Information Technology Committee (ITC) Subcommittees

Three standing subcommittees, charged with aiding in the coordination of university IM&T initiatives and activities, report regularly to the Information Technology Committee.

Information Technology Standardization and Policy

This subcommittee will update university standards for information technology. This includes network and communication standards, interfaces, basic computing applications and desktop technologies. The subcommittee will recommend academic and administrative information technology policies and information technology standards.

Standardization and Policy Subcommittee Membership

Learning Management System Advisory Group (LMSAG)

This subcommittee will provide advice, recommendations and input about day to day operations and longer term policies. LMSAG members represent their respective college, department and fellow colleagues who use the learning management system. Members will assist Information Management & Technology by communicating services and changes to the community-at-large. The LMSAG will evaluate proposals for upgrades, new feature releases and changes in administrative processes.

More about the Learning Management System Advisory Group

Innovative Technology Group

The Innovative Technology Group is comprised of representatives from Information Management and Technology, faculty from all academic colleges, student representatives, as well as representatives from various administrative departments across campus.  The Innovative Technology Group evaluates new software and makes recommendations on how and when the new technology should be deployed and communicated to campus.  The Innovative Technology Group also selects the standard computer hardware configuration for the campus refresh programs on an annual basis, and provides recommendations for other technology initiatives.

Innovative Technology website

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