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The City of Greeley Museums

Images from The Collections of
The City of Greeley Museums, Greeley, Colorado
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Scope Note:
     The images in these exhibits are from the collections of the City of Greeley Museums, Greeley, Colorado.  Materials have been chosen because they relate to the production of the television mini-series, Centennial, are of local Colorado towns and geographic features, are of individuals visited by Michener, or show the daily life in the west during the time-period written about by James A. Michener.    
     The material comes from a number of photographers and collectors including: Hazel E. Johnson, Flo Hinz, G. N. Allen, Skeets Calvin, Catherine Devereux, Orville Smith, and Robert E. Hanna.  It includes both color and black & white prints, as well as color and black & white negatives and transparencies. In addition, materials from the City of Greeley Museums in other formats have been used, including black & white and color printed material, handwritten and other manuscript material, and drawings.  Images might appear in more than one exhibit.
     Of special assistance in this project has been Peggy Ford, Research Director of the City of Greeley Museums.

The Exhibits

Centennial: The Mini-Series
Keota, CO
Pawnee Buttes and Vicinity
Northern Colorado & The Plains - Coming Later
Ranching - Coming Later
Photographers and Photographic Collections - Coming Later
Individuals Identified in Greeley Museum Materials - Coming Later
All-The-Images from the Greeley Museum Collections in a Single List
- Coming Later

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Tessa J. Dalton Photographic Collection images

Centennial: The Evolution of a Novel

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