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Global Leadership Program Curriculum

The Global Leadership Program (GLP) is designed for Leadership Studies students whom have completed coursework that provides the starting point for the Leadership Studies Minor and are interested in furthering their education and experience as a global citizen. After learning foundational leadership theory (LEAD 100), community/global engagement (LEAD 200), and moving into Junior status at UNC, students have the option to apply for GLP. Students showing dedication to their communities, to causes important to their field of study, and to an open-minded, interdisciplinary and global perspective might opt for this opportunity.


The tentative timeline below highlights some of the journey that students will take through GLP (6 Credits - Advanced Leadership Lab – 1 for each semester in GLP):

  • Summer between Sophomore and Junior Year: Faculty-led Study Abroad Experience
  • Fall of Junior Year: Student presents about their GLP experience at the Community Engaged Scholar Symposium
  • Spring of Junior Year: Student continues to work with their GLP cohort around global topics and issues
  • Summer between Junior and Senior Year: Student connects their study abroad experience to a local issue through an engaged experience/project
  • Fall of Senior Year: Student interviews a GLP alumni or a leader in their field of study and continues to work with GLP cohort
  • Spring of Senior Year: Student presents a comprehensive summary of their experiences and time in GLP to the GLP, UNC, and broader Greeley communities

The specifics for GLP are still in the works so stay tuned and keep an eye out for more details. Until then, we encourage students interested in GLP to be sure to do the preliminary coursework through the Leadership Studies Minor, to maintain good standing (GPA above 3.25) in Leadership Studies, and to find ways to go above and beyond in one’s community and leadership practices.