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RG10 S4



RG10 S6


Dance honorary, Orchesis, 1948-1969

RG2 S5 F4



Ross files "Health Division"

RG12 S11 F1  


Dance programs. 1932-



see also Theater/opera/dance



see also RG7 S9HPER F15: Rocky Mountain School of Dance



see also RG10 S5 F9: Dance Club




Darrell Holmes campus

RG15 S15





RG12 S20

Days--celebratory, memorial, special



Deaf -- see -- Special Education







Council of Academic Deans

RG9 S1 F2


Dean of Men

RG9 S1 F1


Dean of Students

RG9 S1 F3


Dean of Women



Dearfield, Colorado. 1910-

SC57 Box 2 Folder 39 Ephemera


Dearfield Ale, 2010, labels



Dearfield, Colorado web page maintained by UNC Archival Services

F782.M9 C37 1994


"Dearfield" in A View of Orchard, pp.7-12.

F784.D3 N6 1980a


Dearfield, Colorado--The Evolution of a Rural Black Settlement: An Historical Geography of Black Colonization on the Great Plains, Melvin Edward Norris, Jr. 

F784.D34 D34 1995


Dearfield, the Road Less Traveled. Video. Tells the history of Dearfield, Colorado's Black farming community, founded 1910 by O.T. Jackson. Included are interviews with settlers and archival photographs. Narrated by John Amos.

RG9 S14 F2


"Historical Education for K-12 Students: Using Dearfield as a Pedagogical Resource."  McNair Research Journal v.6 Summer 2001. 69-78



O. T. Jackson Collection (O. T. Jackson, founder of Dearfield, is buried in Linn Grove Cemetery, Greeley, Colorado)

IVC 1443


The Need, the Dream, the Reality: Colorado Black Settlements. 198? VHS video. Public affairs documentary aired on KOA-TV recounting the history of Black settlements in Colorado, especially Dearfield, Colorado. Narrated by Reynelda Muse.

F782 W4 W43 Nov. 1921


Weld County News, Nov. 1921, p.60.


see also:

Dearfield, Colorado: A Story from the Black West, by Margaret Picher. Thesis presented to the faculty of the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, University of Denver, August 1976. Includes bibliography of primary and secondary sources. Paper and positive and negative microfilms.




Debate see Forensics



RG15 S10

Decision Support Center. 1992- (in Kepner)

RG3 S14


Spectrum. 3/93 p.8-9



RG12 S1 F1

Donald Decker Photo File Collection (formerly SC 32)



RG15 S15

Dedications of buildings, etc. on campus



RG7 S2

Degrees, Proposals for new

RG5 S3 F6-15


Senate documents re: new degrees. 1966-75



RG7 S8 F2

Degrees and programs offered

RG7 S8 F2


Academic program brochures







Degrees granted

RG2 S1 F1


1891-1961 in Book 5

RG4 S6


Graduates listed by department--Commencement Programs

RG4 S9


Miscellaneous diplomas



see also RG5 S3 F6-7: Bachelor of Science Committee



see also Honorary degrees




Demonstration schools

RG3 S1 F1


CSTC Bulletin, April 1920 pp.152-154 (Ashton, Auburn, Bracewell, Hazelton)



see also RG7 S9ED F10: Student teaching




Denver Broncos Training Camp. 1982-2002

RG12 S23


Bronco Training Camp

RG3 S20 F24





RG5 S2 F3

Department Chairman's Handbook



RG3 S4 F2

Department chairs list




Department of....  see other part of name




Design Day, Annual (PVA)



C9 S3 F4 

Destination. Greeley/UNC




Diamond Jubilee see Anniversaries, College



RG2 S8

Dickeson, Robert

RG2 S8 F16



RG19 S1 F7


Robert & Ludie Dickeson Presidential Prize for Leadership.

Established by former UNC President Robert Dickeson and his wife, Ludie, the award is given during the Spring Commencement ceremony. It recognizes one male and one female who are considered leaders by their peers, faculty, and the administration, although in 1991-1992 three were recognized.

To be eligible for the award, a student must be considered a leader by his or her peers, faculty and the administration; be a senior; have a minimum grade point average of 3.0; and be graduating in May or have graduated in December of the previous year. 

List of recipients 1990-1991 - 2009-2010

RG2 S8 F8






RG7 S9AS F19


"Use Dictaphones in Teaching Languages," Greeley Tribune, Oct. 18, 1915, p. 1.




Dining see Food Services




Dinkies see Beanies and Dinkies




Diplomas see Degrees granted




Directed Admissions Program (DAP). Name changed to Challenge Program (Directed Admissions Challenge Program) in 1993 (Student Services). See CHE RG9 S14 F1





RG8 S1





see also LB1840 G72 A481 1993-94

RG10 S5 F6-2


Associated Students. Directories

RG10 S1 F1


Early student directories in Crucible. 1892-1921

C9 S1 F2


Greeley, city directories -- Do a keyword search for "Greeley city directory" in The Source online catalog.

