LEAP Leadership

Cynthia Hanevik

LEAP Project Coordinator cynthia.hanevik@unco.edu

B.S.: Chemistry, Industrial Chemistry
University of Northern Colorado
Greeley, CO (2017)


"I have been a part of the LEAP program from the very beginning. I've held roles as a student ambassador, a peer mentor, and now the Project Coordinator. I am very passionate about this program and the positive impact you will experience as we help you reach your goals at UNC."

Susan Keenan, Ph.D.

LEAP Co-Director
School Director and Professor for the School of Biological Sciences


Lori Reinsvold, Ph.D.

LEAP Co-Director
Associate Director of the MAST Institute


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Peer Mentors

Mohamoud Ahmed

2015 Cohort


peer mentor

"LEAP is a great opportunity to network with peers, professors, and health professionals in the field. The program also taught me how to be a leader."

Valeria Dominguez Lujan

2015 Cohort


peer mentor

Keira Lopez

2016 Cohort


peer mentor

Yessica Rodriguez

2016 Cohort

 peer mentor


 "LEAP reinforced what it meant to be a leader for me, all while building everlasting friendships and strong connections with my professors and peers."

Emily Wong

2016 Cohort

peer mentor


Tip for freshman students: "Keep persevering through all the challenges you are facing right now because in a couple of years things will get better and you will be doing what you love, like helping people or saving lives."