Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I enroll at UNC if I want to become an elementary teacher?

UNCís primary mission since 1889 has been to prepare teachers. The state of Colorado has designated UNC as the primary institution for teacher education in the state.† UNC has also received national recognition for excellence in teacher education.† For further details see the College of Education and Behavioral Sciences Web site.

What is the elementary teacher education program at UNC?†

Students seeking elementary licensure major in Elementary Education: Teacher Licensure (ELED), which includes coursework in all the subjects they will be expected to teach. In addition to the major, students take 40 credit hours of specified Liberal Arts Core (LAC) courses and add the Professional Teacher Education Program (PTEP) courses for teacher licensure.

How do I apply for the elementary teacher education program (PTEP) at UNC and how do I register for these courses?

Students apply to the PTEP after completing 15 credits. EDFE 110 is the application to PTEP, which should be completed the semester prior (usually first semester of the sophomore year) to registering for PTEP courses, which will start second semester of the sophomore year. Once students have completed the requirements for EDFE 110, they can register for PTEP courses. See the School of Teacher Education Web site for specific information.

Is there a waiting list or limited enrollment in the Professional Teacher Education Program(PTEP) or the ELED major?

No. All students who apply are admitted to PTEP. Some PTEP courses require a 2.75 cumulative GPA; the Literacy Block and Student Teaching require a 3.0 cumulative GPA. There is no limit on the number of students in the ELED major.

Will UNC accept my Teacher Cadet Coursework?

Yes! If you received a B or better in your Teacher Cadet coursework, UNC will give you credit for EDF 370 (3 credits). You will need to submit a copy of your Teacher Cadet Certificate of Completion to Admissions. You will not need to submit your portfolio.

Will my AP or IB credits apply to the ELED major?

Many AP/IB credits satisfy requirements for the ELED major. See these Web sites to see how your AP/IB credits transfer to UNC:

What is the Liberal Arts Core (LAC)? †

To provide students a foundation in the liberal arts, UNC requires all students regardless of their major to complete 40 credits in eight different areas of the Liberal Arts Core (LAC): †1) Communication, 2) Mathematics, 3) Arts & Humanities, 4)History, 5) Social & Behavioral Sciences, 6) Physical and Life Sciences, 7) International Studies, and 8) Multicultural Studies. The ELED major specifies courses in each area of the LAC requirements.

What is the ELED major?

The ELED major provides the content knowledge for the elementary classroom teacher in language arts, mathematics, science, social studies and history.

Why does the ELED major include an Area of Concentration?

The Area of Concentration allows students to pursue studies in an area of interest to deepen their knowledge in that discipline.† The Area of Concentration does not mean students only teach that subject; rather it provides further background to enrich classroom teaching. The ESL concentration also meets the requirements for an ESL endorsement.

What is the Professional Teacher Education Program or PTEP?

The PTEP program provides instruction in pedagogy or instruction in teaching methods.† Students learn how to teach the content they learn in the ELED major.

How do I apply to the PTEP program?

All students preparing to be teachers must apply for admission to a Professional Teacher Education Program (PTEP) by taking EDFE 110, Initial PTEP Application. Requirements include sophomore status, fingerprinting, and a criminal background check. This application is usually done the first semester of the sophomore year.

When do I start working with students and taking teacher education classes?

Students take EDEL 101 Elementary Teaching as a Profession their first semester at UNC. This course, taught by PTEP faculty, has students in the field for observations. There are also opportunities to volunteer for tutoring.

Where will I do my student teaching?

You can student teach anywhere in the world.† We recommend that you do your student teaching in a district with which you would like to find future employment. For more information see the Student Teaching Information and Policies Web page.

Will I be able to study abroad or do a student exchange?

Many of our students study abroad for a semester or do a student exchange.†† Careful course planning makes it possible to graduate in four years. For more information see the Study Abroad Web site.

What does it cost to attend UNC?

See the Cost Web site for current rates.

What are my chances of getting a teaching position after I graduate?

A four-year study reveals that over 95% of UNCís teacher education candidates were placed in jobs in their field.

How do I register for courses?

Once you are admitted and have received a Bear number, you will log on to Ursa found under Current Students on the UNC homepage. Follow the directions for the first-time login found there.† For more information see the Registrar's Web site.