C9 S1 F1


Greeley telephone books, 1965- 2005 (Incomplete). In storage.

RG3 S4


Student/faculty/staff. 1956-

RG9 S1 F6


Student directories. 1965-1968

F782.W4 D5 1898


Weld and Larimer Counties directory, 1898





RG9 S7


Disabled Student Services (renamed Disability Support Service)

RG7 S9ED F13-4


National Center on Severe and Sensory Disabilities. 2001-



RG12 S20

Disability Awareness Week



RG8 S2 F3

Disability insurance



RG9 S7 

Disabled students




Disaster planning see Emergency response







RG8 S2 F3-7

Discrimination policy







Cranford plate and red glass cream pitcher



RG4 S2


RG5 S3 F6-15


Blue Ribbon Panel. 1980

RG2 S7 F14


Dissertation Committee appointed by Bond. 1979-80

RG1 S9


Trustees statement. 1980



University Dissertations



RG7 S9AS F24

Distance Opportunities for Interpreter Training Center (DO IT)



RG5 S4 F19-1

Distinguished Career Service Award (Faculty)


RG5 S4 F4

Distinguished Scholar (A. M. and Jo Winchester Award)

RG6 S7 F1







Hillway, Tyrus (Higher Education)





Winchester, Albert M. (Biology)   





Sund, Robert B. (Science Education)





Schmidt, Gerald D. (Biology)





Kolstoe, Oliver P. (Special Education)





Larson, Robert W. (History)





Sage, George H. (Physical Education)





Trowbridge, Leslie W. (Science Education)





Rowe, Gail S. (History)





Schenkman, Walter A. (Music)





Cornebise, Alfred E. (History)





Obrzut, John E. (School Psychology)





Hull, Raymond H. (Communication Disorders)





Swanson, H. Lee (Educational Psychology)





DeRuiter, James A. (Special Education)





Doyle, James F. (Poetry-English)





Kearns, Kevin C. (Geography)





Copley, R. Evan (Music)





Gonzales, Ester M. G. (Hispanic Studies)





Ormrod, Jeanne (Educational Psychology)





Roberto, Karen (Gerontology)





Heikkinen, Henry (Mathematics & Science Teaching Center)





Kiefer, Rita (English)





Retzlaff, Paul (Psychology)





D'Amato, Rik Carl (Psychology)





Reid, Kim (Special Education)





Moore, John (Biological Sciences)





Sheehan, Eugene (Psychology)





Mackessy, Stephen (Biology)





Barrier, Gray (Music)





Brustad, Robert (Kinesiology)





Ferrell, Kay (Special Education)





Bredehoft, Thomas (English)





Reichel, Philip (Criminal Justice)





Rowley, Daniel James (Monfort College of Business)





Brunswig, Robert H. (Anthropology)





Reardon, James (Marketing)





Bardos, Achilles (School Psychology)





Hayward, Reid (Sport & Exercise Science)





Keaten, James A. (Communications)





Suarez, Jose I. (Hispanic Studies)





Bellman, Jonathen (Music)




Payan, Janice M. (Marketing)




Rick Adams (Biological Sciences)




Anderson, Steven W. (Geosciences)





Woody, William Douglas (Psychological Science)

RG20 S2 F1


Clippings 1950-1974 "Distinguished Scholar"



see also RG5 S4 F4: Faculty Research and Publications Board





RG10 S1 F1


1896. Crucible. April 20 pp.1-5 "The Race Problem"

RG10 S1 F6


1972. Article about Black, Indian, Chicano in Nowthen 1972. pp.8-17

RG11 S8


Affirmative Action Committee

RG12 S20 F1


Afro American History Month

RG7 S20 F4


Asian/Pacific American Student Services

RG10 S5 F16


Black and Hispanic Coalition

RG12 S20 F3


Black History Month

RG10 S5 F11


Black Men of Today. 1995- (Student organization)

RG10 S5 F13


Black Student Union

RG10 S1 F6



History in Quarterly Overview. Winter 1976 pp.34-35

RG7 S9AS F24


Black Studies (named changed to Africana Studies, 1966)

RG1 S2



BOT approved Black Studies program 1/7-8/1972 p.18; 4/14-15/1972 p.15

RG10 S1 F6



1972. Nowthen. Spring, 1972, pp.10-11

RG5 S3 F6-15



Black Studies major. 1971

RG7 S5 F29-1


Brown v Board of Education Conference 2004

RG5 S4 F12-2



RG20 S2

Clippings "Discrimination in housing"

RG2 S8 F17


"Commitment to Diversity"

RG1 S3


Commitment to Diversity. (BOT Minutes 2/1984)

RG3 S10


Commitment to Diversity: Final Report. (see 9/25/1984)



Commitment to Diversity: A Report on UNC. May 1985

RG1 S3


Commitment to Diversity: 1997. Draft (BOT Minutes 3/s24/1997. V.R.40)

RG1 S3


Commitment to Diversity: 1997. (BOT Minutes 5/9/1997.)

