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A Day With UNC's Wellness Director

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The alarm clock rings. It’s around 6 a.m. Meetings, activates to plan, and research to be done are all thoughts that go through Tricia Tort’s head as she gets out of bed to embark on another day.

All About The SRC President

Charles Miles has come a long way from winning the 2008 SRC election, but why did he want to be president, and what has he done since being elected?

Focusing Attention On Students' Needs

UNC’s Center for Peer Education is reshaping the structure of the program to better suit students. And new coordinator Kirsten Dersham, a sophomore nursing major, wants to see these goals met this year.

Hero Of Technology: How Problems Meet UNC’s Solution

In the world today we focus on heroes doing heroic acts. Firefighters, paramedics and police officers come to mind. However, what about the everyday heroes?

Not The Typical Student

Room Columbine B in the University Center was packed with students and buzzing with anticipation. Names were being read one right after the other, but the one Charles Miles was waiting for was held for last.

The Powers Of The Internet: Addiction On The Rise

One of the most significant technologies in the world is the most powerful tool for students.

UNC Health Promotion Club Raises Awareness

Promotion of health, raising awareness for lifestyle changes and student community involvement are all characteristics of the Student Dietetic Association at the University of Northern Colorado.

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Greeley and Weld County

A Day In The Park

It’s been a long week for Anthony Gonzalas. He works full-time at King Soopers and goes to school in the evening at Aims Community College Monday through Friday. But the weekends are his. And he has spent nearly every Saturday for the past four years with kids from the Boys and Girls Club.

After 80 Years, Cattle Rancher Still Loves His Job

If a person should ever want to see a happy rancher, Virgil Johnson is that man.

Branding in Briggsdale

Russell Speaker's idea of fun is made up of cold mornings, hot irons, rawhide ropes and big-brimmed hats. Bawling calves, dusty clothes, and the occasional practical joke on the newcomers translate into time well spent for a cowboy.

Former Gang Member Chooses The Simple Life

It’s a typical Monday for Anthony Gonzalas. He wakes up at 6 a.m., grabs a bowl of Fruit Loops and heads to work. It’s a four-minute drive from his house to work at King Soopers, but he blasts his favorite song at the moment, “Right Round” by Flo Rida, the whole way.

Holding Out Hope For A Dream

Juan and his youngest brother share a strong, deep bond — one punctuated by their ability to help each other. It’s Juan’s job to make sure his 16-month-old brother stays upright and out of trouble.

Leaving On A High Note: Greeley Central Teacher Set To Retire After Long, Music-Filled Career

Look to the south of the storied podium at the front of the Greeley Central High School band room and you’ll find about 20 cartoon caricatures hand drawn by former students of the school — each depicting a different person. One shows “Dizzy Davis.”

No Two Days The Same: 10 Hours With Hudson's Public Works Director

My headlights revealed one pickup truck as I pulled into the parking lot at town hall. A dim glow lighted the farthest window, where Tim Hopwood was already hard at work sifting through e-mails.

Youth Brings Fresh Perspective To Town Government

In an era where most young people still turn an apathetic eye toward political news, Isidro Guardado stands out from the crowd as Hudson’s youngest trustee.

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CRU Student Leader Gives His All To UNC Students

At six in the morning the weight room is empty, the benches are cold and Patrick Deal is about to start his day, 45 pounds at a time.

Much to Learn about Islam in Greeley

The women’s entrance into the nondescript mosque is through a locked, curtained glass door.

Different Religions, Places of Worship Seem Similar Upon Second Look

There is something going on at least once every day at 2222 23rd Ave. This is St. Mary’s Roman Catholic Church, a place of worship in Greeley.

Pat Deal Defines The Word 'Busy'

Eating 3,000 calories a day signifies two things. Either you’re overweight or you’re in really good shape.


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