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International Essay Contest Winners!

International Education Week 2014
Personal Essay Contest

PURPOSE: Describe a moment while traveling or living abroad in which you felt uncomfortable in an unfamiliar situation and how that moment has influenced your academic career.

This year we opened up the contest to two categories: International and Domestic student essays.

The domestic winner is Rose Mustoe, La Plaza Angel.

"A bench sits at the edge of Madrid's La Plaza Angel, a little off to the side, abandoned. It does not have much to offer any eager tourist who is in search of something quintessestially Spanish. . . " Click here to continue

The international winner is Suwanitcha Somjit, The Journey of an "Asian Muggle"

"I stared intently at my reflection, analyzing myself, making sure that I was dressed modestly in a clean shirt and a pair of jeans. I did not know if what I was wearing was appropriate; this was the first day that I was going to class without a uniform. I had just moved from Thailand . . ." Click here to continue

Friday, November 21

12:00-1:30pm: Working with International Students: UNC Faculty & Staff Workshop, Butler-Hancock 195&196

Maureen Ulevich, Director of the Center for International Education, Dr. Tamara Yakaboski, Associate Professor of Higher Education & Student Affairs Leadership, Rick Hoines-Brumback, Director of International Student and Scholar Services, and Elaine Steneck, Director of the Intensive English Program, will answer questions and provide information for faculty and staff about working with international students. Topics may range from cultural differences to immigration issues to language concerns.

4:30-6:00 pm: Sushi 101, Wilson Hall, 1st Floor Lounge

Faculty member, Dr. Keiko Krahnke, will teach the basics of sushi making. All ingredients will be provided. Come ready to experince the art of sushi making.

Contact Vanja at or call 970-351-2384


Friendship Family Program

This is a cultural exchange between International students at the UNC and local families who are interested in developing international friendships and furthering their cross-cultural awareness.

Friendship families do not provide living accommodations. Instead, families get together with student for different activities such as dinners, movies, sporting events, sightseeing etc. Friendship families provide a family environment for students away from home.

Friendship Family Form