Linked Coursework for ISET majors

UNCís FYE Linked Courses are groups of students who take two, three or four classes together the first semester of their freshman year. UNC's FYE Linked Courses are carefully designed to help students with similar majors or interest areas meet one another, take classes together, and learn how to be successful in their major/interest area. The center of the Linked Coursesork is UNCís FYE 108 course, which helps students integrate successfully into the academic and social community at UNC.

The Linked Coursework for freshmen ISET majors who want to become elementary teachers has a special emphasis on standards-based education and licensure requirements. Students make connections with other students, enroll in classes required for the ISET major, make connections with professors, and understand the University and the resources available here. Participants are guaranteed enrollment in 7-10 credit hours of required coursework. There are typically 8 different Linked Coursework options for ISET majors. Students indicate their preference for the Linked Coursework when they register for a summer Orientation session.† For more information about UNCíS learning communities see the Linked Coursework Web site.

SAMPLE Linked Coursework:


  • ENG 122† College Composition
  • MATH 181 Fundamentals of Mathematics I
  • GEOG 100 World Geography
  • FYE 108 First-Year Experience


  • MATH 181 Fundamentals of Mathematics I
  • HIST 100 US History Beginning to 1867
  • ESCI 265 Earth Science Concepts
  • FYE 108 First-Year Experience