Casseday adjusts to life on City Council

By Denise Dennington

Robb Casseday, a native of Greeley, Colo., is the newest member of the City Council.
            Casseday is relaxed as he sits in a blue folding chair, donning a tan Zebra Tournament T-shirt, a long white-sleeved undershirt, faded blue jeans and white tennis shoes.

Robb Casseday was selected following two rounds of interviews to find a replacement for City Council member Maria Secrest. 
Robb Casseday was selected following two rounds of interviews to find a replacement for City Council member Maria Secrest.  Photo by Denise Dennington

As a member of the Kenya Girls Rescue Center Project, which works to address early forced marriages and the practice of female genital mutilation, Casseday is involved in raising funds for the work at the center.  The rescue center was officially opened in January 2010.  It is the host of the Zebra Volleyball Tournament that Casseday is working at. 
Casseday was one of 17 candidates who applied to fill the vacant at-large seat on the City Council.   
            “I’m only one meeting and two workshops in.  I’ve been mostly observing, trying to handle the steep learning curve,” Casseday said.
The group that surrounds Casseday and the Kenya Girls Rescue booth is five members deep, and they are all dressed in blue jeans and tan shirts advertising the Zebra Volleyball Tournament. 
“The funds and shoes collected here go towards a sponsorship that will get the girls through high school, ” said Tina Hagen, a member of Network Beyond Foundation and the Rescue Center.
The tournament doesn’t create a lot of buzz, but it does generate revenue for the Rescue Center.
“It’s great knowing that a member of the City Council is so involved, not only with the community, but the larger picture,” said Brenda Johnson, a University of Northern Colorado senior majoring in sport and exercise science.
Casseday is the owner of Casseday Creative Designs in Greeley and has served on several community boards and commissions.  He said he feels that he can bring experience to the council in two areas.  One area is the boards and commissions he has been a part of, such as his three terms on the planning commission or being a part of the commissions that have rewritten the design code.  The second area of expertise is experience in owning his own business.
When his appointed seat becomes available to the public in the general election, he plans to run to retain it.
“I’ve been planning on running for City Council for some time.  My business was going slowly so when I heard about Maria Secrest resigning, I submitted my application on the first day,” Casseday said.

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Casseday said he thinks the council has succeeded when it comes to working together.  He is relaxed as he converses with individuals inquiring about the center or asking him questions that deal with the City Council.
“I’ve always been able to think in the long range,” Casseday said. “What I’m doing today will hopefully benefit my children and grandchildren in the future.”
            He said the one thing the council needs to improve on is its communication with the public.  Some items Casseday believes need to be improved are the street maintenance as well as the education of the Greeley residents pertaining to ballot issues.  When issues become available to them on the ballots, they should be better informed and have the entire picture in mind, he said.
Today, Casseday is not only a member of the Greeley City Council, but also a supporter of the Girls Kenya Rescue Center and a local entrepreneur.
Casseday at a Glance

  • Age: 63
  • Martial Status: Married, 44 years to Merikay Casseday.
  • Children: Two sons Bryan and Matthew Casseday.
  • Education: Undergraduate and Graduate Degrees in Architectural Engineering from the University of Colorado at Boulder.
  • Hometown: Greeley, Colo.
  • Contact: Email:, or he can be reached through the city clerk's office, (970) 350-9740, or at home, (970) 351-0583.