Looking to be official
Greeley interim leisure services director hopes to make the position permanent

Editor's note: Since this story was published, Bob Adams has been named director of leisure services for Greeley.

By Brendan Hall

The dedication to community service did not start when Bob Adams started working for the city of Greeley 13 years ago. Rather, this Greeley native has been committed to his community since the age of 13. Now, as interim leisure services director, Adams finds himself in a role that he has wanted for many years. “When I was a kid, I volunteered for anything I could. Whether it was pulling weeds at senior centers or helping at special events around Greeley, I wanted to be involved,” Adams said. 

Bob Adams, interim leisure services director, goes over plans to bring middle school golf programs to the city of Greeley.
Bob Adams, interim leisure services director, goes over plans to bring middle school golf programs to the city of Greeley. Photo by Brendan Hall

Adams graduated from Greeley Central High School in 1985 and proceeded to head up Fourteenth Avenue to get his college education at the University of Northern Colorado. A double major in recreation and business, Adams has always been intrigued by the city of Greeley. “It is such a unique city because of the variety of cultures and features around the city, I wanted to stay connected to the community in some capacity,” Adams said.

After graduating from UNC in 1991, Adams found himself in a recreation position in Canon City.
Working for a smaller city, Adams occupied a variety of positions, from running all youth and adult sports to coordinating special events. Although his stay in Canon City was short, lasting just six months, he quickly found himself in a similar position in the mountain town of Breckenridge.
“Having a city of nearly 10,000 turn into a population of over 110,000 on most weekends because of special events held any given week, not only keeps you busy, but helps you get your feet wet,” Adams said. “I refer to it as the special events Mecca of the world.”  

He credits his four-year stay in this mountain town for preparing him to work in a much larger city like Greeley.
Adams started in a full-time position at the Greeley Senior Activity Center in 1998 and eventually moved into leisure services. Now, 13 years later, Adams works on the second floor of the Greeley Recreation Center with hopes of turning his interim role into a full-time position. The search thus far has been extensive, with numerous interviews taking place in front of both the city manager and human resources director.

Adams has taken the process in stride, controlling only what he can and making sure to continue to help enrich the community even if his position is temporary for the time being. His prior titles help his case for the position, and those around him have taken notice. “He is the lead candidate for the position of leisure services director,” Interim Recreation Superintendent Kyle Holman said.

Adams, 44 and the father of two, is not hesitant to point out flaws in his resume. “I need to improve in different areas, from my writing to my knowledge of museums and other facilities.”
 He says his staff helps him in areas in which he may not be an expert. Additionally, he has attended conferences to improve in areas that may be weak, all in preparation for the interview process already under way.

Recently, Adams has worked with city officials to keep middle school sports for sixth and seventh graders available in District 6, which includes Greeley and Evans. “When I found out they were cutting various middle school sports, I contacted people that could help and said ‘we can’t let this happen.’ The middle schools should have outlets for kids because you don’t want them going down the wrong path,” Adams said.
As a result, Greeley’s leisure services department has protected sports such as football, basketball, and volleyball, with Adams campaigning for middle school golf programs that would utilize the Boomerang and Highland Hills Country clubs, two golf courses owned by the city of Greeley.

Adams loves sports, a central motivation for getting involved with recreation and volunteer work throughout his life. “The only problem with a desk job is I have not been able to coach and volunteer as much as I would like to these days,” Adams said.

A problem the city of Greeley will have to consider when finalizing its hiring for director of leisure services.
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What about Bob?
Bob Adams

  • Greeley native born May 3, 1966.
  • Graduated from Greeley Central High School (1985)
  • Graduated from the University of Northern Colorado (1991) (double major in recreation and business.)
  • Met his wife through mutual friends whom both had been friends with since eight years old, but never met one another until college.
  • Worked with Greeley police department to eliminate gang presence at community centers.
  • Referees basketball games as part of volunteer work.
  • Avid sports fan