Information Technology Analytic Dashboard

Throughout the course of the daily management of University Information Technology-related issues, we are committed to continual improvement to the campus community. The purpose of this dashboard is to display current statistical information regarding performance in multiple areas to ensure we are achieving as optimally as possible. To navigate through this site, please choose the main topic you would like to know more about--there will be subsequent information which further elaborates on the data for that category.

Dashboard Information

Please choose the applicable link below to access the associated charts.

Summary Information - Semester-based and Fiscal Year summaries, comparing the previous information to current data.
Learning Management System Statistics - UNC's Learning Management System, Blackboard, providing online resources for faculty to deliver education to students. These statistics range from system performance to client usage.
Customer Survey Results - This is the feedback provided from the campus community. The survey is attached to the end of each resolved ticket am compiled each semester and at the end of the fiscal year.
Technology Services - From security information to power usage, streamed information and email traffic, this breakout tracks the impacts of systems used throughout campus to manage the university infrastructure.
Technical Support Center - Lifecycle, EvaluationKIT, Access Management, and call-specific statistics are captured and reported in pre-determined date ranges, allowing the modification of staffing and time availabilities to optimize university resources.