New owners of coffee shop make changes, keeping business Colorado-based.

By Kate Popowski

            The new owners of The House of Windsor, Dan and Sally Brunk and Rick and Judy Walters, have quickly become well-known in the town of Windsor after buying the shop in July, while also making changes to the coffee and gift shop by adding ice cream, a lunch menu, and more seating for customers.

Rick Walters makes a mocha for a customer at House of Windsor coffee shop.

Rick Walters make a mocha for a customer. Photo by Kate Popowski

            Sally Brunk and Rick Walters take care of the day-to-day operations of The House of Windsor, including serving customers and making the coffee, sandwiches and fudge.
            “I enjoy meeting new people,” Brunk said. “It’s what this is really about, getting into our community and being a part of that. Making a coffee and scooping ice cream are very simple actions. The fun part is meeting the people.”
            7:50 a.m., Feb. 9 - A young women wearing a pink, green and white striped hat with a black puffy coat and mismatched gloves orders a medium Chai tea. She tells Walters that she just slid into a truck because of the snow. The man in the truck didn’t stop and she didn’t know what to do because it had never happened to her. Walters suggests calling the police to ask them what to do.
This is Walters’ favorite part about working at The House of Windsor: working with the customers. He said he likes the stories, the personalities and the laughs of the customers.
            The coffee service area is located at the back of the shop. Customers have the option of sitting at one of the glass tables in the middle of the shop, one of the tall tables near the wall or either the comfy chair or loveseat next to the fireplace.
            Large chalkboards hang behind the counter to show off the many options The House of Windsor offers when it comes to drinks and food. The shop has many types of Silver Canyon coffee, sandwiches, panini, Walrus ice cream and pastries. The display case also features their famous fudge, which is made in the back of the shop. The fudge flavors include chocolate, walnut, maple, walnut maple, peanut butter chocolate, chocolate mint and raspberry swirl.
“The chocolate is the most popular,” Brunk said.
Every Thursday the shop holds “Music by the Mantel,” which is a night of live music and coffee for residents and town visitors.
            9:48 a.m. – A woman in a red shirt, jeans and a tan jacket comes in and orders a medium drip coffee. She fills her own cup with hazelnut flavored coffee before grabbing a bag of the same coffee that she can brew at home. The woman tells Brunk that she is glad they finally got bags of the coffee because she has been waiting for it for awhile. The woman sits in the loveseat near the fireplace, where she stays until 11:30 a.m.
            This customer, Patrice Burgstahler, lives in Fort Collins, where she moved when she and her family left California a few years ago. She works as a private voice coach for high school and college students.
            “I like the wonderful atmosphere and the people,” she said of the shop. “The new owners are fabulous with how open and warm they are.”
            The entrance of the shop first leads to the gift area, where there is a variety of gifts, including jewelry, baby accessories, cards and kitchen accessories. The gift area brings in a lot of last-minute business, Brunk said, because many people don’t realize they need a gift until it’s too late.
            “We try to use a lot of local, Colorado-based gifts,” Brunk said. “We have other household gifts that we find at the merchandise mart in Denver.”
            10:20 - Walters leaves the shop to pick up the pastries and some of the food the shop needs for the week. As part of preparing for Valentine’s Day, Walters brings back cookies covered in red lip-shaped sprinkles, which the two decided to taste to “ensure quality.” Both of them laugh at this because they taste test everything that comes into the shop.
            The two couples bought the shop so they could have a business together, but it ended up being so much more for all of them. Sally Brunk and Rick Walters in particular found that learning how to make everything was a challenge. But they say the customers are worth it.

Shop Hours and Location:
Address: 430 Main St. Windsor, Colo. 80550
(970) 460-7165
7 a.m.- 6 p.m. Monday- Wednesday and Friday-Saturday
7 a.m. - 8 p.m. Thursday (For “Music by the Mantel”).
12 p.m. - 5 p.m. Sunday
Source: Sally Brunk