Transfer Students

ELED Advisors are available to meet with prospective transfer students to explain the ELED program and determine how previous credits will apply to the ELED requirements. Make an appointment by calling the ELED office at (970)351-2929.

UNC participates in the Guaranteed Transfer Agreement with all Colorado Community colleges. If you are taking classes at a community college be sure to follow this Elementary Education guide for a smooth transfer to UNC. Visit the Registrar's site for the complete list of Colorado Community College classes to UNC transfer equivalencies.

If you are transferring from a four-year school, you will need to contact the ELED office to have an advisor review your previous credits to determine which credits will apply to the ELED major.

Once on campus transfer students must make individual advising appointments to map out their plans for completing the ELED major prior to attending group advising. Transfer students should sign up on the Listserv for important information on advising and other events.