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First Baseman Leads Offense

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It’s the first day of practice for the UNC Bear’s baseball team. It is 5:15 p.m. in early February. The sun has begun to set and the temperature is quickly dropping. Kevin Sandberg has been at the plate two times already and has struck out and grounded out to the second baseman.

The Pen Is Mightier Than The Bat

The head coach of a collegiate baseball team usually has a ton of stuff on his mind. He has to worry about the oppositions pitching, their batting and their defense. So why is the head coach of the Bears starring at a handful of writing pens?

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New Coach Brings Responsibility, Positive Change

The snow falls steadily onto the artificial grass field and the temperature hits a high of 29 degrees as the University of Northern Colorado men’s lacrosse team completes a warm-up jog.

Tougher Than Most: A Day In The Life Of A Student-Athlete

2:30 p.m. The wind in Greeley whips hard and shakes the glass-paned windows of a small home as Tim Hinkle prepares to head to class.

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A Day At Winter Park

Before the lifts start running, Winter Park is a quiet and serene place. The hanging chairs swing silently back in forth in the wind, untouched snow sparkling on the ground below as the morning sun breaks through the clouds. The lifts, lodges and slopes will soon be busy with people, but for now the empty mountain waits.

UNC Student Brings Snowboarding Club, Shop To Greeley

At first glance he might seem like a typical college student – worn-out jeans, a Pepsi in his hand, and a purple beanie covering his disheveled hair. Take a closer look, though, and there’s definitely something special about him.

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All In A Day's Work

The rest of the campus seemed eerily quiet with only a handful of students in sight, while one chipper student journeyed on to class, chatting away as the faint morning light glinted off the top of Ross Hall.

English Player Finds Home At UNC

The stifling summer weather in Greeley during the month of August brought with it new students, new friends, and a new way of life for incoming freshmen. It was the beginning of the school year, and a family from England had left behind a daughter at the University of Northern Colorado. She was scared, alone, and new to all of her surroundings.

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A Diabetic's Day

Sleeping in on a Saturday morning. Doing what she wants when she wants. These are two things Ashley Cooper does not get to do often. Cooper was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes at the age of 11 and has been pushed by her blood sugar to be up by 8 and to check in with it every few hours, every day since.

Setting Up Volleyball

While many incoming freshman spend their last summer before college soaking in the last of their childhood, Michaella McGurk was busy spending her summer forming a women’s club volleyball team before she even stepped foot on campus.


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