Bailouts should help small businesses

By Kate Popowski

With our economy struggling, businesses need the government’s help to keep their doors open, but the government is spending too much money bailing out large corporations and not enough money bailing out the small, locally owned businesses that are truly helping our economy.
            Too much of the government’s money is being used to bail out car companies and banks because they didn’t plan ahead for the current economic crisis while all the small, locally owned businesses are left to fend for themselves.
According to the Business and Workforce Report of Windsor in 2009 from Upstate Colorado Economic Development, there are 1,306 business establishments in a five-mile radius of downtown Windsor with a total of 17,976 employees in those establishments. Of all of those businesses, 686 of them have one to four employees, making up 52.5 percent of the businesses in Windsor. There are only four businesses in Windsor that have more than 250 employees.
The demographics of Windsor recorded in 2009, according to Upstate Colorado Economic Development, recorded the unemployment rate being just 4.2 percent. That rate will go up if the employees of the small businesses lose their jobs because the small businesses cannot get bailed out by the government.
            The town of Windsor has a lot of small businesses including many that are not able to keep their doors open such as Lorenzo’s, Loodles and Showtime Video, all of which have closed this year. These businesses should not have to close simply because money is hard to come by while many big businesses are able to stay open because they get money from the government.
            Small businesses are just as big a part of our economy as the larger businesses are, so why isn’t the government helping them too? It would take a lot less money to bail out a small business. The people who own those businesses will make the most of that money because without their business they have no job and lose their way of life. The employees of big businesses are not as invested in the well-being of the business as employees of the small businesses are, because they can more easily find a new job then someone who only have their small business and no way of getting another job.
            Obviously there is not a lot of money going around right now because of the economy and big businesses need the money too but smaller businesses cannot be forgotten; however, all of the money that is being used for bailout is going to the big businesses not the small ones. The big businesses are a large part of our economy, especially the car companies and banks. Members of society need both of those companies but that doesn’t mean that there is no money to spare to give to smaller businesses as well.
            Windsor, like all other cities, needs both big and small businesses, but our government only focuses on bailing out the big companies when they should be focusing on all types of companies. If there is money to bail out car dealerships and banks there is money to bail out the family-owned restaurants, furniture stores and clothing shops.

Katherine Popowski is a senior journalism major at the University of Northern Colorado