All full-time faculty and staff within the academic colleges are eligible for ACRP.  Adjunct Faculty and part time staff are not eligible for a refresh computer through the ACRP, however they are eligible for replacement computers through the trickledown process.

Q:How often do I get a new computer?

In Fiscal Year 2012, the campus moved to a five year refresh cycle as a sustainable cost savings initiative.

Q:How are the Preferred Computer Hardware Configurations selected?

Each year the Innovative Technology Group, a subcommittee of the Information Technology Committee comprised of representatives from IM&T, faculty from all academic colleges, student representatives, and representatives from various administrative departments across campus, select the Preferred Computer Hardware Configurations.  Click here for additional information regarding the Innovative Technology Group. 

The Preferred Computer Hardware Configurations are selected to meet the computing requirements of a vast majority of the needs of faculty and staff within the academic areas.  Each year Preferred Computer Hardware Configuration are selected for an Apple Desktop, an Apple Laptop, a PC Desktop and a PC Laptop.  

Preferred Hardware Configurations are finalized by the Innovative Technology Group by the end of October each year.

Q:How are refresh lists created each year?

Each year, Information Management & Technology compiles a list of eligible computers from the centrally managed computer database.  Replacement eligibility is calculated based off of the most recently purchased computer listed in the inventory, regardless of funding source, assigned to each full-time faculty and staff member within each college.  All eligible faculty and staff primary computers are separated into a five year refresh based off of the age of their newest computer.

The refresh lists are then shared with the Dean of each college to verify eligibility.  The Dean of each college reviews the list and adds or removes members as they see fit.  Once the Dean has approved the list, the ordering process begins.

ACRP lists are finalized each year by the middle of November.

Q:If I am eligible for a refresh, how do I order my replacement computer?

Once refresh lists are finalized Information Management & Technology contact all eligible faculty and staff individually to identify a Preferred Computer Hardware Configuration.  Eligible faculty and staff complete an online survey detailing their computer selection.  If the Preferred Computer Hardware Configuration does not meet the needs of faculty and staff, IM&T staff will work with the eligible faculty and staff to identify a system that will meet their needs.

Q:Can I upgrade my computer from the Preferred Computer Hardware Configurations?

Eligible faculty and staff can upgrade or add components to their ACRP order.  Academic Departments may be required to fund part or all of the upgrades.  Once all orders have been submitted, the total cost of computers and upgrades are compared against the budget.  If the total cost is greater of the order is greater than departments must fund the difference.  Last year the ACRP was able to fund up to $400 in upgrades for each computer.

Q:I am a new faculty member, do I get a new computer?

The Dean of each academic college ultimately decides whether or not new faculty are eligible for new computers when they start.  If the new faculty replaces an existing faculty member, the existing computer may be used by the new faculty member assuming the computer is not due for refresh.  If the computer is due for refresh, a new computer can be ordered prior to the bulk ACRP order.  If the computer is not due for refresh the Dean can still elect to purchase a new computer for the new faculty member, however one of eligible faculty or staff members must be removed from the refresh list to accommodate for the new faculty computer purchase.

I am an adjunct faculty member or a part-time staff member, how do I get a new computer?

Adjunct faculty and part-time employees are not eligible for new computers through the ACRP.  They are eligible for trickledown computers.  IM&T staff work with each college to deploy trickledown computers from faculty and offices, labs or classrooms.  The trickledown computers are then deployed to part-time staff including, adjunct faculty, graduate assistants, student employees or other part-time staff.