Cross-Campus Advisors Must:

  • Get students to the first procedural step (which is making contact with the contact person)
  • Robert Mondi is the IDS-Student Designed Major contact person; he’s in Michener Library, L100, office phone: (970) 351-1565, e-mail:

The Contact Person Must:

  • Give students the necessary forms, making sure they understand what’s required for the proposal to the IDS-Student Designed Major Committee
  • Coordinate meeting times for the IDS-Student Designed Major Committee to hear student proposals
  • Submit approved student proposals to the Registrar for processing
  • Field all questions regarding things administrative

The Student Must:

  • Declare no later than the first semester of his or her junior year
  • Go to the departments/programs that would most likely support his or her areas of study
  • Find two faculty advisors (primary and secondary) to sponsor his or her proposal
  • Combine courses from at least two disciplines to accommodate unique professional desires
  • Complete a directed study/thesis (with a course prefix reflecting the primary advisor’s academic area)

The Primary (and secondary) Faculty Advisors Must:

  • Advise concerning—and assist in selecting—appropriate courses given the student-designed program of study
  • Be familiar with IDS-Student Designed Major requirements so they can suggest substitute options in the event that first choices are unavailable
  • Oversee the student’s directed study course
  • Field all questions regarding things academic

The IDS-Student Designed Major Committee Must:

  • Meet every semester to consider proposals
  • Make recommendations/minor adjustments
  • Formally approve student proposals
  • Get approved proposals to the contact person for processing