Cloud Computing at the University of Northern Colorado

The University of Northern Colorado embraces the spirit of Cloud Computing. UNC believes that a thoughtful, blended and transparent approach of how to implement these technologies and services will help guide the UNC campus faculty, staff and students on the uses and benefits of Cloud Computing. This will allow us to leverage the potential increases in system availability, stability, security and functionally of services associated to the Cloud. The site will provide standard definitions of Cloud Computing to assist us with understanding what solution may be best for the proposed application and/or service. Also, you will find a guideline and prioritization model that is intended to help the UNC campus and Information Management and Technology communicate the UNC Cloud Computing roadmap for the foreseeable future. We look forward to collaborating on future projects and welcome feedback regarding this site. For more information or questions, please contact or 970-351-2341


UNC Federated ID Management Architecture



Cloud Computing Definitions | Cloud Computing Prioritization