Study Abroad Programs

Click Here for a searchable list of study abroad program options by major. This is not a comprehensive list of all programs available, rather a suggested list of programs by major that have worked well for past study abroad students.


UNC Exchange Programs

Students will study at one of 24 UNC partner institutions. For most programs students will pay their normal tuition & fees to UNC and living expenses (room & board) in the host country.



UNC Affiliated Study Abroad Programs

UNC has six approved study abroad, or "affiliated", providers. These organizations specialize in the creation and administration of study abroad programs. Providers offer programs throughout the academic year and the summer. They are able to offer a wider variety of programs, as well as internships and service learning. Providers offer all-inclusive experiences with organized excursions, activities, and excellent on-site support.


Faculty-Led Programs and Other International Opportunities

UNC faculty member(s) will take a group of students overseas for a 3-6 week trip, which typically focuses on a particular topic, language, or an interdisciplinary understanding of an issue. Field trips and cultural activities are used to enhance learning. Typically, these programs run during the interim term (between fall and spring semester), spring break, or summer term. Programs range from 0-6 credits. Other international opportunities exist for UNC students such as service learning, jobs, and internship programs.


Summer Study Abroad & Exchange Programs

Students will study at UNC partner institutions during these summer programs, participate in a faculty-led short-term study abroad program, or study through an affiliated program provider.