Call Statistics

The Technical Support Center focuses its attention to "Going the Distance" in all that we do. We measure our success in achieving this goal by identifying key criteria that we find members of the campus environment categorize as important to them. From a telephone answering standpoint, this can be as simple as answering the phone in a timely manner or as complex as delivering different self-help options. The Technical Support Center at the University of Northern Colorado strives for excellence in each call. The data below is a culmiation of the telephony information obtained from calls to the Technical Support Center, whether contacting on site or off site personnel. In a semester the information is by week, but annual information is on a monthly display.

Semester and Annual

Starting in fall 2010, we altered the information gathered to be more informative

2009 2010 2011 2012 Year
Spring 2009 Spring 2010 Spring 2011 Spring 2012 2009
Summer 2009 Summer 2010 Summer 2011 Summer 2012 2010
Fall 2009 Fall 2010 Fall 2011 Fall 2012 2011
Winter 2009 Winter 2010 Winter 2011 Winter 2012 2012

Definition of Terms

Below is a list of the terms used in call statistics gathering and the definintions of the information contained within each report.

Times are measured from the moment a connection is made with the Technical Support Center telephone system until the action is completed.
Handle Time: The duration of the call within the telephony system.
Queue: A call that is within the telephone system but not yet connected with a representative.
Abandon: Telephone calls that end prematurely by the caller before either using the automated system or reaching a representative.
Abandon Rate: The percentage of calls that are abaondoned out of the total calls incoming to the Technical Support Center.

The Technical Support Center bases a significant portion of time and energy off of being able to answer every request made to the the support center. Minimizing abandons by decreasing call times and queue times will help to ensure each caller that need a representative's assistance receives that assistance.