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6666 (Four Sixes) Ranch

Images from The Tessa J. Dalton Photographic Collection
The James A. Michener Special Collection, University of Northern Colorado
This exhibit from the Tessa J. Dalton Collection consists of photographs taken by Dalton while traveling with James A. Michener who was doing research for his novel, Centennial.  These images might also appear in other exhibits related to James A. Michener's Centennial.
1 6666 (Four Sixes) Ranch, Texas
2 John Kings & J. J. Gibson at the 6666 Ranch, Texas (Michener hidden from view)
3 James A. Michener, John Kings, and J. J. Gibson at the 6666 Ranch, Texas 


James A. Michener, John Kings, and J. J. Gibson at the 6666 Ranch, Texas  [full slide]
5 James A. Michener, and J. J. Gibson, 6666 Ranch, Texas [cropped]


James A. Michener, 6666 Ranch, Texas [cropped image]
7 Windmill #1, 6666 Ranch, Texas


Windmill #2, 6666 Ranch, Texas  [full slide]


Tailfin of Windmill #2, 6666 Ranch, Texas [cropped]

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