Account Management

Account management is a primary responsibility of the Technical Support Center. From account creation to password and account manageability, Banner to Blackboard, and Ursa to email, the Technical Support Center plays a vital role on the account management process for UNC.

In a continuous effort to improve service, functionality, and support while limiting the impact to the end users, the Technical Support Center went through several updates to the process for account management-related items. Such recent updates include:

  • Self-help options on the Ursa website for password reset.
  • Automated telephone prompts on the Technical Support Center main phone line (970-351-4357).
  • Online PDID form/web ticket submission.
  • Pro-active Instructor of Record account creation
  • Pre-expiration notification to campus regarding student employee account expirations each semester.

The following is a breakdown of Account Management information. The first release covers only the Fall Semester, but will eventually also include historical data and comparative analysis from semester to semester and year to year.

Ticket Count Charts

The following are charts/graphs of the ticket breakdowns. Please note a significant change in the call tracking information took place in Winter 2010 and impacts data from 12/15/2010 going forward.

2009 2010 2011 2012 Year
Fall 2012
Winter Interim 2012