Course Evaluations

Course Evaluations are conducted on campus in effort to evaluate the instructor of a course as well as course material. There are two methods on campus for completing course evaluations. EvaluationKIT is the online option and bubblesheets are the optical scanner option.


EvaluationKIT is a web-based application used to create and manage course evaluations and survey projects. The features of EvaluationKIT allow for surveys to be easily created and deployed to students and participants on behalf of courses, departments and colleges.  Results are easily accessible and readily available for instructors and administrators as defined by the courses instructed and area of responsibility.

Communications about a course evaluation are developed, modified and delivered via email through the properties of the specific evaluation.  Surveys may be accessed directly from the email communication or may be integrated into a Blackboard course.  The system is designed to allow respondents to complete only one submission per survey and all responses to the instructor are kept anonymous. 

If you have any questions or would like to know more about EvaluationKIT please contact the Technical Support Center at (970)351-4357.


Bubblesheets can be ordered from the University Warehouse by the department. Instructors then hand out the bubblesheet to their classes and they are collected by the department. Faculty (or staff) may then run them through the optical scanner at the Carter 10 location or the Computer Commons at the UC.

Scanning Instructions