RG1 S3


Commitment to Diversity: Annual Report to CCHE. 2/9/2001 meeting

RG2 S8 F21


Commencement 1990 controversy--Linda Chavez

RG9 S9 F4


Conferences--minority themes




IVC 2169 pts.1-3 Diversity in America (UNC, Sept. 1990)



Committee on Black Students' Concerns

RG1 S2



BOT Minutes. 9/13/1982, 1/10/1983 Retreat #9, 11/7/1983 Appendix F, 2/1984

RG16 Box 1




RG10 S5 F14



Report of the committee. 1983



Cosmopolitan Club

RG10 S5 F15




RG10 S1 F3



Cache la Poudre: 1928 pp.158-159; 1929 pp.126-127; 1930 p.111; 1932 p.169; 1933 p.188; 1936 p.148; 1937 p.216

RG10 S1 F2



William F. Butler, President of Club, Mirror 2/27/1930 p.4

RG9 S9


Cultural Centers

C1 S13


"Cultural Diversity and Multiculturalism: a report to CCHE." 1994

RG5 S4 F12-1


Curriculum "Diversity 101" UGC Minutes 12/8/1992

RG2 S12 F10-1


Diversity Advisory Council, 2006-

RG9 S9 F3


Diversity clippings

RG2 S12 F10-1


Diversity in Education Colloquium, Mar. 31, 2009

RG13 S28 F3


Diversity Visiting Scholar Series. 2007

RG7 S1 F15-3


UNC Diversity Plan and 1998 Annual Report. Draft



Dormitory for Negro women. Greeley Tribune 1936, Feb. 13, p.1

RG18 S16 F1


Hispanic: first Hispanic surnamed graduate--James Garcia (1902)

RG1 S2


Housing. BOT minutes 4/9/1936 p.449

RG10 S1 F3


Human Rights Association. Club established 1959 Cache la Poudre. 1960 p.109

RG10 S5 F2


Lambda Theta Nu sorority. 1997- (ethnic sorority)

RG2 S9 F12


Lujan appoints Asst. for Minority Community Relations

RG7 S5 F13


Manual High School Project. 1970

RG10 S5 F12


MEChA (Student organization)

RG9 S9


Mentorship Program. 1991-

RG7 S20


Minority Affairs, Division of. 1996-

RG2 S6 F10


"Minority Demands and Needs" 4/16-17/1969--sound tape



Minority enrollment (Colorado Civil Rights Commission)

RG8 S2 F1


Minority faculty

RG9 S3 F1


Minority recruitment

RG9 S1 F1-1


Minority Student Progress Report. 1970

RG9 S27


Multicultural Affairs, Office of

RG10 S5 F2


Multicultural Greek Council (MGC)

RG1 S2


National Council of Black Studies Site Visit Report.  Feb. 1984

RG7 S20 F5


Native American Student Services

RG9 S26


Office of Multicultural Affairs (Student Affairs)

RG9 S27 F1


OMA--State Farm Multicultural Partnership

RG10 S1 F2


Omega Psi Phi, honorary fraternity for Negroes. Mirror, 1929, Nov. 9, p.3

RG10 S1 F1


Race relations. A special issue on race relations was published on May 28, 1969 (v. 29, no. 1). A copy has been bound with the 1968-1969 Mirror and also filed with the Dean of Students materials (RG9 S1 F1).

C9 S4


Race/ethnicity--clippings/photocopies of articles

RG9 S4 F3



RG10 S1 F3


Sociedad Hispanica in Cache la Poudre. 1957 p.61



Summit on Social Justice & Diversity

RG10 S5 F2


Jekel, Diane. "Title IX Causes Club Changes". Mirror, Feb. 18, 1976, p. 1.

RG10 S1 F3


UMAS group photo in Cache la Poudre. 1971

RG12 S9


UPC--Diverse programs



see also Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity



see also Fraternities and Sororities



see also RG10 S1 F6: issues of Quarterly Overview. 1974-77




Dobby's Gang / Doubenmier, Jule



"Around the World with Dobby" -- Doubenmier PS3507.O7472 A7 (RG6 S3 F1 )

RG2 S5 F4 Box 3


Dobby's Gang reunion



Dobby's Gang scholarship--Doubenmier

RG6 S7 F1


Faculty clipping file

RG3 S17


Faculty file


RG7 S7 F1-6

Doctoral Research Core Reviews



Documentaries see Films/Documentaries



RG13 S9 F2-3

Dolls/figurines (Mother Goose, foreign/ethnic dolls)



RG9 S20

Dormitories see Housing



RG12 S28

Dream Team (At risk high school program)




Dropouts see Attrition




Drug/alcohol prevention

RG10 S5 F8-15


Center for Peer Education (CPE)

RG10 S5 F8-15


Drug, Alcohol and Tobacco Education (DATE)

RG9 S12


Student Health Services



see also Public Safety