Author".
    • Type the name of the author according to the instructions given on the screen.
  • Searching for a research supervised by a known major research advisor:
    • From The Source, click on "Author".
    • Type the name of the faculty advisor according to the instructions given on the screen.
    • NOTE: The results of this search will include dissertations, masters theses and honors papers supervised by the designated faculty member as well as any books that s/he may have written. To identify the dissertation, master's thesis or honors paper, select titles with the appropriate LB 1840 call number. Titles with call numbers other than LB 1840 will be for the faculty member's own publications.
  • Searching for dissertations by a specific department or school/college:
    • From The Source, click on "Keyword".
    • Type in "University of Northern Colorado and [name of department or school/college]".
    • NOTE: Departments, schools and colleges have reorganized and have been renamed over the years. Using keywords such as "special education," "reading," "history," or "physical education" and omitting words such as "school," "college," and "department" will yield the best results.
  • Finding copies:
    • Copies of all of the UNC publications (LB 1840) are in Michener Stacks on the 3rd floor.
    • Dissertations (LB 1840 G744) are also available in microfiche or microfilm in Periodicals/Media.
    • Archives has copies of all dissertations (LB 1840 G744), master's theses (LB 1840 G747) and specialist in education papers (LB1840 G748).
    • Honors papers (LB 1840 G746) are in Michener Stacks only.
    • From 1997 to the present, dissertations may be downloaded free of charge from the ProQuest Dissertation & Theses online database available via The Source > Articles & More.
  • Searching ProQuest Dissertations & Theses:
    • From The Source, click on "Articles & More".
    • Click on "P" for ProQuest Dissertation & Theses.
  • Search Digital UNC for Dissertations & Capstones and Masters Projects